Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reject Neo-Colonisation of the USA

The National Union of Bank Employees today submitted a memorandum to the American Embassy.

J Solomon, the secretary for NUBE said the 7 page "Memorandum Against Neo-Colonisation by Citibank Malaysia" stated the oppression and unfairness in the bank from the United States.

Citibank bank employees in Malaysia are denied the rights to have an employees union and those who are in it are being transferred to clerk duty.

There's also no overtime paid for the lower ranking employees except for the high ranking officers who received bonuses.

Read more about it here.

NUBE should hold a campaign for Malaysians to boycott using Citibank's services if they still oppress the Malaysian workers there.

Malaysian bank employees working for Citibank should also picket and disrupt the services of Citibank until they comply with the setting up of a union.

USA are hypocritical because they are the ones championing human rights but actually they are the culprit who broke the rules they set up to oppress others.

Those caught doing sodomy should be put in jail together

Teacher held over sodomy had sex aids at home

JOHOR BARU: A bottle containing minyak lintah (leech oil) and a tube of lubricant were among the items seized from the tuition teacher who was arrested on Monday for allegedly sodomising a teenage student.

A team from the Johor Baru (North) police headquarters' sexual crimes unit found the "sex aids" and several pornographic video clips while searching the home of the 30-year-old teacher.

Minyak lintah is a traditional ointment that is popularly applied by men before sex to increase sexual satisfaction.

Police will also look into the teacher's background to check if other students that he taught over the past few years had fallen victim.

Deputy Johor Baru (North) police chief Superintendent Mohd Akhir Ishak confirmed finding the sex items.

"The suspect will be remanded for a week," he told the New Straits Times yesterday.

The tuition teacher was arrested on Monday for allegedly sodomising and performing oral sex on his 17-year-old male student.

This followed a report lodged last Sunday by the victim's father, who claimed that his teenage son had been sexually abused and harassed on several occasions at the teacher's tuition centre in Taman Desa Skudai.

The mathematics teacher had allegedly shown the victim pornographic video clips on his computer and sodomised him on two occasions in Nov 2008 and May last year.

Initial investigation also showed that the teacher allegedly performed oral sex on the victim and taught him masturbation techniques while giving personal maths lessons. -- By Ben Tan

The excerpts are from NST dated 15th December 2010.

This monster should be put in one jail with Anwar Ibrahim and see if he likes that.

Anwar Ibrahim and KJ mirrorring each other

We should always think of Anwar Ibrahim and Khairy Jamaluddin as complementing each other. They are like hand in glove.

Anwar is crazy about becoming Prime Minister of Malaysia. Khairy Jamaluddin has the ambition to be the youngest Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Don't ever forget that actually, despite him blasting Anwar Ibrahim to pieces in the newspaper, in his heart, he idolizes Anwar Ibrahim, his beloved master.

I bet he is as crazy as PAS's followers, who will hang the picture of their idol in their living room. Surely he would have one secret room where there are pictures of Anwar Ibrahim all over the room. Just like the loony Anwar.

KJ is surely as loony as Anwar too because they are both spies of the foreign power though we are still unsure of KJ's status as someone who loves the butt as much as Anwar loves the butt too.

It is only acting to save his own ass when actually he had sold his ass to Anwar Ibrahim a long time ago.

Read more at KJ is the same as Anwar Ibrahim.

We should be grateful that there is WikiLeaks where confidential documents of governments all over the world can be published there for the world to see.

Read more at Syukur pendedahan Wikileaks.

Anwar Ibrahim is a politician who is actually conveying liberalism and the pluralism of religion.

In Utusan Malaysia dated 15th December 2010, Dr Yusri Mohamad, the lecturer for the Faculty of Law UIAM stated that Anwar Ibrahim is a politician who always brings the message of pluralism of religion in his actions and his speeches based on one of his speech titled "Religion and Pluralisme in a Divided World" in London on 18th of March 2010.

You can read more on that here and in Utusan Malaysia.

Peace loving and patriotic Malaysians should open their eyes and see who Anwar Ibrahim and Khairy Jamaluddin for who they truly are; which are chaos loving, unpatriotic, agents of the foreign power (one for the CIA, one for Singapore), and has the heart of the Jew, who will say one thing but in their heart meant other things.

Read more about this chap (you can google him as beruk and the result will be at the top) whose character is so much like Anwar Ibrahim here.

So, what do you think? Do you think what I said is right?

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