Friday, December 31, 2010

Communists are all the same

It's time for PKR and gay bashing again. Let's start.

“In 1997, when I was opposition MP and when Anwar was deputy prime minister and finance minister, Azizan Abu Bakar, Umi Hafilda Ali, Dr Ristina (Majid) and a few others turned up at my Kuala Lumpur legal office complaining of an allegation of sodomy on Azizan by Anwar.

“To me, this was a very serious allegation which required investigation. So, I publicly, in Parliament, demanded there be an investigation into the allegation,” he said in a statement.

However, I am not surprised that yesterday Karpal swiftly issued a contradictory statement, that the remarks then did not mean or imply that he had prior knowledge of the opposition leader's alleged involvement in "the ongoing sodomy trial which was not even in existence then".

I will say this is a politician talking, denying what he had known all along. Karpal will be using this against Anwar Ibrahim if ever he succeeded in getting Anwar off the hook in the latter's sodomy 2 case and if ever, God forbids, Anwar do become the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

We have to work hand in hand to stop that from ever happening because surely we don't want to suffer the same fate as those people in Sodom as foretold in the Quran where the Earth had been turned upside down because of Allah's wrath had befallen them due to their indulgence in sodomy or unnatural sexual acts.

For me, it's just as simple as this. If Allah wants men to fuck other men, why would he be creating Eve for Adam? Think about that for once.

Can we say that animals ever indulges in those kinds of weird sexual acts? Have we seen a Tom Cat riding on another Tom Cat? No! So, those weirdos who indulges in it are worst than animals.

Folks! Surely we had all watched series or movies about lawyers and their clients. They have a lawyer client confidentiality clause just like it is between a doctor and his patient.

So, even though Anwar might have divulged everything including the fact that he did sodomised Saiful Bukhari, Karpal Singh has a responsibility towards his client. He is not going to go around blasting Anwar about it. Furthermore, surely he is getting paid handsomely for his services as Anwar's defence lawyer.

The year is ending smoothly with another good news in which PKR has now lost control of Malaysian Trades Union Congress this week. Jolly good!

In addition to that, Padang Serai MP, N. Gobalakrishnan had been criticising about the de facto leader's stranglehold over PKR and the treatment as if PKR is a communist party.

The biggest fallback for Anwar Ibrahim has been nothing other than Wikileaks. Go Wikileaks go!

The biggest hypocrite

A rose would smell just as sweet by any other name

Touchy! Touchy! Someone is a bit too sensitive. Man up! Don't whine like a tranvestite on heat.

I am referring to the news below.
National team should be called Harimau Malaysia not Harimau Malaya - Jahid

TUARAN Dec 30 — Sabah assistant minister of Youth and Sports Datuk Jahid Jahim who congratulated the national team for the AFF Suzuki Cup win, however, was disappointed with the use of Harimau Malaya to refer the Malaysian team.

Jahid added that he had received numerous calls from youth organizations in the state, condemning the use of “Harimau Malaya or Singa Malaya” (Malaya Tiger or Malaya Lion).

"Being the assistant minister of Youth and Sports, the youth of the state have been calling me to express their disappointment over the use of Harimau Malaya to refer the national football team instead of Harimau Malaysia.

"I feel there is a basis to their feelings since it does not portray the ideals of the 1Malaysia concept introduced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak...Harimau Malaysia should have been used,” he told reporters here today.

Jahid who is also the Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Youth Chief said the mainstream media, especially the editors, should be more responsible when using such sensitive words since “Malaya” literally omitted Sabah and Sarawak.

He added that though it was not a major issue since it was only used to refer the national team that played in the AFF Suzuki Cup, the impact and sensitivity can become a big factor.

Before you fly off the handle Datuk Jahid Jahim, sir, you should get your facts straight. Otherwise people will laugh at your ignorance since you are the Sabah assistant minister of Youth and Sports. You give the rest of the Datuks a bad name. Shame on you!

Again, this corroborates with what I had thought all along, that Ministers or Deputy Ministers or Assistant Ministers are not as clever as people seems to think they are.

The fact is that, most of the clever people or the geniuses have lots of work to do and don't have time to whine like a baby. That's why most of them are not Ministers.

Just because they are ministers, it does not automatically make them Einstein. They sure have to read a lot and mingle with people. Do it like Datuk Seri Najib.

Don't sit on your ass all day long like a lazy fat pig. Ministers or Deputy Ministers or Assistant Ministers for that matter should work harder than the rest of us lay person here because you get paid 5 or 10 times more than us.

Moreover, on top of that, you get all kinds of allowance the rest of us should be so grateful if we can get it. So, work like mad before voters like us vote someone else in. We are watching you closely like a hawk.

You should serve us the taxpayers, by working, not by whining, because we are actually the ones who are paying your salary. Don't you ever forget that. I will kick your ass if you whine like a girl again.

"Harimau Malaya" or the Malayan Tiger is a name of a sub species of a tiger. It has nothing to do with deliberately ousting Sabah or Sarawak from Malaysia. So, don't be over sensitive and sulk like a gay boy!

"Harimau Belang" is its other name, found in the southern and central parts of the Malay Peninsula, is a subspecies of tiger found in Thailand and Malaysia.

If you don't believe what I had said, you can read it for yourself in the Wikipedia.

By the way, you do know how to read, don't you Datuk Jahid?

Let us move forward with PPSMI

Those who opposes PPSMI are truly one sandwich short of a picnic. This definitely means that I am all for PPSMI because I see the good in what the policy will bring compared to the detractors of this wonderful policy.

Yes, there are pros and cons in everything but if there are more pros than cons in this policy, why should you be the one who would undermine it thus being a traitor of your own race by oppossing it?

This policy is for the good of our people, the Malays specifically and for the Malaysians in general. Think for once. Generally, the majority of the Malays can only converse and write well in Malay. They cannot speak or write well in English, especially the younger generations.

Remember about the graduates who cannot get jobs until now because they cannot answer their job interview well? Don't deny it because it does happen.

Last June, Raja Zarith Sofiah Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah had delivered a royal lecture at the 19th Malaysian English Language Teaching Association or better known as Melta International Conference.

Malaysia in comparison to China and Indonesia which had been catching up fast in becoming more proficient in the command of the English language, had fallen far behind and moving in the opposite direction.

Raja Zarith said that many are reluctant to participate in international conferences due to having no confidence in speaking up and writing reports in English and one of the ways to boost their confidence in speaking in English is by asking them to regularly present in front of the class.

With good command of the language, she said that the language can be used to communicate the peaceful religion of Islam and correct the stereotypes and misconceptions about Muslims and Islam post-9/11.

Malaysian Muslims can then tell the world that we do not prescribe to the doctrine of terrorism.

I want to share this eye-catching article I had found with my readers about a father's positive experience of PPSMI in Math & Science in English.

I provide for you the statistics of the number of pupils who had answered their UPSR exams for the year 2008 and 2007.

In 2008, the number of pupils who answered totally in English for Science are 31.1%. Those who answered in Malay are 16.5% whereas the candidates who answered in a mix of English and Malay are 52.4%.

For 2007, only 18.2% of the students answered in a mix of Malay and English in 2007.

For the Mathematics paper, for 2008 UPSR, 53.4% of the pupils had answered in a mix of Malay and English in comparison to 10.5% in 2007.

A significant increase can be seen in the competency of the pupils in answering the questions in English thus proving that we reap what we sow.

Those students are amongst the first batch of students who followed the PPSMI programme in 2003 from Year 1.

This is such a disturbing news because the world is now being propogated with globalisation which means anyone can enter any country which is now borderless and if you cannot even talk in English, how are you going to compete with those people who can speak in 4 or even 5 languages?

The upper hand will be the other races here because they can speak their mother tongue; either the Chinese language or the Tamil language plus the Malay and English language unlike the Malays who can only speak Malay.

Tun Dr Mahathir had given us a challenge when he proposes PPSMI which means that he has the trust in us that we, the Malays can rise to his challenge and do it with flying colours if we really put our minds into it.

Harimau Malaya had won AFF-Suzuki Cup after 14 years of failure and if they can do it, so can the students provided that they work hard to excel in PPSMI.

In conclusion, it is an understatement to say that pupils cannot learn Mathematics and Science in English effectively because as the Malay saying goes "Melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya".

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

I would like to wish my readers Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

To those going back to their hometowns, don't drink and drive.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Traitorous acts of exposing Malaysia's weaponry

Dr Kua Kia Soong, the former DAP Petaling Jaya Utara MP had recently launched his book titled "Questioning Arms Spending in Malaysia".

It was launched in London on 14th December in Melur Restaurant, Edgware Road.

This book is an act of malice because how could the writer revealed the details of our artillery which should be private and confidential to the layperson or the international stage since it is our national security at stake here???

And where had he gathered that detail from since our arms should remain private and confidential to others because if others knew what weaponary that we have, they can easily attack us since they knew our strengths and weaknesses???

Did he got it from MI6 or any other intelligence agency? If this is so, this proves that he is a traitor of this nations and traitors should be punished harshly because their action can jeopardise this nation's internal security.

Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi, Minister of Defence had stated that action would be taken against Kia Soong if the book "Questioning Arms Spending in Malaysia" is not according to the facts.

This treacherous act which had been exposed as lies firstly by blogger Zakhir Mohamad aka Big Dog Dot Com.

Read more here.

Big Dog had written about this before. Read the article titled Kua Kia Soong: A traitor?.

Malaysia should enact a Treason Act as soon as possible since this attitude is becoming more and more rampant.

Are there documents to support Anwar's accusation?

Anwar Ibrahim otherwise known as Al Juburi or Mat Leather King, has paid the price for making a charge that 1Malaysia slogan had been conceptualized by Apco Worldwide.

He had been suspended from attending the Dewan Rakyat sitting for six months together with Karpal Singh (DAP-Bukit Gelugor), R. Sivarasa (PKR-Subang) and Azmin Ali (PKR-Gombak) is nothing more than another delay tactics so that people will forget about him being involved in the Sodomy 2 case.

“Apco has never come up with the 1Malaysia idea and instead it is the collective idea of many quarters and groups. The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak accept the idea after he himself create mental framework for the 1Malaysia slogan.

Time and time again, Anwar had not proven himself to be an honest person who can be trusted because he had not spoken the truth about anything.

On the 23rd of December, two documents had been provided to the media by the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz to rebutt Anwar's false accusation.

Nazri said Shrum had denied any participation of Apco in the One Israel campaign in 1999.

His affidavit read: “Recently, I learned that the Malaysian Parliament was told that Apco Worldwide was among the consulting firms involved in the One Israel campaign in 1999.

“This is not true. I was there, and Apco Worldwide was not involved in One Israel or any other work for Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak or his Labor Party.

“Apco Worldwide has nothing to do with One Israel. Any statements that Apco Worldwide or its personnel were responsible for, conceived of, were involved in or had any type of participation in the One Israel slogan coalition or campaign is utterly without foundation in fact.

“In sum, Apco Worldwide and its personnel did not undertake work relating to One Israel.”

Shrum’s statement, he added, had strengthened the statement dated Aug 19 by Apco’s Europe, Middle East and Africa chief executive, Brad Staples, which was addressed to De wan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia.

Staples’ letter read: “We were engaged in June last year 2009 to provide communications support to the government of Malaysia.

“We have been honoured to do so. We had nothing whatsoever to do with One Israel. We were not involved in the creation of 1Malaysia. Apco has not and is not involved in assisting the government of Malaysia with for mulating policies.”

His baseless accusation about Apco Worldwide being involved in 1Malaysia concept is purely fictional because he cannot provide any evidence on what he had accused.

Anwar is someone who indulges in homosexual activities even though he has a wife and 5 children. His preference is still with someone from his own sex.

In fact, there are many gay men out there who hides their sexual preference towards men by having a family because it's what a normal man would do.

But that doesn't stop them from continuing on with their homosexual activities with their gay partners.

Anyone who are involved in homosexual activities are mentally ill and are prone to get sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) such as HIV.

Read it at Seks songsang terdedah penyakit berjangkit.

Hitler Mad Indonesia Lost

Thank you Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak

Friday had been announced as a public holiday to commemorate the victory of Malaysia in winning the AFF-Suzuki Cup 2010 tonight.

Malaysia had won the first leg with 3-0 and Indonesia had won the second leg with 2-1 in Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta.

Malaysia won 4-2 on aggregate.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hooray. Malaysia had won the Suzuki Cup.

Congratulations Malaysia for winning the AFF-Suzuki Cup 2010.

9.53 PM Malaysia had won by the aggregate point 4-2.

Read more about it in Utusan Malaysia, here and

Keep up the good work! Malaysia boleh!

AFF Suzuki Final

Good luck to Malaysia in AFF Cup at Stadium Gelora Bung Karno. Malaysia Boleh!

Malaysia's honour had to be redeemed to it's former glory.

We don't have to win by playing dirty tricks like Indon did to us previously when they had won 5-0.

Anwar's at the end of his rope

Al Juburi is his name, suing people is his game.

New Straits Times dated 28th January 2006 had published an article titled "Dr M sued by Anwar for defamation".

Anwar alleged Dr Mahathir uttered defamatory statements at a Press conference in Suhakam's premises here last September, and it was reported in the Singapore Business Times, Straits Times, Singapore, The Age, Melbourne, Associated Press, Associated French Press, Harakah online and Malaysiakini.

He also claimed that the offending words were televised widely by ANN Singapore and several Japanese media and other television and radio stations worldwide.

He claimed the defamatory words meant he was a homosexual, he engaged in activities contrary to Islam, he was a pervert, unfit to hold political or any office, had criminal tendencies and was dangerous to Malaysian society.

Why don't you sue all of the above newspapers as well since they had been the ones who reported the statement?

On December 13th, 2010, The Star had published a report on "Anwar is on Wikileaks".

The Sydney Morning Herald reported yesterday that the cable, dated November 2008, revealed that Singaporean intelligence officials told their Australian counterparts that based on their “technical intelligence” Anwar had indeed been guilty of the conduct he was accused of.

The cable also stated that Australia’s Office of National Assessments had concluded, with the agreement of Singaporean officials, that “it was a set-up job and he (Anwar) probably knew that, but walked into it anyway.”

Anwar is also so thrilled to sue his prodigy, Khairy Jamaluddin on 20th February, 2008 in which the latter remarks at a ceramah in Lembah Pantai entitled "Anwar and kin no threat'.

The suit was filed at RM100 million.

We cannot be fooled by their disgusting acts as if they hated each other so much when in fact they admire each other like lovers in the phrase of a honeymoon.

Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong had also been sued by Anwar for RM10 million on April 18, 2008 for allegedly uttering defamatory words in Wee's campaign at a ceramah in the Machap by-election in 2007.

The latest is a RM10 million defamation suit against academician and Just World Movement president Dr Chandar Muzaffar where the High Court had set February 23rd for case management.

Anwar had sued Chandra on 6th March 2008 over his alleged defamatory remarks at a forum at Menara Star in Petaling Jaya on 3rd March 2008 which had been published in newspapers.

Go Anwar go. Sue everyone on this planet because all seems to be conspiring to bring you down.

Don't we forget the bigger issue here which is the SODOMY 2 case which is still ongoing.

He is just suing everyone so that people will forget the real issue which is he did sodomised Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Bribery kills

Read the letter from Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye to The Star.
Transport tragedies can affect tourist arrivals

A WEEK ago tragedy struck when a bus ferrying tourists hit a divider and overturned on its way down from Cameron Highlands resulting in 28 deaths, all but two of whom were Thai nationals.

And now another tragedy has taken place – this time involving a boat carrying about 30 holiday makers which capsized while heading to the Tanjung Laman jetty from a fishing platform in Pulau Sibu near Mersing.

Three Singaporeans died while another two are missing according to the authorities involved in rescue operations.

What was shocking and unacceptable was the fact that initial investigation revealed that the boat was carrying more than the permitted 12 passengers and no one on board had a life jacket on.

Safety has taken another severe blow and this has serious implication not only for public safety but also our tourism industry.

These tragedies can give rise to the perception that holidaying in Malaysia is not safe.

It is hard to imagine how the boat operator had failed to comply with a basic safety requirement.

All this goes to show that good safety practices are still lacking despite the fact that we have the necessary laws to provide for it.

The public transport sector needs to buck up and improve its safety record.

These operators must take full responsibility to ensure the safety of all its passengers.

We must all be committed to make Malaysia a safe country – safe not only from crime and violence but also from man-made tragedies involving public transport operators.

Kuala Lumpur.
The authorities must conduct checks regularly with the bus operators to ensure that their vehicles are in a spick and span condition.

Do not accept bribe and approve the checking because you have blood on your hand for your corruption.

Bus operators who illegally modified the busses or allow more passenger to board beyond the approved limit are scoundrels which should be brought to justice because they put the passengers lives at stake due to their irresponsible act.

This is due to accidents involving busses that are becoming more and more often. We can read about it every other week. This is becoming serious. People are dying, for God's sake!

You just don't care because it is not a member of your family who died. If it's your wife or your children, you will bring the responsible party to justice.

The condition of the busses, the driver's condition of whether he is too sleepy or speeding while driving or if he is high on drugs should not be exempted.

Come on! Don't tell me you have never been intimidated by a speeding bus whose driver are driving like a drunken maniac, which followed your vehicle closely as if they want to run over you.

The same can be said about lorries. Those drivers are crazy because they think they can be road-bullies just because they are driving large transport.

On Dec 26, a double-decker express bus was involved in an accident at KM363 of the new Raub-Bentong road in which six passengers were injured.

On Dec 20, a high-decked tour bus was involved in a horrific accident at KM15 of the Cameron Highlands-Simpang Pulai road, killing 28 people, mostly Thai tourists.

Another reason for this could be that the officers in charge could be taking bribes and letting the bus operators do whatever they want to their busses at the expense of the safety of the passengers.

I am not accusing anyone here but this could be one of the reason.

This is after the exposure by Transport Workers Union (TWU) secretary-general, Datuk Zainal Rampak who said that the usage of imitation spare parts is among the main causes of the road accidents involving express busses.

If this is one of the reasons, then the authorities should bring forward those responsible in allowing this to happen; the bus operator, or the authorities that could ignore this even though the officers in charge are aware of what is happening because if Datuk Zainal Rampak exposes this, surely there had been complaints about this before which had been ignored or hushed up because the people involved have their interest at stake, so to hell if some people have to die.

The Land Public Transport Commission (LPTC) is contemplating regulating express and tour buses in terms of its speed limiter, magnetic brake or retarder, seat belts for passengers and higher standard of bus body construction.

Too late because too many people had lost their lives due to your incompetence. The family involved in the accident should sue the bus operators until they are bancrupt for being so irresponsible and ignoring the safety of the passengers just to save a few bucks.

In Malaysia, the authority only takes action when these kind of tragedy happens. If it didn't happen, they would still be complacent and just let things slide through. Get busy and do your work instead of relaxing in the office, will you?

It's high time for a Treason Act in Malaysia

Over and over again I had made a call for the Members of Parliament to present a law on espionage or Treason Act.

Till now I don't see anything on that.

Read the news below published in AP and republished in New Straits Times.
Iran hangs man spying for Israel

TEHRAN: Iran’s official news agency says authorities have hanged an Iranian man convicted of spying for the country’s archenemy Israel.

The report by IRNA identifies the man as Ali Akbar Siadati and says he was hanged on Tuesday morning in Tehran’s Evin prison. Earlier in the week, Iran’s judiciary had announced that a spy for Israel would be executed soon.

IRNA says Siadati was arrested in 2008 and accused of providing Israel with classified information on Iran’s military capabilities. The report also says he began his alleged espionage activities in 2004. There were no details on how Siadati obtained the classified information.

Espionage is punishable by death under Iranian law. In 2008, Iran hanged another Iranian convicted of spying for Israel. - AP

This was what I had written previously a few months back. It can be read here.

Read more about the lies by Anwar Ibrahim at 12 dalil ucapan Anwar yang bercanggah.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Remember the sufferings of the Palestinians

Malaysians are so blessed to be living in this country where there are freedom of speech and you are free to do anything under the sun as long as it does not break the laws of Malaysia.

Just imagine the daily bombardment suffered by the Palestinians in Gaza.

You have never been in that situation so I bet many of you just obliviously go about your daily lives without thinking of the sufferings of the people in Gaza.

This country had never been involved in any war or civil war or being oppressed by your neighbouring country.

The people of this country had never experienced being in a big caged space like what the Israeli's soldiers had done in Gaza.

So, how can the majority of you especially the non-Muslim be empathetic with the fate of the Muslims in Gaza since the Western media controlled by the Jews had been spinning tales about Islam being the religion of terrorists?

For me, I can understand the suffering of my fellow Muslims in Gaza because I am a Muslim and I can put myself in their shoes.

Can you, especially those who loves to oppress the Malay Muslims here in Malaysia?

If Perdana Global Peace Organisation (PGPO) is ever in need for volunteers to go to the next mission to Gaza, I personally volunteer to go there because I want to see and experience for myself what it is like to be there.

Read the news below posted in New Straits Times about how KL Sentral comes under 'siege' which stunned the commuters at KL Sentral station yesterday.
KL Sentral comes under 'siege'

KUALA LUMPUR: Commuters at KL Sentral station yesterday were stunned when a group of men dressed in Israeli army fatigues "stormed" the building.

Armed with assault rifles, they attempted to abduct an old Palestinian man, dragging him along the floor. Several women and children pleaded with the masked soldiers to show mercy, but to no avail.

Thankfully, this was only a flash mob event hosted by Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM), to remind the public that Gazans are still under siege.

VPM medical committee chief, Datuk Dr Musa Mohd Nordin, who played the role of the old Palestinian man in the skit, said the flash-scene was as real as it could get.

"When I was there in Palestine, we saw events like that on a daily basis."

Even though only plastic guns were used in the play, Musa's own pair of glasses was shattered while performing the act.

"We're trying to show Malaysians the violence that's happening there and awaken society, so everyone would rise against oppression."

More than 40 people, including children, were involved in staging the flash mob scene.

Videos of the skit will be uploaded onto Facebook and YouTube.

VPM's executive committee chairman Datuk Adnan Mohd Tahir said the flash mob scene was part of an efforts to raise funds for the reconstruction of Gaza.

"We aim to raise RM500,000 from today and during VPM's launch dinner in January."

The event will be held in Mandarin Oriental Hotel here on Jan 22 at 8pm. It will be graced by former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and former British prime minister Tony Blair's sister-in-law, Lauren Booth.

"The money raised will be used to set up four different projects, each addressing key sectors in Palestine's fight for peace and prosperity," said Adnan.

The projects include helping Palestinians set up small businesses, helping women to be employed, building integrated farms for food and selling home-made handicraft as livelihood.
I can't wait for the videos of the skit to be uploaded onto Facebook and YouTube. I will certainly share it with my readers in my blog.

Pembohongan Syiah Tentang Sahabat

RM100million bonus is a prove of a caring government

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said "One who does not thank people, does not thank Allah". (Hadith)

The Prophet, pbuh, is also reported to have said, "One who does not thank for the little, does not thank for the abundant."

The above hadith reminded all of us to be thankful towards another human being because being thankful to another is the way for us to be thankful towards Allah as well.

Allah's help comes in many ways. One of the ways is when another of his servants helps another human being.

Therefore, we should always be thankful to those who had helped us, no matter how big or small their help had been.

Recently, Datuk Seri Najib Razak had announced an amount of RM100.916 million productivity incentive bonuses to its settlers.

This bonus is a show of appreciation of the settler's contribution in joining hand in hand with the government towards the development of the country's oil palm and rubber industry.

Plus as an incentive for selling their produce through Felda. It is a shame that 18,354 settlers (16.29%) did not qualify for the incentive bonus since they did not send in their produce to Felda and were short of the minimum amount allocated.

The minimum amount of the bonus is RM400 and the maximum is RM1,200 each.

30,611 settlers who brought their oil palm and rubber produce to the Felda management and another 61,170 who were enrolled in replanting with Felda will be receiving a bonus amounting to RM1,200 each.

2,000 settlers were given special consideration due to the low productivity resulted from unproductive crops or waiting for their turn to replant and will receive RM400.

Since our 1Malaysia government had been so considerate and tolerant towards the Felda settlers, the Felda settlers should never forget that BN is a strong government and a new Pakatan Rakyat government had not proven itself in the states that they had control over.

Therefore, choose the right government in the next General Election. Don't be assholes who forget easily who had helped you since our country had achieved independance.

The pot calling the kettle black

I am putting this Khairy Jamaluddin in his place.

Although what he said makes sense, but he is akin to what he had said about the hypocrisy thing.

“It is the ultimate height of hypocrisy,” said Khairy, adding that even Pakatan leaders such as DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang are against Selangor’s decision.

Many a man's reputation would not know his character if they met on the street. ~Elbert Hubbard

Look who's talking? The one who is the biggest hypocrite is the one accusing others as being hypocritical.

This is a joke. Khairy Jamaluddin is a dead ringer for Anwar Ibrahim.

Khairy Jamaluddin had been the one who swaggered like a transvestite, marching off to send his beloved, the passport Anwar Ibrahim had been longing for since he had not fucked a butt for so long since he had been imprisoned for sodomy.

Therefore, whenever we think of this KJ dude, we should automatically associate him with his mentor, Anwar Ibrahim.

KJ is Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar Ibrahim is KJ. KJ=Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar Ibrahim=KJ.

What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

3-0 Keep up the good work!

The heartiest congratulations to Malaysia for winning the first round of the final in the AFF-Suzuki Cup.

This is truly a heart warming news and we should all be proud of the performance of our fottball team thus proving that our national squad is improving.

3-0. If they can do it now, they have to repeat this performance in Indonesia later. Malaysia boleh!

The team should train harder and be sent for motivation and mental-training classes so that they can improve their game for the next one in Indonesia.

Training is for the body, and motivation and mental-training is for the mind.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ride a double decker bus if you have a death wish

Another double-decker express bus was involved in an accident in Temerloh in the wee hours of 26th December 2010.

The bus skidded and hit a hillside at Km363 of Jalan Raub-Bentong at dawn today.

The accident which happened at 5.30 am, were ferrying 39 passengers was from Kota Bharu to Kuala Lumpur.

It is so sad to hear about bus passengers involving in horrifying accidents especially when another bus accident recently occured at Cameron Highlands-Simpang Pulai road in Perak on Monday morning.

"In its application, the company had specified 19 seats, but after the accident, we found the seating capacity was more than doubled to 43 seats," a source from the Transport Ministry told The Malay Mail yesterday.

"The upper deck had been modified to accommodate 30 seats, while the lower deck, which was supposed to be a lounge, had several more seats."

The problem that seems to be repeating over and over again is that the company operating the busses are not in accordance with the rules and regulations.

This is because they are greedy and willing to make more money at the expense of the safety of the bus passengers.

The Transport Ministry, Road Transport Department (RTD), Puspakom Sdn Bhd, Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros), Public Works Department and the police should be working more seriously and nab the perpetrators that does not follow regulations set by the Government.

This is because if bus accidents keep occuring every week, then maybe the people should just boycott it and uses either AirAsia or Firefly instead because we never heard of any cheap flights being involved in accidents until now.

Travelling by air seems to be safer than travelling in busses nowadays. What do you guys think?

I think consumers should BOYCOTT bus services until they improve their safety features because we know sometimes bus drivers or lorry drivers drove like they are the F1 driver.

If you have a death wish or want to die young and early, then welcome on board a double-decker bus.

AFF-Suzuki Cup

Good luck to the Malaysian Football Team. Malaysia Boleh! Prove that we are the best.

Everyone is racist

This is an ad from
Receptionist & Data Entry Clerk
Based: Malaysia(Penang)
Job Description

Our establishment offers great career opportunities and we wish to invite all qualified candidates to apply for the following positions to be based in Prai, Auto-City, Penang:

* Minimum SPM or "O" level qualifications required
* Required languages: Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese (optional)
* At least 2 years of working experience in related field

We offer competitive remuneration package to the successful candidate. Interested parties please quote above reference, send CV with current and expected salaries to

Another is from The Sun.

Admin & Sales (speaks Eng & Chi). Basic RM1,500 & other allowance. Great work environment. Office in PJ area. Call 013-3808203 (Martin)

I am sure that the Chinese thinks that is not racist. But when it comes to the Malays, it sure is racist because I don't think even half of the total of the Malays in Malaysia can speak Mandarin/Cantonese.

How many Chinese who can't even comprehend Malay or cannot speak Malay? Malay is the national language of Malaysia and if you cannot even speak Malay, then you might as well not be a Malaysian.

This statistics is based on the estimated population for 2007.

Malaysian citizens comprise

Bumiputera – 66.4%
Chinese – 24.9%
Indians – 7.5%
Others – 1.3%

The ethnicity of Malaysians for 2010 can be viewed here.

Let's see. The majority in Malaysia is still the Bumiputera Malays which comprises of 66.4%. The Chinese are amongst the minority which comprises of 24.9% of the population in Malaysia.

But the fact is that, the Chinese are still in control of the economy in Malaysia. And the 30% of the economic cake targeted for the Malays under the New Economic Policy created after the 13th May 1969 which had been caused by DAP is still not being achieved until now.

The minorities now are crying out loud for equality and brouhaha about them being discriminated. What is the discrimination when 8 out of the richest person in Malaysia are Chinese?

If you say that it is discrimination, the Malays should control Malaysia's economy since they are the majority in these country instead of the economy being controlled by the minorities.

Read Tackling racism in Malaysia by sakmongkol ak47 and .A Possible Scenario From My Own Company.

The Chinese will look after their own. Even in a Chinese company, the favoured one will be one of their own. For example, a Chinese with less credentials and qualifications will get a higher position and better pay compared to a Malay working there who has higher qualification but will be discriminated against with lower position and lower pay.

A Malay who has a better position working in a Chinese owned company will also be put down by the other Chinese colleagues by asking that person to do things that are not within his/her work scope.

A Chinese employer might want to oppress that worker by sending him/her to another branch by promising the sun and the moon, but because it was uttered verbally, the employer can break his promise at his whim and fancies since there are no black and white to prove that.

So, what is this crying out loud about the Chinese being discriminated by others when you are being the ones who are the number one assholes and racists?

Many of the Malay Singaporeans have even migrated to Malaysia because they are being discriminated against in Singapore. This had happened in Penang too after DAP is now in control of that state. The Malays are being systematically kicked out from Penang so that the Chinese can take total control of Penang just like in Singapore.

We are not stupid assholes as you obviously think we are. We can see clearly what you are trying to do and we will certainly not succumb to it. No retreat, no surrender!

Communists will be communists no matter what name they used. They used to be known as the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) but now they had re-invented themselves to be DAP, which is a splinter party of the PAP in Singapore.

They used to chant the slogan Malaysian Malaysia but now they are using Middle Malaysia but it is still the same. The name may have changed to sound better but they are still upholding the communist beliefs they had brought with them when they migrated here from China.

Therefore, it is crystal clear that communist will still be communist even though CPM had already laid down their arms, they are still clinging on to their communist ideology based on their actions and the words that they uttered.

A vote for Pakatan Rakyat means a vote for the communists, the deviationists and the homosexuals because those are what DAP, PAS and PKR truly are.

If you want Malaysia to be just like Singapore, then you are welcome to vote for them. But remember not to cry over spilt milk if the Malays are being turned into slaves in their own country once the DAP had taken control of the Federal Government.

The Malays must be in power politically

Bugger! The police had arrested 24 foreign GROs (guest relations officers) in George Town, Penang.

A local man running the place had been detained by the police. 23 of the GROs are from China and 1 from Vietnam.

Why is it that in the states administered by Pakatan Rakyat, there seemed to be an increase in the GROs from China?

Could it be that they are frequented by the DAP leaders and also protected by them because this seems to be rampant in these states?

The local Chinese men have a specific name that they call these GROs from China but right now, that particular word seems to escape me.

These could be linked to the Chinese underworld or the secret society in Malaysia. Yes! Secret societies do exist in Malaysia. Even Freemasonry and the Illuminati.

You can refer that fact to our history of Ghee Hin and Hai San secret society. Read more about it here and here.

On the other hand, the Malay Supremacy bashing by Pakatan Rakyat which propagated the people's supremacy seemed to be scared of a mere logo, 1Malaysia for that matter.

Why else would Selangor banned the 1Malaysia logo in business premises? That is the most obvious answer because if the Pakatan Rakyat coalition is so strong, they would not be scared of a logo.

This arises after Anwar Ibrahim was suspended from the Parliament for 6 months because he cannot defend his statement by providing ample evidence in linking 1Malaysia with One Israel.

Talk is cheap and anyone can say anything about someone else. But action speaks louder than words. And most of Anwar's action betrayed him and proved that he is not a patriotic Malaysian.

Don't you wonder why the homosexual societies or those who we know for sure are gays are always there for Anwar? I mean birds of a feather flock together.

So, open your eyes and minds and don't be stuck in the rut. For God's sake change because we don't want this country to be a second Singapore and adopt communism.

We have to ensure that the Malays maintain the political power because we had lost the economic control of our country since our economy are being controlled by the Chinese.

Out of 8 from the 10 richest person in Malaysia in 2009 are from the Chinese descent.

Futhermore, the Malays had not achieved the 30% share of the economy from the New Economic Policy until now. So think for yourself what will happen if we lost the political power as well!

I am talking about the reality here and not just trying to scare you because Malaysia will definitely become a second Singapore if DAP wins in the next General Election.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pakatan Rakyat is going down

How many of the promises had been fulfilled?

Anwar Ibrahim is talking through his hat when he boasted about Pakatan Rakyat's offer to raise the salaries of teachers by RM500 a month.

The most obvious evidence can be seen in the above manifesto that had been offered to the people of Selangor before they had won the 12th General Election.

How much of those empty promises had been kept to date? I am sure even the usage of 20 cubic metres of free water per month had also not been implemented wholly to all Selangor residences since there are still complaints of people not getting the promise.

For example, an article by The Malay Mail dated 26th July 2010 titled "Water woes in 'pantun' " discloses about the discontentment of Hulu Klang low-cost flat dwellers.

The people living there are unhappy for losing out the free water policy offered by Selangor government particularly in AU2 and AU3 low-cost flats in Lembah Keramat.

There are banners in form of rhyming poems (pantun) have been put up there by anonymous person.

Air kami kena cantas,
Pasir habis kena kebas,
Cukai pintu janji melepas,
Ceramah lebat kerja hampas.

"Where is our free water? The promised 20 cubic metres remain mere promises. How the Selangor government 'cares' for the rakyat," read one of the banners.

"I checked with PKNS (Selangor State Development Corperation) and they said I needed to change my meter to a Syabas standard meter, which would cost me RM180,” said resident Md Redzuan Sulaiman (pic) of PKNS' Seri Pangsa flat in AU3.

Another resident, Yusof Mohd Yunos, of Pangsapuri Al Ridhuan, Ukay Perdana, came up with his own solution, saying: "Why doesn't the State government just multiply the amount of units here with 20 cubic metres and then deduct the amount from the overall water metering calculation?

"A calculator costs less than RM20 whereas this migration plan costs around RM150 per household. Simple mathematics!"

Surely this Anwar Ibrahim failed in his Mathematics because he would rather our country's fate be left to IMF during the Asean Financial Crises that had occured in 1997 because of the attack on our currency and other currencies in Asia by unscrupulous currency speculators.

In the meantime, Nik Aziz defended Anwar Ibrahim in his statement to Utusan Malaysia dated 25th December 2010.

"Kita akan laksanakan bila pakatan dapat memerintah negara... tunggulah dulu,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas majlis perkahwinan perdana anjuran kerajaan negeri melibatkan 101 pasangan baru di Pusat Tarbiyah Pas Kelantan (Putik) di sini hari ini.

Are you sure that you are going to do that since PAS had not been able to provide clean water and also new road for the people of Kelantan that they have to drink unclean water and suffer bad traffic jam daily which becomes even worst during the festive occasion?

Even the new roads had been built by the Federal Government so just shut the hell up when you are not doing anything for the betterment of the people that had voted you in for nearly 20 years now.

Why would Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor be so desperate to ban all ads containing 1Malaysia logo if they had been so efficient in administering Selangor?



Watch this video at the link above.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to all Christian readers and happy holidays to others.

To those driving back to their hometown for the holiday season, drive carefully and remember that your loved ones is waiting for you to arrive safely.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Who is Nik Aziz to absolve the sins of others?

It is not surprising since PAS leaders are all wolves in sheeps clothing.

They may look pious but underneath, they have intense desire towards any woman they laid their eyes on.

Remember about the close proximity case of Mat Sabu and Norma?

It is a bit perplexing that Nik Aziz can just forgive the sins of his followers as he pleases by using Allah's name.

Reminded me of the confession in Christianity.

The Wikipedia defined it as :

In Catholic teaching, the Sacrament of Penance is the method of the Church by which individual men and women may confess sins committed after baptism and have them absolved by a priest. Although it is not mandatory, the Catholic rite is traditionally conducted within a confessional box or booth.

This sacrament is known by many names, including penance, reconciliation and confession (Catechism of the Catholic Church, Sections 1423-1442). While official Church publications always refer to the sacrament as "Penance", "Reconciliation" or "Penance and Reconciliation", many laypeople continue to use the term "confession" in reference to the sacrament.

In Islam, sins are not absolved by any living person because only Allah can do that. I mean any other human beings are also Allah's creation. How could any living person exonerate other people's sins since all humankind also sinned?

Nik Aziz clearly wants to challenge the powers of Allah when he made that ridiculous statement. You are not God so don't act like one even though your followers might think of you as being so righteous.

The Wikipedia defined Islamic views on sin as :

Islamic views of sin see sin (dhanb, thanb ذنب) as anything that goes against the commands of Allah (God). Islam teaches that sin is an act and not a state of being. The Qur'an teaches that "the (human) soul is certainly prone to evil, unless the Lord does bestow His Mercy" and that even the prophets do not absolve themselves of the blame (Qur'an [Qur'an 12:53]). Muhammad advised:

"Do good deeds properly, sincerely and moderately, and rejoice, for no one's good deeds will put him in Paradise." The Companions asked, "Not even you O Messenger of Allah?" He replied, "Not even me unless Allah bestows His pardon and mercy on me"
Reported by Aboo Hurayrah & 'Aa'ishah & collected by al-Bukhaaree (eng. trans. vol.8 p.315 no.474)

Malaysian blogger’s open letter to Lee Kuan Yew

This letter had been published in New Temasek Review. I am republishing it for you to read.

I am Malaysian. And a very proud one at that.

While my former prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has apparently, and suddenly, agreed with you on what you had apparently said about Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his alleged dalliance with an ass — “ass” here refers to the anatomy of a human being, not the animal, although sometimes in your country, that word could also refer to members of your government — I, on the other hand, could not give a rat’s ass to what you or any of your colleague say about my country or its people.

I will be blunt because I am not a politician. Nor am I a diplomat or a member of my country’s civil service. So, here goes. Neither you, nor any of your colleagues, have any moral standing, or any standing at all, to pass judgement about my country or my fellow Malaysians or any other country for that matter.

If what was reportedly said by you and your colleagues about my country and our leaders was in fact said by you and your colleagues, than I just have one word to say to you and your colleagues. Buzz off! (Well, they are two words actually, but I don’t give a hoot!)

I am not bothered by what you and your colleagues think about my country or my leaders simply because I have always known that you and your government have always suffered from chronic and almost incorrigible Napoleon Complex (to borrow a phrase from Mariah Carey’s song about someone who has a small appendage).

All those chatters over golf matches with Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, warm embrace between your son and prime minister Najib and nice tete-a-tete over some scones and tea between you and our prime minister’s wife are just for show. I have always, in my heart of hearts, doubted your country’s sincerity in almost whatever you do, whether on a private or even more so, governmental basis.

In short and plain language, I have never trusted you or your government. You and your government, to me, had pioneered and perfected a “cocktail diplomacy” that had, over the years, defined your external policies in South Asia.

To say that I have no respect for you or your government would be, Mr Lee, an understatement. I laugh at the nakedness of the cold and wrinkled anatomy of your cocktail diplomacy.

Unlike many of your citizens, I am not stupid to swallow hook line and sinker your heavily masked political assurances of neighbourly goodwill and co-operation. I don’t believe you or your government because I have always known — from your actions and deeds — your condescending and patronising views about everybody else in this world, save for probably, your masters, the United States of America and, probably too, Israel.

You think you are the best. When in fact you are nothing but an amalgamation of flesh and bones without any semblance of a soul. Your country is consumed by and obsessed with what your neighbours intend to do and the ways and means to defeat your perceived competitors — which, in most cases, only exist in your tiny little mind — and procure a perceived victory over them. In short, you and your colleagues suffer from multiple phobias over nothing.

You boast of economic success. May I ask, at what price? Your people have traded their souls, their freedom and liberty, their right to even think of what is right and what is wrong for just a slice of economic and material gains. How shallow can one be?

Your society is exactly what Herbert Macuse was describing in his “One Dimensional Man”, when he says, finally, under the condition of a mass society, shaped and moulded by the State:

“the multi-dimensional dynamic by which the individual attained and maintained his own balance between autonomy and heteronomy, freedom and repression, pleasure and pain, has given way to a one-dimensional static identification of the individual with the others and with the administered reality principle.”

That is what I think of you and your colleagues, Mr Lee.

You and your colleagues huddled together in cafes, holding whiskies and passed judgment on my country. My country is, apparently, “declining.” And the cause of that decline, apparently, is “incompetent politicians.”

Well, who exactly are you or your colleagues to pass judgment on us? Incompetence, you say?

You and your colleagues boasted that Orchard Road will never ever be flooded. Remember? And this was what happened.

What do you say about that? Competence? Go and fly a kite, Mr Lee.

And true to your government’s multi-phobic affliction, you even arrested, handcuffed and detained a reporter who was photographing the flood. Read about it here.

And what was your people’s explanation for that incident? Your Minister for Environment and Water Resources Yaacob Ibrahim had even copied and used the answer given by our former home minister in explaining why a journalist was arrested under our Internal Security Act a couple of years ago, in trying to explain that incident.

This was what he said (as reported here):

“From what we understand, the photographer was warned because of safety issues, not because of privacy issues.”

Yes, apparently, that guy was arrested, handcuffed and detained because of safety issue. Your minister can’t even be original in his reply! He has to copy what our minister said!

Incompetence you say? Go and stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself. You can’t even predict a flood in the middle of your commercial district!

And what about a certain guy by the name of Mas Selamat? Remember him? Yes. He escaped from your maximum security detention centre.

What do you call that? Excellence?

Who, dear Mr Lee, managed to track him and re-arrest him? Who was the kind soul who, in the spirit of good neighbourliness and goodwill, surrendered that guy back to you? Who else but your incompetent neighbour, eh?

Frankly, would you do the same for my country? Well, don’t answer. That is a rhetorical question. I know the answer already.

You have and know of no other way to deal with public grievances and opposition than to arrest them, harass them with defamation suits and utilise your executive might and power. Your country would think of nothing about utilising your pliant judiciary to mask your purely political actions against your opposition in order to lend a semblance of judicial justification for their extermination.

Democracy you say? I laugh and I laugh. And I laugh at you and your government’s shenanigans, Mr Lee. It is the idea that everybody is stupid that makes me laugh so hard. The stupidity of thinking that every other people could be hoodwinked makes me want to die laughing!

Under the guise of good governance and security, your government would go out of its way to silent critics. What did you do to a web site called Temasek Review, Mr Lee?

You cringed at the thought of intellectual discourse in cyber space. Because really, you are not equipped to deal with it. That is because your society has been shaped and moulded to comply and follow, and not to question and demand. So, Temasek Review had to be stopped.

Because of that your agency, Temasek Holdings, claimed that it had the intellectual property right to the name of Temasek Review. How very convenient? And Temasek Holdings then, apparently, sold the right to use that name to an unknown party for S$1.00.

Sorry, but I have to laugh again. Hahahahahahahha… you think the people are as stupid as your government? You have always had the ability to mask your political moves with commercial dress ups. And that move was so you, so Singapore, Mr Lee.

Speaking of Temasek Holdings, what were they doing in Indonesia so much so they were found liable for breaching anti-monopoly laws there?

What do you call that?

The truth is, Mr Lee, you, your colleagues, your government and your country are not perfect. Nobody is.

So please. Take your smug pimply face away and mind your own business.

Malaysia can survive without you. Can you survive without Malaysia?


Art Harun

* The writer blogs at

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is Anwar an agent for the Jews?

My! My! I am so surprised by the relentless promotion of Anwar Ibrahim as Malaysia's future Prime Minister in The Jerusalem Post dated 20th March 2008.

The Jerusalem Post is the world's top English-language daily newspaper covering Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World.

How could someone from Malaysia, a Muslim for that matter get an astounding support from the Jews in Israel?

I thought I thow a puttsy cat. Wait a minute! The Israeli soldiers are on a daily basis firing arms towards the citizens of Gaza in Palestine, be it old folks, men, women or children.

Why should this one Muslim be of any importance to Israel?

Or is he just pretending to be a pious Muslim when he is in fact, indirectly promoting pluralism and gayism in Malaysia?

Is there something going on between Anwar Ibrahim and Israel? Perhaps a tryst by the meetings of the buttocks?

The most appropriate question that should be asked; is there a conspiracy between Anwar Ibrahim and Israel to promote Anwar Ibrahim as the puppet Prime Minister whose real masters are the Jews in Israel?

The last sentence from the article titled "Anwar Ibrahim: Malaysia's future Prime Minister?" is quoted to say,

Should they do so, analysts further predict that the opposition coalition may have a strong chance of defeating the ruling party in the 2013 elections, thus likely placing Anwar as the forerunner as Prime Minister.

Anwar Ibrahim is a hard core lier and sodomiser. He likes to cry wolf when he is the actual wolf in sheep's clothing.

Over and over again, he had proven himself not to be someone that should be trusted.

The latest proof to destroy any credibility of Anwar Ibrahim is a sworn statement by political consultant Robert M. Shrum, who claimed credit for the One Israel concept.

Shrum’s statement, had strengthened the statement dated Aug 19 by Apco’s Europe, Middle East and Africa chief executive, Brad Staples, which was addressed to De wan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia.

Staples’ letter read: “We were engaged in June last year 2009 to provide communications support to the government of Malaysia.

“We have been honoured to do so. We had nothing whatsoever to do with One Israel. We were not involved in the creation of 1Malaysia. Apco has not and is not involved in assisting the government of Malaysia with for mulating policies.”

If Anwar is indeed an agent for CIA/Mossad, then they should be regretting it by now because he surely is the most dumb agent they had ever recruited.

And in spy films if an agent failed to successfully finish his mission, he will be finished off by an assassin from the agency.

No to Anwar Ibrahim as the Prime Minister

How hypocritical can PAS be? There are obvious evidence that the leaders in PAS knew about the indulgence of Anwar with homosexual activities but they prefer to close one eyes just because they are now in Pakatan Rakyat in which the latter is the leader.

A few months before Anwar Ibrahim was kicked out from UMNO, Mat Sabu had given him an infamous nickname "Al Juburi" which sticks until now.

That word "Al Juburi" had been derived from the word "Dubur" or if translated in English it will be known as anus as it was described in Collins Easy Learning Dictionary published by HarperCollins Publishers 2005.

Read more here.

However, PAS Youth wants the Federal Government to step up efforts to curb the activities of the homosexual community. This is such a paradox because PAS are in Pakatan Rakyat now and the leader in Pakatan Rakyat is Anwar Ibrahim, a well-known gay.

This is after the exposure of Azwan Ismail who confessed on Youtube that he is a gay.

OMG! This Azwan Ismail dude even have the same initials as Anwar Ibrahim. Is this a coincidence?

But as William S. Burroughs quoted, "In the magical universe there are no coincidences and there are no accidents. Nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen".

But if Anwar Ibrahim is a gay too, how could PAS be having an understanding with a gay?

Anwar Ibrahim is currently under trial for sodomy and it is not suprising that the gay communities all around the world are voicing out their concerns over the case.

Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department had raised his concerns during the weekend about gay activists who were attempting to promote homosexuality.

PAS Youth leader Nasrudin Hassan had urged Jakim (Islamic Development Department) to act on gay activities at all level as there seems to be an increase in the blogs supposedly written by gay Muslims.

Monitoring of entertainment premises that is used for homosexual entertainment owned by gays should be more strict.

Films to promote "gay culture' such as 'Anu Dalam Botol' is a film about a trans-sexual couple and should be banned.

No wonder if this gay culture is exploding in Malaysia because if Anwar Ibrahim, the first gay Prime Minister in waiting ever be successful in his quest, this 'gay culture' will become boomer and if this happens, don't point fingers to others if Malaysia suffers the fate as Sodom because you are the one who had allowed this to happen.

Therefore, we should all say NO to Anwar Ibrahim as the Prime Minister of Malaysia because I am 100% sure he will legalize same sex marriage and openly gay sex on the streets if he ever become our Prime Minister.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Karpal Singh knew about Anwar's activities

Anwar Ibrahim should be known as the master of illusion. Better still, the master of delusion.

Let's see; he's been rambling about who raped who after he was charged with sodomising Saiful Bukhari Azlan, about 16th September in which as many as 30 of the BN MPs will jump ship to Pakatan Rakyat, and many more.

Maybe he had forgotten what he had been rambling about because he once gave his word not to contest against Tun Ghaffar Baba, but then he did it again! He broke his word.

Can we trust a man who had not kept his word or promises for decades now? Should we trust Anwar Ibrahim? That is the question.

Reputation is what other people know about you. Honor is what you know about yourself.
Lois McMaster Bujold

I am sure that Anwar knows himself best. He knows that he a lying bastard, he knows that he loves the anal sexs more than having sex with a woman, he knows that he is the foreign agent of a foreign power, bla, bla, bla...

This latest unruliness created by 20 supporters of the Pakatan Rakyat is another prove that Anwar is the master of illusion where he is trying to shift the attention of the revelation of WikiLeaks to the chaos outside the Parliament.

This techniques of shifting the attention of the public from the real issue had been used over and over again by Anwar Ibrahim.

Remember the inexistence of the death threats Anwar claimed he received after this second sodomy charge was out in the open until he had to run off to the Turkish embassy for some Turkish delights to forget his worries.

February this year, 50 Australian MPs demanded that Anwar's sodomy case be dropped. And among the MPs are independent Australian MP, Senator Nick Xenophon, from Southern Australia as an observer at his sodomy trial.

Why would a straight guy, if Anwar Ibrahim is straight be so interested in getting the support from the gay community? Xenophon had been very loud and clear on his stance to support civil unions for same sex couples.

We should know that we only support those whom we are alike. Why would the gay community supports Anwar Ibrahim if he is not a well-known figure to be indulging in the same activities as they are?

Karpal Singh, his attorney also knew his indulgence in homosexual activities. This is because he had declared that he had a statutory declaration of Anwar's gay activities and demanded that Anwar be removed from his post as the Deputy Prime Minister in 1997.

On 6th and 22nd October, also on 18th December 1997, Bukit Gelugor MP had pressed for the government to investigate the statutory declaration of Azizan Abu Bakar and Ummi Hafilda.

Hence proving that Karpal Singh is the biggest hypocrite of all when he knew all about Anwar's indulgence in sodomy.

Let us recite Al Fatihah for Dato' Sulaiman Haji Taha

Al Fatihah for Dato' Sulaiman Haji Taha, Tenang rep.

Read more about his passing away here and here.

Syia followers caught, Anwar's sodomy leaked

200 Syia followers caught. This is mind boggling. Read more here.

The history of Syiah can be read here and here.

Syia followers thinks that Sunnah Wal Jamaah followers can be killed because it is 'halal'.

I seemed to recall one a certain "Amanat Haji Hadi". You can read more about it here.

This calling for the blood of UMNO members had led to the tragic Memali incident. Could it be that PAS is upholding the Syia following?

Shia Muslims claim to believe in Allah and his Messenger, but then practice things (like Shirk) that actually places them outside the fold of Islam. They believe that their religious leader(Shah) is always rightly guided by Allah, and they believe that Ali (AS) was also another Prophet. (May Alah protect us from their deviations). Therefore, most Muslims see Shia as a cult.

PAS is underdog in the Pakatan Rakyat Alliance. That is why Anwar Ibrahim had made the decision to make Lim Kit Siang as the Deputy Prime Minister if they win in the 13th General Election without consulting any of PAS's leaders first?

This is clarified by the statements made by Mujahid Yusof Rawa, PAS central commitee member who told The Star that issues like hudud laws and who would be made deputy prime minister will be addressed in the Pakatan Rakyat national convention in Penang.

Keep on day dreaming like Mat Jenin. You will die of a broken neck when you let go of the coconut tree.

So when is PAS going to realise that they are going nowhere in Pakatan Rakyat? Up to date, PAS only contested in only 66 seats in the Parliament.

To gain simple majority, one party must have 112 seat out of the 222 total seats. So, how could they be the Deputy Prime Minister even if Pakatan Rakyat Alliance wins the next General Election?

DAP has more seats than PKR and PAS. So what if suddenly DAP wants to hold the seat as the unseen Prime Minister because they have the majority seats compared to PKR and PAS?

Another funny thing that they have come up with is that they are claiming that the suspension of the four Members of Parliament was to give BN a two-thirds majority in Parliament.

The total seats in the Parliament is 222, which means two-thirds majority is 148 MPs. Up till now, BN only has 137 MPs. So where is the facts on what they are saying?

These are only sob-stories that they are making up to cover-up the revelations by WikiLeaks about the truth of Anwar's sodomy.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Foreign power agents love to create pandemonium internally

WikiLeaks revelations should not be underestimated. Read more here.

A week before, Sultan Azlan Shah on the 8th of December 2010 had warned that Malays who questioned the status of Islam and the special rights of the Malays are being insulting and betrayals of the Malay race.

The Pakatan Rakyat are a chaotic lot. The leaders in Pakatan Rakyat loves to create chaos whenever they are; be it in the Dewan Rakyat sitting or when they held irresponsible illegal demonstrations.

The Pakatan Rakyat leaders are not suited to be leaders because their behaviour does not show that they have what it takes to be a classy leader. They are more of the monkey species, monkeying around whenever they are.

They create ruckus, and when they got discipline from the results of their monkey behaviour, they jump upside down like a monkey. I think they are trying to re-create 13th May which had happened because what they are trying to do now. So where are the I.S.A.?

Latest, the pact are planning to take legal action against Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia. This resulted after 4 Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) were suspended from attending the Dewan Rakyat sitting for six months.

Anwar Ibrahim together with Karpal Singh, R.Sivarasa (PKR-Subang) and Azmin Ali (PKR-Gombak, the gay toyboy) were among those suspended.

When you act like monkeys, you will be treated like the monkeys that you are.

I seemed to remember some opposition leaders in UMNO had been suspended as well in Selangor. But they did not create the ruckus created by the monkeys in Pakatan Rakyat.

So who acted classier and who acted like monkeys in the zoo?

Malaysiakini, the voice of Pakatan Rakyat reported that Pandikar Amin and Anwar got into an argument.

The argument resulted due to the demand of Anwar to the right to respond to charges he had misled Parliament on the issue of Apco, a Washington-based public relations agency hired by the government.

Anwar. Let me say this loud and clear. You don't have the right to demand everything because you are a traitor of this nation. Tell me! Why did you run off too quickly to the Jews to apologize after unintentionally condemning them in a rally?

All I can see now is that you are creating disturbance to change the attention of the people in your sodomy case and the revelation by WikiLeaks.

Apco is a public relations agency unlike you who are working for whoever that commands you to make turmoil in your own country. So who is the big bad wolf here?

Signs of Anwar being a desperado

It looks like Anwar Ibrahim is getting more desperate that he had to give a speech at a night market. This is getting old!

People went to night markets to buy foodstuff and their daily needs, not to hear an old desperado homosexual telling lies. I am sure most people do not want to hear the crap that you are telling them.

You can read about the desperado here.

Anwar Ibrahim is now planning to sue Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad, his arch nemesis for divulging his sodomy activities and for ousting him when he is just a step away from becoming the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

By the way, please do sue the Lee Kuan Yew too and the Sydney Morning Heralds as well.

Not forgetting the infamous WikiLeaks which had leaked the information about the US state department cable reveals that Singaporean intelligence officials told their Australian counterparts that Dr Anwar engaged in the conduct for which he is accused, a claim he has steadfastly denied.

Nobody will admit to doing something that is shameful. And indulging in sodomy is a shameful thing in Asean countries, moreover an Islamic country like Malaysia.

So Anwar. You do know shame, don't you. But you forget all about shame when you are sodomising your victims.

And please do sue all of the Australian newspapers too. For example these; Sydney Morning Herald, The Courier Mail and Canberra Times.

Do sue all of the bloggers who report about this as well, and all the media in Malaysia too. Just sue everyone on this planet because they seems to be conspiring to put you down.

Read more about it here, here and here.

I am sure this world will be a better place without one sodomising asshole like Anwar Ibrahim. But then maybe KJ will cry if Anwar dies.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Funny stuff. This is a parody of how the sodomising act happens according to WikiLeaks.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reject Neo-Colonisation of the USA

The National Union of Bank Employees today submitted a memorandum to the American Embassy.

J Solomon, the secretary for NUBE said the 7 page "Memorandum Against Neo-Colonisation by Citibank Malaysia" stated the oppression and unfairness in the bank from the United States.

Citibank bank employees in Malaysia are denied the rights to have an employees union and those who are in it are being transferred to clerk duty.

There's also no overtime paid for the lower ranking employees except for the high ranking officers who received bonuses.

Read more about it here.

NUBE should hold a campaign for Malaysians to boycott using Citibank's services if they still oppress the Malaysian workers there.

Malaysian bank employees working for Citibank should also picket and disrupt the services of Citibank until they comply with the setting up of a union.

USA are hypocritical because they are the ones championing human rights but actually they are the culprit who broke the rules they set up to oppress others.

Those caught doing sodomy should be put in jail together

Teacher held over sodomy had sex aids at home

JOHOR BARU: A bottle containing minyak lintah (leech oil) and a tube of lubricant were among the items seized from the tuition teacher who was arrested on Monday for allegedly sodomising a teenage student.

A team from the Johor Baru (North) police headquarters' sexual crimes unit found the "sex aids" and several pornographic video clips while searching the home of the 30-year-old teacher.

Minyak lintah is a traditional ointment that is popularly applied by men before sex to increase sexual satisfaction.

Police will also look into the teacher's background to check if other students that he taught over the past few years had fallen victim.

Deputy Johor Baru (North) police chief Superintendent Mohd Akhir Ishak confirmed finding the sex items.

"The suspect will be remanded for a week," he told the New Straits Times yesterday.

The tuition teacher was arrested on Monday for allegedly sodomising and performing oral sex on his 17-year-old male student.

This followed a report lodged last Sunday by the victim's father, who claimed that his teenage son had been sexually abused and harassed on several occasions at the teacher's tuition centre in Taman Desa Skudai.

The mathematics teacher had allegedly shown the victim pornographic video clips on his computer and sodomised him on two occasions in Nov 2008 and May last year.

Initial investigation also showed that the teacher allegedly performed oral sex on the victim and taught him masturbation techniques while giving personal maths lessons. -- By Ben Tan

The excerpts are from NST dated 15th December 2010.

This monster should be put in one jail with Anwar Ibrahim and see if he likes that.

Anwar Ibrahim and KJ mirrorring each other

We should always think of Anwar Ibrahim and Khairy Jamaluddin as complementing each other. They are like hand in glove.

Anwar is crazy about becoming Prime Minister of Malaysia. Khairy Jamaluddin has the ambition to be the youngest Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Don't ever forget that actually, despite him blasting Anwar Ibrahim to pieces in the newspaper, in his heart, he idolizes Anwar Ibrahim, his beloved master.

I bet he is as crazy as PAS's followers, who will hang the picture of their idol in their living room. Surely he would have one secret room where there are pictures of Anwar Ibrahim all over the room. Just like the loony Anwar.

KJ is surely as loony as Anwar too because they are both spies of the foreign power though we are still unsure of KJ's status as someone who loves the butt as much as Anwar loves the butt too.

It is only acting to save his own ass when actually he had sold his ass to Anwar Ibrahim a long time ago.

Read more at KJ is the same as Anwar Ibrahim.

We should be grateful that there is WikiLeaks where confidential documents of governments all over the world can be published there for the world to see.

Read more at Syukur pendedahan Wikileaks.

Anwar Ibrahim is a politician who is actually conveying liberalism and the pluralism of religion.

In Utusan Malaysia dated 15th December 2010, Dr Yusri Mohamad, the lecturer for the Faculty of Law UIAM stated that Anwar Ibrahim is a politician who always brings the message of pluralism of religion in his actions and his speeches based on one of his speech titled "Religion and Pluralisme in a Divided World" in London on 18th of March 2010.

You can read more on that here and in Utusan Malaysia.

Peace loving and patriotic Malaysians should open their eyes and see who Anwar Ibrahim and Khairy Jamaluddin for who they truly are; which are chaos loving, unpatriotic, agents of the foreign power (one for the CIA, one for Singapore), and has the heart of the Jew, who will say one thing but in their heart meant other things.

Read more about this chap (you can google him as beruk and the result will be at the top) whose character is so much like Anwar Ibrahim here.

So, what do you think? Do you think what I said is right?

P/S: Read here for more KJ bashing.