Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Those caught doing sodomy should be put in jail together

Teacher held over sodomy had sex aids at home

JOHOR BARU: A bottle containing minyak lintah (leech oil) and a tube of lubricant were among the items seized from the tuition teacher who was arrested on Monday for allegedly sodomising a teenage student.

A team from the Johor Baru (North) police headquarters' sexual crimes unit found the "sex aids" and several pornographic video clips while searching the home of the 30-year-old teacher.

Minyak lintah is a traditional ointment that is popularly applied by men before sex to increase sexual satisfaction.

Police will also look into the teacher's background to check if other students that he taught over the past few years had fallen victim.

Deputy Johor Baru (North) police chief Superintendent Mohd Akhir Ishak confirmed finding the sex items.

"The suspect will be remanded for a week," he told the New Straits Times yesterday.

The tuition teacher was arrested on Monday for allegedly sodomising and performing oral sex on his 17-year-old male student.

This followed a report lodged last Sunday by the victim's father, who claimed that his teenage son had been sexually abused and harassed on several occasions at the teacher's tuition centre in Taman Desa Skudai.

The mathematics teacher had allegedly shown the victim pornographic video clips on his computer and sodomised him on two occasions in Nov 2008 and May last year.

Initial investigation also showed that the teacher allegedly performed oral sex on the victim and taught him masturbation techniques while giving personal maths lessons. -- By Ben Tan

The excerpts are from NST dated 15th December 2010.

This monster should be put in one jail with Anwar Ibrahim and see if he likes that.

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