Thursday, June 2, 2011

Anwar Gate

Have you guys ever heard of Article 17???

I bet that you haven't and you can read more about it by going

It actually concerns the security of the nation where the Prime Minister will give his empowerment to the Deputy Prime Minister in which Tun Dr Mahathir had previously done so by giving the power to Anwar Ibrahim.

However, the question arises when after 3 years Najib had become Prime Minister, why hasn't he done so by giving the empowerment to Muhyiddin???

Is there a conspiracy there or is Najib just looking after his own safety?
One of the reasons could be this one.

Muhyiddin is actually a dim wit and he had proven that he is that by wanting to scrap off the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English, a policy introduced by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

We surely cannot put an imbecile in power as previously Tun Abdullah where he had proven himself to be stupid too.

Stupid leaders will surely destroy our country and if we want the country to be destroyed, well just put a stupid leader there in the top.

I bet our country will be destroyed in less than a year if you want to do that.

The SPM results last year in which the students had been the first batch to learn PPSMI had proven themselves by achieving the best results in comparison to the previous year.

Do you know what Freemason is? It is said that the most powerful people everywhere are Freemasonaries. They are members of a secret society and we will not know who they are.

Anwar Ibrahim is an Illuminati member and a CIA agent. Now if he is that, how can we be sure that there aren't others around?

Right now, I am suspicious of everyone. And in my mind, I think that Najib is an Illuminati member just like Anwar Ibrahim.

For instance, 1Malaysia is the same as 1Israel and that could be an Illuminati sign that is only recognised by them!

I am sure that if the general election is to be now, UMNO will be destroyed totally because of the emotions of the people where the price of everything is up.

Now, they will come out with the crap to justify that but if you do that and have an election soon after, I am sure that you will lose because the people are in an angry mood.

So it could be that the general election will be soon so that the cohorts can give power to DAP to rule Malaysia soon so that Malaysia can then merge with Singapore.

Moreover, we can see that the government had been lenient and submissive to whatever the demands of the Singapore nowadays.

If we know that Anwar Ibrahim has overseas account funded by the Jews, how can we be sure that Najib does not have one as well?

I bet that if Anwar Ibrahim has a swiss account overseas, KJ and Najib also have one too.
Let us not forget that in 1993, Najib, Muhyiddin and Anwar had been in the same 'Team Wawasan' then.

So, there could be a conspiracy of the highest level to ensure that this country be turned into an Israel controlled country as well, just like our neighbour Singapore.
Well, why should I care if that happens?

Nothing in my life changes so whatever! Fuck you! Just sell your services to the highest bidder because no one cares.

The is no loyalty except to yourself. When people takes advantage of you, just don't get mad, get even!