Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shuhaimi had dug his own grave

Shuhaimi had shown that he is someone who would incite the people to revolt against the Sultan of Selangor, by belittling Sultan Selangor and would not face up to what he had done.

Tian Chua, the communist who had before bitten the ear of a policeman and proves how communist he is when he arrogantly said that PKR's legal team had decided that Shuhaimi would only make a police statement if he was served with a notice under Section 111 of the Penal Code.

This bloody coward are nothing like the Malay saying of berani buat, berani tanggung. He's the scaddy cat type who felt intimidated when the police when to his house. Why would you feel scared if you had done nothing wrong?

Selangor police chief Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah said the police when to his house as the assemblyman had just returned from Bandung, which I think maybe a tour of finding a place to hide out if things turn out to be too hot too handle.

Tun Hisan said investigation against the assemblyman had to be made as there are already 25 police reports lodged against the traitor.

Malaysiakini reported on this titled "Shuhaimi finally turns up to give statement".

“I just came back from Indonesia two days ago, and last night I had a meeting with Selangor GLCs (government-linked companies). Today I also have a function in Section 7, so claims that I am running away are all lies,” he said, before heading into the station.

“Even I myself didn't know I was going to quit, so obviously the rumours are false and not worth paying attention to,” he said.

Shuhaimie noted however that he is currently drafting a letter requesting an audience with the Sultan of Selangor to explain his side of the story regarding his controversial blog posting.

“This is not a letter of apology, but if the sultan feels slighted (by the blog posting) then I will apologise and seek his forgiveness,” he said.

If what you did was right, why must you apologise? You are not a man of honour because you sided with the communist that would love to see the fall of the Malay Sultanate which would mean that it will be easier for the communist to throw out the special rights of the Malays and change the constitution so that communists rule Malaysia if ever Pakatan Rakyat governs the Federal level.

Are you scared that an unknown person will shoot you to pieces just like those Indian gangs that can murder anyone in a drive-by shooting?

Next time, be rude to other Sultan as well so that more police report can be lodge against you. If you think your life would be better without the Malay Sultanate, why don't you try go and live in communist China or Singapore?