Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stop rescuing stupid women running off to Lombok or drug mules

Our government should not waste their resources to go and rescue stupid people who ran off to Lombok to be with an Indon or those who became drug mules.

They ask for it and when they are in trouble or living a hard life after what they had done, they will come crying with sob stories.

You choose that life, and when you find it too hard to bear, you will come crying to the government. You have to bear the consequences of your actions.

The latest is a Malaysian woman, in which The Star reported named Badariah, 25-year-old who confessed to the Macau police that she had swallowed 59 heroin capsules, weighing 486.4 grams, haivng a street value of 500,000 Hong Kong dollars (US$65,500).

Don't help those who indulge in crimes because they choose that criminal life when there are many other ways to make honest buck.

Abolishment of Bumiputera discounts on properties are racism

Tony Pua, a bankrupt in Singapore had proven that he is a racist communist by suggesting the abolishment of bumiputera discounts on properties worth more than RM500,000 in Selangor.

The prices of houses in Selangor are quite high so not many people can afford those houses that cost around RM500,000 or more.

With the market prices that increases every year, how could bumiputeras afford to own properties if this suggestion is implemented?

This proves that the DAP will suggest and implement any policy as long as it oppresses the Malays.

Remember the cafe Do Re Mi in Penang, owned by a PAS supporter who was abolished in Penang?

Why would that cafe be abolished when more and more Chinese stalls are allowed to flourish?

Read more here.

We can see the indicator of who controlled Malaysian economy when 8 out of 10 richest men in Malaysia is led by Chinese businessmen/women.

Asian Bloggers and Social Media Conference 2010

Yesterday, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad gave an opening speech at the Asian Bloggers and Social Media Conference 2010 at the Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

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