Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let's pray for the truth to be revealed

The court hearing for Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy 2 case will be continuing tomorrow.

Let us pray that the truth will prevail.

The question is, Anwar can go anywhere in the world to belittle his own country.

Why don't he go to Mecca and pray in front of the Kaabah so that the truth will be revealed if he really does not indulge in sodomy or going to prostitutes?

That is the question.

In addition to that, UMNO should definitely put Khairy Jamaluddin as their candidate.

This way, the failure of BN will be ensured. So go ahead and put him as the candidate.

I dare you!
Just do it!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

You'll scratch my back and I'll scratch yours

A little bird told me that a certain 'someone' in Putrajaya is stuck with millions of RM in his house.

He can't either spent it or save it in a bank. Well, I don't know who you are but you know who you are, so ....

Therefore, here's the deal. If you have the dough and you can't spend it, why don't you give it to me to safe keep it for you?

We'll open a bank account with your money in my name, and if you think you cannot trust me, hell, just keep the God damn account book.

I am not siphoning anyone's money. Just give me some cut on that money and it'll all be hush hush!

I'll be loyal to anyone who will treat me right and pay me the dough. Unless you are a motherfucker and treat me like shit, then I'll be a much worst motherfucker. :-)

Money makes the world go round. When you have money, you own the world. Though money is not everything.

Friday, August 19, 2011

People who should not be put as UMNO candidate

These are some who SHOULD NOT become UMNO's candidate for the 13th General Election.

1. Khairy Jamaluddin (for being the real Prime Minister during his father-in-law's reign of imbecility, asleep at the wheel of the Pemuda UMNO Chief post)
2. Khairy Jamaluddin
3. Khairy Jamaluddin
4. Khairy Jamaluddin
5. Khairy Jamaluddin
6. Khairy Jamaluddin
7. Khairy Jamaluddin
8. Khairy Jamaluddin
9. Khairy Jamaluddin
10. Khairy Jamaluddin
11. Saifuddin Abdullah (for giving out blatant statements supporting the opposition even though you are in government. Get the hell out of UMNO and stay out!)
12. Saifuddin Abdullah
13. Saifuddin Abdullah
14. Saifuddin Abdullah
15. Saifuddin Abdullah
16. Saifuddin Abdullah
17. Saifuddin Abdullah
18. Saifuddin Abdullah
19. KJ's cronies
20. Al Jub's cronies
21. Koh Tsu Koon (for smiling devilishly when you hand over Penang to DAP. Is there a Chinese supremacy conspiracy we should be aware of? wink wink)
22. Muhyiddin Yassin (for your stupidity and hated by both intellectuals and laypersons)
23. Hishamuddin Hussein (all bark and no bite)

Number 1 to 18 are actually the trojan horses for the opposition and will destroy UMNO if they were put as candidates again.

So, if any of you have any ideas of who SHOULD NOT be put as UMNO's candidate for the 13th General Election, just put a comment for this article to add to the lists of should not.

KJ and SA are more suitable to be put as PKR's candidate. By the way KJ, can't you take the hint? You are not appointed as a Minister or Deputy Minister in any Ministry which means you should take a hike! Comprenez?

Is that too hard to understand? I am surprised that he is an Oxford graduate but can be thicked face like Al Jub. He must have learnt to be thicked face from Al Jub, the apple of his eye.

In addition, I just have to say I look down on the bloggers who are now working for KJ and are not blasting him for being just the same as Al Jub. You have no honour whatsoever!

Just because the motherfucker is paying you to work for him, does not mean he is not a motherfucker who had been fucking up UMNO during Pak Lah's administration.

And you know who you are. I don't have to mention names. Sure everything in this world is money, but money is not everything. Honour, integrity and having some principles is more important than any amount of money!

So, if UMNO losses in the upcoming general election, maybe that is better so that you people will be more down to earth instead of thinking that you own the world and kept being a$$holes!

And every UMNO member should vote for their leaders because if only 200 or 300 people representing 2-3 million members, those people will be paid by those who can afford to pay to get the position but they cannot pay RM10,000 each to 2 to 3 million members.

Roughly, RM10,000 for 200 people is only RM2 million to get a position. If every UMNO member voted for their leaders, no money politics can be made because not everyone can be paid unless you are like Al Jub who is getting unlimited resources from the Jews.

Those who indulges in money politics should be ousted out from UMNO. Money politics or bribery will definitely destroy UMNO in the long run.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Types of bosses I so love to work for ;-)

1. Those who will never motivate you but would rather degrade you even though you are the one doing your fucking job at 3 a.m. Those who don't do the work don't get any scolding because they kisses the boss's asses. Now I don't care. I will never downgrade myself to kissing anyone's a$$es because I have some honour and principles.

2. Those who will scold you for not updating the website because of the technical problem faced by the site in which makes it unaccessible. But then, the technical man who thinks he is God's gift to women/men had been sleeping on the job and just laughed it off when he finally replied to you, so what the hell! You got scolded for the a$$holes mistakes! Now I don't care.

3. Those who accuse you of being the sole person responsible for bringing the Alexa ranking down. Hey do you think I am a stupid a$$hole like you and do not know how to check the Alexa ranking? So if it's really down now, I don't care.

4. Those who promises you something else after your confirmation. But when you asked them, they kept mum, which means that they are lying a$$holes who will not keep to their promises and have no honour. So now, GO TO HELL because I don't care.

5. Every weekend, it was agreed that there will be a rotation for the workers to look after the so called fucking website. Even in the first month, I was the only one doing the job every weekend and got scolded for it. Now, I don't care!!!

6. The one who don't pay the FUCKING BROADBAND because the bloggers should go and do their job in the comfort of the shitty cyber cafe and let the whole world see what the bloody HELL YOU ARE DOING so that the opposition who had been looking for the person who wrote there can come after you and kill you. Now, the same person who had said that the opposition is looking for the writer and will kill him had told me to go to do the article in a cyber cafe for all the world to see. Just tell me to kill myself in front of the commuter if you want them to come after me. But not before I divulge who is the stupid a$$hole who asked me to do it so that they can go after you too. Why the contradictory statements? I do have a brain and can think you know. Now I don't care.

7. Bosses who tell you that they don't understand what the hell that you wrote because they are actually a$$ kissers themselves! This is the one I love the most because I so love working for imbeciles who admits directly that they are stupid. Go back to school and learn some English for God's sake. I don't know how you can go to overseas to follow the big boss if you can't even speak English or understand English.

Okay, if you are that type of bosses who treats their staffs like shit and will favour a$$ kissers who does not do their job, HIRE ME BECAUSE I WILL DEFINITELY TREAT YOU SHITTER for being a MOTHERFUCKER!!! I can be a much worst MOTHERFUCKER than you can ever imagined me to be because you are so wrong when you imagined me to be an innocent little lamb who will take whatever SHIT that you give me.

I would like to thank you guys so much from the bottom of my heart for teaching me what A$$holes you guys really are so that I can be a much better A$$holes by learning from you, the master A$$holes! NOW, I DON'T CARE!

I do feel much better after I got if off my chest. Anyone who wants to disgrace their bosses for thinking they are GODS, feel free to do so in the comment area. I am sure you have something to say. If you are afraid someone will know you, just use Anon. Heck I don't kiss and tell!

One more thing. Don't tell me what I can do or cannot do. Because I never tell anyone what they can do or cannot do. You can do whatever the hell you want to. If I don't have talent, why are you guys criticizing me? :-)

You have your own style of writing and so do I. I don't tell you how to do your job so shut the fuck UP! Go to the word UP (being bold in red) before this sentence and listen to a song especially for you! Detractors be damned!

Malays should actually encourage each other to be better rather than backstabbing each other. Comprenez? So get off my back you small people!

In conclusion, read the quote below.

“Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can become great.”~ Mark Twain

Kudos to the only person who can outwit the Jews!

Kudos to Al Jub's the clever one,
For siphoning off with the Jew's money,
Spending it lavishly on fucking prostitutes and gays to make him come,
He's the one getting all the honey.


Isn't the Jew's pissed off,
For burning money to someone so gay,
When will Mossad be turned off,
And assassinate the traitor to make him pay.

Building a huge bungalow on top of the hill,
Is one of the example of how he had spent it wisely,
Thicked faced Al Jub is what makes him go through the mill,
His plan to be the first Jew puppet Prime Minister had not gone so smoothly.

Bersih 1.0 and 2.0 is the example of how he can prove,
Pitch to the Jews he had tried to make an unsuccessful riot,
While enjoying himself with prostitutes and gays on the hoof,
The Jews had been proven by Al Jub to the the biggest idiot.

Serves you right London for experiencing a riot,
Take that for slandering Malaysia and criticising the Malaysian police on 9th of July,
When will Mossad follow Donald Trump and say you're fired,
For the con they should have him fry.

Sweet-talking Al Jub had deceived his paymaster,
Thus proving the Mossads are not so clever,
They should make him pay and hire a fixer,
For Al Jub's reaping the good life in clover.

Anyone who wants to be just as rich and famous,
Should follow Al Jub's way of being devious,
Towards both men and women be amorous,
Become a satan worshipper, having no honour and be mischievous.

Traitors like Al Jub should definitely be electrocuted,
Fry his brains out in an electric chair,
His treachery towards Malaysia cannot be refuted,
That is the only way to be fair.

Al Jub's deserved a recognition,
For making a fool out of the Jews,
Having this bravado no wonder he has his own faction,
A hit man should be hired by the foreign intelligence agencies of every hue.

KJ's the new breed of Al Jub the traitor,
Al Jub had been his beloved mentor,
Staging an accident to be Nori's suitor,
Only a stupid asshole with no taste will fall for this motherfucker!

*** Try to top that Al Jub's lovers...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Motherfuckers gay!

Gay Malaysian pastor to tie the knot with his partner

KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian self-confessed gay pastor is to marry his African-American partner soon.

Press reports stated that Rev Ou Yang Wen Feng (pic) was likely to wed the Broadway musical producer by the end of the month or early September with ceremonies planned in New York and Malaysia.

Ou Yang told AFP in an interview in Hong Kong that his partner had popped the question on June 26, two days after New York City legalised same-sex marriages.

“He went to a church and wrote a song for me. He proposed at the end of the song in public,” the 41-year-old pastor said.

Ou Yang, who now serves at the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) in New York, urged gay men and women to speak out to “break the vicious cycle” and help fight misconceptions about the gay community.

According to the MCC homepage, the church is part of an international movement of Christian churches reaching out to all, including homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals.

“When society discriminates against gay people, you only push gay people into the closet,” Ou Yang said.

Ou Yang’s “coming out” took place in 2006 when he published the story of his decision to make public his sexual orientation, after a nine-year marriage to his now ex-wife, whom he described as an “angel“.

“She asked for a divorce, and this is the biggest gift she could ever give me, she set me free. I owe her big time,” said the pastor who grew up in a conservative Christian family.

Several netizens praised Ou Yang, who has tattoos on his shoulder and arm, as the “most trendy pastor”. They said they had not spotted other pastors wearing ear-rings.

Some said he looked like Hong Kong actor David Wu and Chinese actor Chang Chen.

Ou Yang, a former columnist with Sin Chew Daily, said Kuala Lumpur was “growing and developing” with Sunday services and bible studies.

Ou Yang’s best friend, known only as Joe, was quoted by Guang Ming Daily as saying that he was happy for the couple.

Taken from The Star

I am wondering why The Star is focusing on gays marrying other gays.

Are you indirectly promoting men marrying men? Gays are motherfuckers especially those like Anwar Al Juburi who are not only a gay but also a traitor of this country. Fuck you to hell!

Fuck you! If God wants men to marry other men, then why did He create women so that they can bear children?

Those who are gays are stupid. Don't promote to anyone else to be as stupid as you!!!

Did you know that Sodom had been turned inside out by Allah for his wrath because men fucked other men there???

But surely you don't care and will find any petty excuse to defend your gross act...

Yes... It's gross when you people fucked other men or women in the butt where the shit comes out. Ewwwww!

What if your partner has diarrhoea and you fucked him and his shit stuck to your dick??? That is so gross!

You guys should be thrown with faeces for indulging in such a gross act.

No wonder there are AIDS because you indulge in abnormal sex. You gays will go to hell for fucking other guys, assholes!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Anwar Al Juburi will turn this country to a gay country

Religious teacher detained for sodomising student

Thursday, August 11th, 2011 21:57:00

KUALA TERENGGANU: A secondary school religious teacher here has been detained for suspected sodomy of a student in the school.

The teacher for Islamic Studies was held in his house at the teachers' quarters in Batu Rakit near here at about 4am.

State Crime Investigation Department head, ACP K Manoharan said the teacher's arrest followed a police report by a student aged 13 years at the Batu Rakit Police Station yesterday evening alleging sodomy by the teacher.

"The 42-year-old teacher is married and is believed to have carried out the dastardly act for three times from March to June at the school teacher's quarters which is beside the boys hostel where the victim is residing," he said when met at his office today.

According to Manoharan, police are still investigating the case and did not rule out the possibility that there maybe more students falling victims to the teacher.

The victim has been sent to Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital to undergo medical examination.

Senior Session Court Registrar, Rosila Nik allowed the teacher to be remanded for four days beginning today for further investigation.

The case is being investigated under Section 377 C which carries a penalty jail term of not exceeding 20 years and caning.

Taken from The Malay Mail

We'll see if this sodomiser aka a satanic secondory school religious teacher will be given leniency to postpone his case up to 3 to 4 years just like the privileges given to him.

Anwar Ibrahim is a hard-core sodomiser and when he becomes Prime Minister of this Islamic country, this country won't be an Islamic one anymore.

Instead, it will be another Sodom where men will prefer other men to fuck with. So the girls will be free from being raped and sodomised.

The only thing is that, Anwar Al Juburi loves to fuck both men and women so nobody will be safe from his terrorism of fucking and sodomising anyone he likes.

If that is what you want for this country, then go ahead and support this sodomiser to be Malaysia's Prime Minister.

Anwar Al Juburi is a satan who have cooperated with the satan in DAP which are truly communists.

The deviationist in PAS who had been using Islam as their stepping stone to power are also satanic followers.

Therefore, if you are a true Muslim and will uphold Islam as the highest thing in your life, you will definitely defend Islam from motherfuckers like Anwar Al Juburi, the communists in DAP and the deviationists in PAS.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Charge those caught in Bersih in court

PAS veeps file suits over unlawful arrests at Bersih rally

KUALA LUMPUR: Two PAS vice-presidents have filed suits against the police and the Government for wrongful and unlawful arrests during the Bersih rally on July 9.

Datuk Mahfuz Omar and Salahuddin Ayub named arresting officer Insp Mohd Zaid Madzizat from the Brickfields district police station, the Brickfields OCPD, the Inspector-General of Police and the Government as defendants.

Mahfuz, who is Pokok Sena MP, and Salahuddin, who is Kubang Kerian MP, filed their suits through Messr Faiz Fadzil & Co at the Kuala Lumpur High Court yesterday.

They claim that their arrest on July 9 at 11.50am at KL Sentral was mala fide because on July 6, through a magistrate's court order, they were restricted from entering several locations in Kuala Lumpur on July 9, and that KL Sentral did not fall under that order.

They said they were not present anywhere in the restricted areas.

They claimed to have incurred losses, damage, inconvenience and injuries due to their arrest.

Mahfuz and Salahuddin are claiming general damages, exemplary compensation, cost and any relief deemed appropriate by the court.

Taken from The Star

PAS should be known as Parti Ajaran Sesat because the majority of its leaders are the cohorts of the communists.

They would go to the extend of defending the communist infidels who makes fun of the Quranic verses.

The police should haul those 2 to the jail for becoming the head for the illegal rally which makes things difficult for both the police force and the public.

Those who were caught in the rally should also be charged with assisting subversive quarters to create chaos in the country as reported by the international media that Malaysia had been in riot again on the 9th of July.

Real Muslims will not be that stupid to be used as a pawn in a game by the communist to create disharmony in the country.

Hence, it is not surprising that PAS leaders and members were in Bersih 2.0 illegal rally because even before 13th May 1969, they had been assisting the communist by slandering UMNO.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Communists will disallow the freedom of religion

'New media used to spread lies'

PUTRAJAYA: The opposition's use of new media has enabled them to instigate sections of society to participate even in unlawful activities that give them political mileage.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said this was particularly damaging as many of the issues propagated through this media channel were untrue.

Citing the illegal July 9 Bersih rally as a case in point, he said this happened despite it being clear from the start that the rally was not about pushing for free and fair elections but for the interests of parties riding on Bersih's name.

He said while the government had exhausted all its avenues to reach and explain to the people about the demonstration, it was not easy as the power hungry were willing to go the distance in pushing to attain power without going to elections.

Conceding that handling the run-up to the July 9 demonstration was difficult as the opposition had triumphed over the use of the new media, Hishammuddin said the ruling government must catch up on their use of the medium.

"I must admit that they are better than us and we need to get our act together in using the new media."

"It couldn't be clearer that there are quarters who would not hesitate to seize any opportunity and compromise everything for their narrow political ambitions.

"We knew that there may have been other groups that might have used Bersih as a platform to cause even more upheavals," he said.

Touching on police action on the day the streets of Kuala Lumpur came to a stand-still, he said the police were very restrained on July 9, despite their standard operating procedure, which allowed them to take sterner action.

On the repercussions and lessons to be learned by those arrested and released by the police every time street demonstrations are held, he said those taken in by the police would have their particulars recorded in the police system.

He said while focus was given to those behind such events, the police were not going to pick and choose demonstrators in the middle of chaos.

"What we have in Malaysia, most people outside would look at it as something that we should cherish ... Unfortunately, there are people in Malaysia, who do not appreciate what we have.

"They go the extra mile to get attention, but sometimes, when they do so, there may be a cost to it as seen in many cases. A democracy with a single racial composition will not have this problem, but in a multiracial country like ours, our leaders must be very careful."

Hishammuddin said the police were also looking at best practices in the new social landscape.

This, he said included the amendments to the country's preventive laws, the Police Acts, particularly on peaceful assemblies, as well as the use of biometrics in addressing the issues raised by the opposition on phantom voters.

Taken from New Straits Times

Don't talk much you warning Minister. You are only good in giving warning.

Where is the I.S.A.? Why hasn't the I.S.A. been used to catch those subversive elements in PSM?

PSM is just another name for the Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) which had been disbanded.

PSM. PKM. What is the difference? PSM is PKM which had been rebranded to cover up their true intentions.

The Malays who supports the communists in DAP and PSM are imbeciles.

I advice you to watch Jejak Rasul on TV3 to watch for yourself how the Russian communist before disallowed Muslims to use the mosque or to practice Islam.

Supporting communists means that you are putting Islam behind and you are a traitor of your own race.

DAP loves stupid Malays to support them because the same stupid Malays are the ones who will destroy Islam and Muslim unity in Malaysia.

The opposition had been using the alternative media since Al Juburi had been charged with the 1st sodomy case so no wonder in the 12th General Election they reap the rewards.

The government had been too slow in countering back the baseless accusations made by the opposition.

Moreover, people love to read and BELIEVE lies and rumours as compared to facts and figures which shows us how lacking they are actually in the grey matter.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Al Juburi, a traitor of this country

Sodomy II: Two witnesses refuse to be interviewed in Anwar’s presence

KUALA LUMPUR: The two witnesses, who turned up at the court Tuesday morning to be interviewed by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's defence team, chose not to be interviewed in Anwar's presence.

Anwar's lead counsel, Karpal Singh told reporters that former Inspector General Police, Tan Sri Musa Hassan and former Malacca CPO Datuk Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof had refused to be interviewed in Anwar's presence.

"Normally, the presence of the accused is allowed. This is the first time such a thing has happened," he said.

High Court judge, Justice Datuk Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah, will meet the defence and prosecution team in chambers at 9.30am Wednesday over the matter.

Taken from The Star

The two witnesses should come forward in the trial and informed the public the truth about the facts gathered by the police and military intelligence about how Anwar became a traitor to his own nation.

It should be a death blow to Al Juburi for calling those 2 forward.

If Al Juburi is in China, surely he will be shoot to death by the firing squad for becoming the CIA agent.

Malaysia should consider having similar laws.

I am sure those 2 are only afraid that they will hit Al Juburi as what Tan Sri Rahim Noor had done when Al Juburi called him a dog.

Just imagine if you are questioning a traitor of this country and he called you a dog when he is a scabby dog.

I am sure you guys will beat him up to a pulp as well because if it were me, I would beat him until he is admitted to the ICU.

Aye to police brutality

Banting murders: Suspect tells court cops tortured him, pinched his genitals

SHAH ALAM: An accused in the murder trial of cosmetics millionaire Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and three others claimed that he was physically tortured, including being held at gunpoint and threatened with death, the High Court heard.

Farm hand T. Thilaiyalagan, 20, said that Chief Inspector N. Govindan had put a gun in his mouth and forced him to admit murdering four people.

"I did not admit (to the murders)," he said here Monday.

Thilaiyalagan further claimed he was forced to follow Chief Insp Govindan, the interrogating officer, to a river.

Chief Insp Govindan allegedly said "If you don't follow me, I'll shoot" to the farm hand.

Thilaiyalagan is the first witness testifying in a second trial-within-a-trial to determine his state of mind when he gave a statement to the police that led to the discovery of items in the case.

He had earlier alleged being oppressed into giving the statement and Justice Akhtar Tahir allowed the trial-within-a-trial as applied by the defence.

During an examination-in-chief by his lawyer Gurbachan Singh, Thilaiyalagan said the police kicked and pinched his genitals several times.

The torture, he claimed, took place during an interrogation at a lockup in IPD Gombak on Sept 11, last year.

He was arrested three days before (Sept 9, 2010) at a farm in Tanjung Sepat where he worked.

He also claimed that he saw two other accused, R. Matan, 21, and R. Kathavarayan, 31, bleeding as a result of being beaten by the police.

Thilaiyalagan, Matan and Kathavarayan, along with former lawyer N. Pathmanabhan, 42, claimed trial to the murders of Sosilawati, 47, her driver Kamaruddin Shamsuddin, 44, bank officer Noorhisham Mohammad, 38, and Ahmad Kamil, 32.

Hearing continues Tuesday.

Taken from The Star

Criminals will not admit to their crimes if they are not tortured.

So, if you don't want to be tortured, don't be a murderous criminal who beat someone senseless with a baseball bat, stabbed them, burned them with cow dung and threw their ashes into the river.

I am sure the opposition communists will defend these criminals because the true fact is that they are that as well.

The communists also murdered the police and their family in Bukit Kepong. So what? Now the police can also act brutal towards murderous criminals and communist and communists cohorts in Bersih.

Will the criminals admit to their crime if they were given 5 star hotel treatment?

Those murderous criminals are heartless bastards so the police have to be just as cruel.

If the police are nice like the transvestite, surely the criminals will kill them instead.

So, I am all for the police brutality because I am not a criminal and will kill a criminal who attacks me in defence too.

Aye to the police brutality against the criminals because even snatch thieves don't care if their victims crack their head on the tarred road.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Apocryphalist: Di mana betulnya Dr Asri, dan di mana salahnya Part 2.

Apocryphalist: Di mana betulnya Dr Asri, dan di mana salahnya

Part 2.

Didalam memuji keluhan yang dilahirkan oleh as-sahibus Samahah mantan Mufti Perlis dalam hal pengagihan zakat yang menjerumus kepada pengemisan beberapa orang ibu tunggal ke pihak gereja, kesalan saya pula ialah yang berikut: Pendirian Tuan sangat playsafe, ambigous dan tidak mempunyai "Ooomph" yang cukup, yang sabit dengan kedudukan Tuan sebagai ulamak yang disanjung ramai.

Dalam menangani hal yang sangat runcing ini pun, kenyataan Tuan, yang walaupun zahirnya neutral, sebenarnya sangat berbau politik. Tuan masih juga mahu konar sana sini dalam memandu isu ini seolah-olah Tuan mahu juga menyabitkan UMNO dan kerajaan sebagai yang bersalah. Ya, isu pengagihan zakat memang perlu dikaji secara terperinci. Dan ya, kalaulah tidak kerana pendedahan masalah ibu tunggal ini, kita mungkin tidak mempersoalkan pengagihan zakat. Tetapi Tuan gagal (atau sengaja menggagalkan) untuk melihat bahawa walaupun itu mungkin punca yang sekunder, tidak siapa tahu bahawa ianya menjerumus kepada apa yang terjadi sekarang.

Apa yang menjadi MASAALAH primer atau yang unggul sekarang bukannya itu: MASAALAH yang benar-benar tegar yang menjadi batu penghalang kepada kemajuan untuk meyelesaikan masaalah ini ialah polisi PAS dan orang-orang Islam yang, demi membenci kerajaannya sendiri, sanggup untuk tidak mencemuh pihak gereja. Demi perpaduan dengan kafir harbi yang mungkin boleh menjanjikan segelintir-dua undi, PAS sangup untuk menjaga hati mereka. Sanggup untuk memarahi Hassan Ali. Sanggup bersekongkol dangan pihak kerajaan PKR dalam MENUTUP MULUT supaya hal ini tidak tersebar lua. Bukankah biasanya hal-hal tutup mulut ini adalah apabila sesuatu benda yang benar berlaku?

Bersekongkol juga kah yang Mulia as-Sahibus Samahah dengan pendirian ini? Sedikit pun tidak Tuan kritik pihak gereja. Sedikit pun tidak Tuan puji hasil usaha pihak JAIS membongkar usaha pemurtadan ini. Malahan kalau tersilap baca, akan dapat dianggarkan bahawa bukan saja Tuan tidak memuji, malahan mereka turut Tuan marahi juga. Maka terkontang-kantinglah Dr Hassan Ali serta JAIS dalam hal ini, seolah-olah dalam hal-hal menjaga Akidah Islam, kita hanya bergantung kepada mereka dan Tuan tidak ada langsung dalam gambaran. Nak harapkan siapa lagi? Khalid Samad? Nama Allah dijualnya, Kilang Carlsberg diresmikannya? Padahal sebelum berkuasa dahulu, untuk menegakkan syiar ugamalah yang menjadi slogan pencalonannya. Ada Tuan bising kerana dengan pengambilan tampok pemerintahan, lesen arak, lesen judi dan lesen menubuh rumah urut ternaik 2-3 kali ganda di Selangor?

Saya perhatikan Tuan sangat "playsafe" dalam segala isu politik-ugama, terutama sekali jika isu itu terjatuh kedalam kategori yang sangat rumit ... yakni jika ianya sesuatu yang perlu di juangkan oleh pihak Islam tetapi didapati tidak disenangi oleh kumpulan kafir dalam Pakatan Rakyat dan sebaliknya dijuangkan oleh pihak UMNO pula. Contohnya isu Bersih. Dan Isu Yoga. Dan Isu tarian Poco-poco. Bingung kami semua membaca pendirian Tuan. Dah terang-terangan Yoga itu ada yang terdapat memerlukan pengamalnya membaca beberapa mantra tertentu, masih juga Tuan mahu konar sana sini. Tuan mahu me-neutralisekan diri Tuan. Tuan mahu dikasihi oleh semua orang, terutama sekali oleh mereka-mereka yang membenci Islam. Tuan mahu dilutekan hujjah haram-halal bagi memberi ruang kepada mereka-mereka yang pro untuk berada dalam satu denominator yang sama dengan yang con. Orang macam Tuanlah yang akan dicari oleh Marina Mahathir, Sisters-in-Islam dan lain lain yang sentiasa mencari dan mempelopori idea-idea yang sangat bertentangan dengan Islam. Pernah Tuan tegur Marina Mahathir? Pernah Tuan cuba memperbetulkan ahli-ahli Sisters-in-Islam yang terang-terangan mencabar perintah Allah SWT? Pernah?

Yang pernah saya baca dan yang selalu Tuan buat hanyalah mengkritik JAIS. Atau Badan ugama kerajaan. Atau UMNO. Saya syak ini semua adalah kerana mereka-mereka ini semua terdiri dari pengunjung sekolah-sekolah pondok atau tempat pengajian kelasik seperti Mesir dan timur tengah dan Tuan berasa terdapat sedikit kelebihan superior dalam ijazah PhD Tuan dalam agama. Jadi Tuan mahu menampilkan idea seorang PhD yang kononnya terkeluar dari skop pemikiran sempit yang dipunyai kebanyakkan pelajar Islam secara kelasik yang lain.. Adakah mungkin kerana semua ini? Secara subliminal, secara halus dan tidak disedari, ini semua menjadi musabbab kepada kenapa Tuan berkelakuan dan berpendapat seolah-olah tidak mahu langsung bersama-sama mereka yang cuba mempertahankan akidah Islam. Adakah mungkin benar terkaan saya ini?

Tuan disanjung tinggi oleh Marian Mahathir. Tahu kah Tuan secara terperinci akidah beliau? Tuan menjadi reference kepada Syed Akbar Ali yang, menurut Haris Ibrahim, menganggap Kaabah itu sebagai satu batu sembahan yang tidak ubah seperti penyembahan Sanam oleh pihak Jahiliyyah. Adakah ini orang-orang yang menjadi sahabat Tuan? Adakah untuk menjaga hati orang-orang yang begini maka sanggup Tuan "disown" JAIS dan badan ugama lain? Mahu sangatkah Tuan dipuji oleh Teresa Kok atau Ronnie Liu atau pihak Gereja dengan harga mencemuh kumpulan dan jabatan Islam sendiri?

Pernah Omar Khayyam mengeluh dan bersya'ir sedemikian:

Terdapat suatu ketika dahulu di mana
Kota ini mencerminkan putaran bintang-bintang di langit
Betapa ramai anak-anak raja yang tersungkur di hadapannya
Tetapi sekarang ini,
terdapat seekor merpati bertenggekan di atasnya.

Kalau Tuan terus menerus menyapu yang bathil ke bawah tikar semata-mata untuk menjaga hati dan perpaduan rapuh dengan si kafir Harbi, Tuan sendirilah orangnya yang menjadi pemangkin ke atas runtuhnya kota ini.


To give or not to give, that is the question

Read this.

Even though that article is from The Malaysian Insider which is a tool of the opposition and hated by pro government supporters, the issues brought up by Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin is the truth about the reality that is going on at the zakat (alms) administration which are so difficult in giving alms to the needy.

We can read it in newspapers about how the poor and the needy complaint about how the person who has the power is making things difficult for them to get the alms.

Read another article here.

I am quite perplexed when I read about the distribution of the alms for 2010 here.

The collection for 2010 increased 20% from the previous year (2009). In 2009, MAIS (Lembaga Zakat Selangor) collected the property alms amounting to RM267.1 in comparison to RM319.5 in 2010.

In 2010, MAIS via LZS had distributed the alms amounting to RM330 in comparison to RM279.2 in 2009.

How is it possible that the distribution is more than the collection? There seems to be a deficit in the collection when the distribution is more than the collection.

Is there something wrong with the report? Has the report been tampered with to cover up holes in which maybe someone had stolen the money? I am not accusing anyone. Merely asking because even the most pious of people will be corrupted when they are facing with a huge sum of money.

Can someone from Lembaga Zakat Selangor give an explanation on this?

That is why I think if Muslims feared that their alms is not being given to the needy as they are supposed to, maybe they should give it to them directly by giving it to the poor or to the orphanage houses.

Article by a reader, Apocryphalist

Apocryphalist: Di mana betulnya Dr Asri, dan di mana salahnya

Part 1.

Beberapa kurun yang lalu, saya berpeluang untuk meninjau secara haram (yakni tanpa pengetahuan pihak atasan) akan senarai akaun pungutan zakat di sebuah pertubuhan masyarakat Islam yang memperincikan semua pungutan zakat bagi tahun itu serta pengagihannya seklai. Saya sangat terperanjat melihatkan betapa banyak pungutan tersebut hingga menyentuh ratusan ribu pound sterling (ianya sebuah pertubuhan Islam Malaysia di London dan kebanyakkan pungutannya hanya tertumpu kepada pembayar zakat bangsa Malaysia di sana sahaja.)

Walaubagaimanpun, saya menerima renjatan elektrik kedua apabila saya amati secara halus pengagihan wang zakat tersebut. Memang benar: kesemua lapan asnab yang dibolehkan menerima wang itu memang terdapat di sana: si fakir miskin, si muallaf, si amil, si riqab - semuanya ada di sana. Tetapi apa yang mengejutkan saya ialah pengagihannya: yang kurang lebih berbunyi begini:-
Fakir - 4%
Miskin - 5%
Anak Yatim - 3%
Muallaf - 1%
dan sebagainya. Dan akhir sekali didalam senarai itu terdapat yang ini:-

Fi Sabilillah - 80% !!

Bila ditanya apanya yang dibiayai wang zakat sampai 80% itu --- adakah umat Islam sekarang sedang berperang? Atau sedang menghantar gerombolan-gerombolan mensyiarkan Islam ke merata dunia? Maka di jawab kepada saya: Fi Sabi lillah itu bukan hanya bermaksud itu. Ianya juga untuk membeli apa-apa benda untuk kegunaan umum umat Islam, dan dalam hal ini, sambungnya lagi, wang 80% itu digunakan untuk membeli kipas angin, karpet mesjid, alat pemanas, air condition dan sebagainya.

Saya menggeleng kepala. Patutlah umat Islam sekarang ini menghadapi pelbagai kemelut dan musibah. Oleh kerana longgarnya penafsiran "Fi Sabi Lillah" itu, maka ianya terbuka kepada segala jenis interpretasi. Apatah lagi dizaman Internet canggih dan kereta laju, erti fi sabi lillah itu mungkin boleh diperluaskan kepada kemahuan, kehendak serta tekanan menyahut gaya hidup zaman moden kita. Tetapi yang pastinya ialah, erti dan tujuan asal kalimat Fi Sabi Lillah itu sendiri sebagaimana yang difahami oleh Rasulullah SAW serta para sahabat baginda, sangatlah jauh daripada apa yang kita fahami sekarang. Jangan terkejut jika Fi Sabi Lillah juga, mengikut mufassirin dunia kita dewasa ini, merangkumi pembelian saham, hartanah, bangunan-bangunan tinggi, kemewahan dan sebagainya. Apabila saya melawat sebuah Pusat Pungutan Zakat di ibukota untuk membayar zakat, saya musykil melihatkan beberapa buah kereta mewah buatan Jerman yang besar dan menjalar berada di petak parkir pengarah-pengarahnya. "Ah...", bisik hati saya yang sudah terlatih untuk bersangka baik ini. "Tidak mungkin ini semua dari wang zakat. Siapa kata seorang pengarah tidak boleh menabung sejak kecil untuk membeli kereta Jerman yang panjang menjalar?"

Betul juga kat Dr Asri ulamak tersohor mantan Mufti Perlis itu. Di mana perginya wang zakat kita sehingga untuk membantu ibu-ibu tunggal dan golongan miskin, terpaksa mengemis kepada sang Kafir Kitabi dan menggadai maruah? Saya ada dengar seorang individu dari negeri pantai Timur yang punyalah Allah SWT telah beri rezqi, wang zakat yang dibayarnya seorang sahaja adalah lebih RM2 juta setahun. Agaknya, dengan 100 orang ibu tunggal yang sanggup menjual tauhidnya dari Yang Esa kepada Yang Tiga dengan harga semurah RM20 ribu itu, pembayar zakat yang seorang ini pun sudah memadai untuk menyelesaikan masaalah mereka. Itu belum diambil kira semua pencarum zakat yang lain. Belum lagi diambil kira umat-umat Islam lain yang liat dan engkar untuk membayar zakat yang wajib. Adalah tidak keterlaluan jika saya katakan di sini dengan jumlah zakat yang berpotensi terkumpul, mampu kita membeli sebuah negara!

Tetapi persoalannya---mana perginya? Ke mana perginya semua wang zakat itu, sehinggakan untuk mempertahankan akidah umatnya sendiripun tidak mampu? Kemudian saya pikirkan: adakah tujuan zakat itu untuk menghapuskan kemiskinan, atau untuk mengekalkannya? Tidakkah kita terbaca bagaimana suatu waktu pada zaman Omar al-Khattab, ekonomi umat Islam ketika itu punyalah kukuh sehinggakan bila tiba waktu pengagihan zakat, si Amil mengeluh kerana tidak terjumpa fakir dan miskin yang layak menerima zakat kerana mereka sudah tidak termasuk ke dalam golongan itu lagi?
Kita sekarang tidak. Tahun ini kita bangga kerana dapat mengagihkan zakat kepada orang miskin. Maka dapatlah mereka ini membeli baju raya untuk tahun ini atau membeli sekampit beras untuk kegunaan 2-3 bulan. Habis, tahun hadapan bagaimana? Mereka masih miskin lagi. Perlukah kita terus berbangga kerana masih ada golongan yang akan menerima zakat kita tahun hadapan, dan tahun-tahun seterusnya?
Kenapa kita tidak ada program untuk betul-betul eradicate kemisikinan untuk fakir-fakir miskin ini? Mulakan dengan ibu tunggal. Punyalah mereka ini berpotensi untuk membuat perkara-perkara seperti berniaga, menjadi jaringan franchise, menjadi usahawan, menjadi pelatih dan sebagainya. Kenapa tidak kita beri modal dan semangat untuk mereka memperbaiki keadaan mereka?
Ini tidak. Kalau muka lawa sikit, jadi GRO, atau jadi Tukang Urut batin yang sudah pastinya menjamin pendapatan hingga 4-5 ribu sebulan. Begitu juga dengan pengemis-pengemis---samada yang tulin atau yang menyamar. Kepungkan mereka ini dalam sebuah rumah kebajikan dan latih mereka menghasilkan kraf tangan atau barangan buatan, jahitan atau sulaman yang boleh dijual. Tak perlu lagi ada sindiket "hantar dan pungut" dengan Van yang menyakitkan mata dan hati, siap dengan peralatan canggih Keyboards Synthesizer dan Amplifier untuk S. Jibeng-S. Jibeng segera ini mendayu nasib. Semuanya kerana kita tidak ada program untuk mengagihkan zakat selain dari mengikut ungkapan "Fi Sabi Lillah" yang sangat samar dan dipersoalkan.

Syabas As Sahibus-Samahah Tuan Mantan Mufti Perlis dengan pendirian ini.

Don't be drug mules

Nigerian drug mule enroute to Malaysia dies on plane

NEW DELHI: A Nigerian drug trafficker on his way to Malaysia to deliver the contraband died aboard a plane on Tuesday, after the drug-filled packets he swallowed burst in his stomach.

The Lagos-based Daily Sun newspaper reported today that Chilaka Ogbonna Emmanuel, 25, died onboard a Qatar Airways flight enroute to Malaysia via Doha.

"When he developed complications from the ingested drugs, the crew tried to assist him.

"But when his condition deteriorated, the airplane was forced to make an emergency landing in India to give him proper medical assistance," reported the newspaper.

According to the daily, the suspect was confirmed dead in a hospital in Mumbai.

Nigeria's National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) spokesman Jarikre Ofoyeju said a post-mortem revealed Emmanuel had ingested narcotics and his death was due to complications.

But Nigerian authorities did not reveal the quantity or type of drugs the deceased was attempting to smuggle to Malaysia.

The NDLEA revealed 68 suspected drug traffickers were detained at Lagos Airport in the first six months of this year. -- BERNAMA

The Malaysian authorities should stop letting in those nigger who are actually drug mules or drug traffickers who cheat Malaysians to be drug mules to and to suffer death penalty in China or other countries.

Be a bit clever okay. Who would pay for free airplane ticket overseas if they do not want something in return like for you to take a package or a bag containing drugs so that you will be a drug mule for them???

It's better to work in Malaysia for a little salary than being in jail overseas for being such a greedy pig when you are offered a huge sum of money to bring it out.

Every action has its consequences. When you are in jail for being foolish enough to be a drug mule, don't go crying to the government because you are the one who did it.

Therefore, before doing something, think of the pros and cons especially if someone offered you an all expense paid ticket to bring something for them.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just Say 'NO'

Ministry gets ready to receive first of asylum seekers

PUTRAJAYA: The first batch of asylum seekers under the refugee swap agreement between Malaysia and Australia is expected to arrive here early next week.

Although no exact date has been announced, officials at the Home Ministry are said to be making preparations to receive them.

However, it could not be confirmed how many refugees would be in the first batch.

A ministry official said that upon arrival, the refugees would be temporarily placed at a centre about 100km from Kuala Lumpur.

“The centre is a former resort,” the official said.

“The refugees will be housed there for up to 45 days where they will then be screened by the UNHCR to determine their status,” he added.

The selection of the former resort as the centre was agreed by both governments.

In Melbourne, Australia, the group that was due to be sent to Malaysia were said to be on hunger strike.

A refugees advocate movement said the group arrived on Christmas Island on Thursday.

The group includes 18 minors or people claiming to be minors. Up to 14 of them are unaccompanied.

Refugee Action Coalition spokesman Ian Rintoul claimed that the movement received a distress call from one of the asylum seekers on Friday.

“The short call said: We are in a bad way; we need help. We are starting a hunger strike',” Rintoul was quoted by the Australian Associated Press as saying.

He called on the Australian Government to give the group access to lawyers.

“The asylum seekers have committed no crime but are effectively being held incommunicado,” Rintoul said.

Taken from The Star

Now, what the hell is this? Why are we agreeing to be the dumping ground of the asylum seekers with Australia???

Before this, the Aussies have proven themselves not to be trusted because they demanded that the sodomy case of Al Juburi to be dropped!!!

Malaysia is an Islamic country. Not a sodomist country like SODOM!!!

Let Al Juburi become the Prime Minister of Aussie instead if they so loved him because they are as gay as him.

And what is this about Lynas? Why are the Aussies making Malaysia the dumping ground of everything that they considered trash?

The Malaysian government should not be so accomodative. Just say 'NO'.

It's not that hard to say 'NO'. NO! NO! NO! Don't be a YES DOG to the whites.

If someone who is stupid bullying you at work, say 'NO' to him and quit. Have some honour and don't let people use you like a dog!

Don't be a hypocrite and smile at him when you are bashing at him behind his back. Be direct like the English, if you don't like something, say it.

Don't sugar coat it so that other's won't be hurt. Who cares if you are hurt? Care more about yourself than others.

So, do you support or are against the asylum seeker from Aussie to come to Malaysia? I am against it.

This country has enough immigrants who are giving social problems to Malaysians. Stop taking in the NIGGERS who are mostly drug traffickers posing as private universities students.

The NIGGERS are just as bad as the keling pariahs. I say that because Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya had been murdered by a pariah.

The stupidest Education Minister after Al Juburi

Review teaching of English in schools: DPM

SEGAMAT: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has ordered the English Language Curriculum Division to have a relook at the learning of the language in schools to ensure students can master it as a second language.

Muhyiddin, who is also Education Minister, said he had directed Education director-general Datuk Abdul Ghafar Mahmud to carry out a review on the learning of English Language in school.

"How the national education system involving 13 years, with five years of secondary school, is still unable to provide our students with a good grasp of the English Language, I, myself, am incapable of answering," he said in his speech during a visit to SMK Felda Maokil, Labis here today.

Muhyiddin said the review might determine if the weakness was due to a shortage of English Language teachers, equipment or due to other causes.

He said mastery of the English Language was important because it was the main language in international communication and the economy.

He also rejected the perception that implementing the 'Uphold Bahasa Melayu, Strengthen the English Language' policy had resulted in the Education Ministry neglecting the English Language.

Muhyiddin also said the ministry had carried out a comprehensive survey of the nation's educational infrastructure, in its effort to provide the infrastructural need of schools.

He said, although his ministry had received a development allocation of between RM5 billion and RM6 billion, the amount was not enough because of the large number of schools in the country and the rapid population growth which required the constructions of new schools. -- Bernama

No need to review. Just do it like before where there is an English medium.

The new policy is stupid because the lingua franca is still the English language.

If you want the students to remain stupid, then Muhyiddin should definitely continue with the current policy which had replaced PPSMI.

Just because you are stupid, does not mean that the rest of us has to be stupid like you too!

Continue with the PPSMI and bring back the English medium school.

I am sure that the racists kiasu love to see the Malays be stupid and will support this stupid move.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Either you die or they die

Snatch thief pays the price for preying on policewoman

KUALA TERENGGANU: A snatch thief who preyed on someone he thought was an easy target got a fist to his face from a policewoman instead.

The victim, who is a Lance Corporal, was riding her motorcycle at the Sultan Omar roundabout at 5.30pm on Thursday when the suspect, on another motorcycle, snatched her gold bracelet.

The suspect tried to escape but the victim gave chase and managed to punch the suspect in the face before forcing him to lose control of his motorcycle and crash into a divider some 5km from the crime scene.

The policewoman managed to recover her bracelet along with items stolen from other victims but the suspect ran off.

Terengganu CID chief Asst Comm K. Manoharan said the policewoman, who is attached with the state Narcotics Unit, called for help and managed to track down the suspect with the help of other police personnel.

“They managed to apprehend the suspect in a housing area near the city some 30 minutes after the incident.

“The 26-year-old suspect tested positive for drugs,” he said.

ACP Manoharan commended the policewoman's actions in courageously chasing after and eventually nabbing the suspect.

“The suspect thought he could get away easy after robbing a defenceless woman but I think he got the surprise of his life.

“It is really his bad luck that he chose a policewoman to rob,” he said.

He added that initial investigations revealed that the suspect was involved in multiple other snatch thefts in the city.

“The suspect has been remanded until Sunday,” he said.

Taken from The Star

Nowadays, criminals do not care if they hurt their victim to the extend of killing them.

So, in the eyes of the law, can the victims defend themselves to the extend of killing their assailant.

It's either them or us that will die. Hence, it's better for the assailant to die during the victim's defending their safety against crime.

But, will the victim suffer the unfair treatment as the woman who had run over her snatch thieves which made her being put in jail?

Therefore, since women nowadays are the target of snatch thieves who are mainly drug addicts, the women should learn some self-defence techniques.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Trust no one, even your kid

When there is a will, there is a way

TWO months before retiree Madam Wong (not her real name) underwent a major operation, she transferred the ownership of her double-storey house to her son, in the hope that her property would remain within the family should anything happen to her.

The surgery was successful and the 75-year-old returned to her home where she lived with her son and daughter-in-law. A year later, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law became so strained that Madam Wong's son requested that his mother leave the house and go to live with her daughter.

The distraught mother sought the help of Rockwills Corporation Sdn Bhd to have the ownership of the house transferred to her daughter's name.

"But there was nothing we could do as the house was already in her son's name. It was sad to see the old woman clutching a bag of receipts to prove that she had paid for the house with her hard-earned money and now she's homeless," says Rockwills International group managing director Saw Leong Aun, recounting the ordeal that many people go through when they do not plan their wealth distribution properly.

This happened in life so can you imagine how much more complicated things can become in death.

Many families have been left in the lurch upon the death of the breadwinner who did not leave a will. It does not only create family feuds and a problem of inheritance but also leaves the family in dire straits especially if there are debts to be settled, taxes to be paid or loans to be serviced.

Assets that are not claimed over a period of time -- including property, EPF contributions, dividends, insurance claims, deposits in banks and wages -- eventually end up as unclaimed monies in the Accountant-General's office. Recently, Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussein had said that the total amount of unclaimed monies in the country stood at RM4.53 billion.

Saw says having a will can help solve this problem otherwise the estate will be distributed according to the Distribution Act 1958 (amended in 1997), and this may not be compatible with the wishes of the deceased.

For instance, the deceased, who may not have been on good terms with his parents or siblings, may have wanted to leave his entire estate to his wife and children. But under the law, if he dies intestate (without leaving a will), his surviving parents will be entitled to a quarter of his wealth, while his wife and children will get 25 per cent and 50 per cent respectively.

Should the parents die later, the deceased's siblings can claim the parents' share.

Contrary to popular belief, Saw says writing a will is not something that only the rich should be doing.

"Everyone has something to their name whether it is a house, a car or a bank account. In fact, it is the average person who needs the will more than the super rich because they only have a limited amount of wealth which may mean the whole world to the family they leave behind.

"If they die intestate, then their assets would be frozen. Their loved ones will not have any access to whatever money until they have made the relevant application to the courts. And this can take years. How does the family survive in the meantime?"

Many Asians, especially the older generation still think it's taboo to talk about writing a will.

"When we started out 15 years ago, I remember we set up a booth at an exhibition in Batu Pahat and people would back away from our booth. They would not even pick up our brochure as they considered it taboo," recalls Low Wan Gem, CEO of Rockwills Corporation Sdn Bhd.

Now, he says, more people are warming up to the idea. He says the company usually sees a surge in people wanting to make a will following earthquakes, tsunamis or major accidents, disasters or outbreaks of infectious diseases.

"For example, during the SARS outbreak, many people called us. It is human nature for people to worry that the same fate may befall them."

Saw says there has been a 30-40 per cent increase in will writing among the public over the last 15 years.

Citing Madam Wong's case as an example, he says the advantage of having a will is that it can be re-written by the testator (person making the will) anytime he wishes as long as he is of sound mind.

"If you transfer a piece of your property to someone, you can't take it back. But if you have willed it to the person, you can always revoke your earlier will and write a new one."

Wills can also be used to keep your offspring on their toes as in the case of a wealthy businessman who was bothered by the very pampered and laid-back attitude of his sons. He told his children that although he had named them all in his earlier will, he had decided to re-write his will every year and apportion the bulk of his wealth to the most hardworking son. Now, the sons are going all out to prove their worth.

Interestingly, more than 60 per cent of Rockwills' clients comprise those aged between 30 and 55 years, with most having young children under their care.

Saw says there are even instances where people write wills before leaving for a holiday abroad while some couples travel separately to the same destination.

"They write a will just in case something happens to them during their trip," he says.

There are also those who write wills not to dispose off their estate but to leave specific instructions or messages for their loved ones.

This include expressing their love and affection for their loved ones or stating whether they want to be buried or cremated.

What's most important, Saw adds, is for the testator to keep the will in safe custody.

"Sometimes people write a will and keep it so secret that when they die no one even knows they left a will. This will cause inheritance problems."

Awareness low among Muslims
AS Muslims are governed by the faraid or Islamic law of inheritance which determines how their estate should be distributed upon their death, proper estate planning is crucial to ensure that loved ones are not left in the lurch.

"Unfortunately, only about one per cent of the 16 million Muslims in Malaysia have written their will or wasiat. The level of awareness on the need for a will is very low because they believe their estate will be governed by the faraid system upon their death, so writing a will is unnecessary," said Associate Professor Dr Siti Mashitoh Mahamood, Syariah law lecturer at University Malaya's Academy of Islamic Studies.

If a Muslim dies intestate, his property will be distributed according to the faraid system after payment of his funeral expenses and his debts. Any surplus after the distribution of his assets goes to the Baitulmal (the Muslim Treasury).

Under the faraid system, a widow with children would get one-eighth of her husband's assets. The rest of the property will be distributed among his children with the sons getting twice the portion given to the daughters.

If the man leaves a widow and a daughter, half his assets will be distributed to the daughter while his wife will receive a one-eighth portion. The rest of his assets will go to Baitulmal.

However, if the widow has no children, she only gets a quarter of his assets while the rest goes to Baitulmal.

As only the legitimate heirs of the deceased (ie his wife, sons, daughters and parents) are entitled to his assets under the faraid system, his other relatives such as his sisters, grandchildren or adopted children may not inherit anything.

Mashitoh said such situations could be avoided if Muslims plan their estate properly by writing a will or wasiat, spelling out how they would like their assets to be distributed upon their death.

"In fact, Muslims are encouraged to write a will to ensure that their loved ones who are non-heirs are taken care off. There is even a hadith narrated by Abdullah Ibn `Umar that the Prophet (p.b.u.h) said: "It is not permissible for any Muslim who has something to will to pass even two nights without having his last Will written."

In writing their will, Muslims can bequeath up to a third of their assets to anyone they wish, as long as the beneficiary is not a legitimate heir under the faraid system. The remaining two-thirds of his property will be distributed according to faraid.

Bequests can be made to relatives, friends, people in need or public welfare. A Muslim can also bequeath his assets to a non-Muslim, but not to anything or anyone who opposes Islam.

"So a Muslim convert can bequeath up to a third of his assets to his parents or siblings if he so wishes."

Mashitoh said instead of writing a will, Muslims could also use other instruments such as hibah (gifting), trust funds or wakaf (permanent dedication by a Muslim of a property for any religious, pious or charitable purpose) to distribute their assets among their loved ones.

"They can 'gift' their property to anyone they wish including their spouse, children, grandchildren, or siblings.

"For example, if a couple has an adopted child, the child will not be entitled to their property when the parents die. However, to safeguard the interest of the child, they can hibah the property to the child. But all this must be done while they are still alive and are of sound mind and good health so that it cannot be challenged later on. So, it is better to give what you want while you are still alive," she added.

Another option is to set up a trust fund for children which can be managed by parents while they are still alive and by an appointed trustee when they die.

"This is important especially if the child is a minor. The parent can determine the most qualified and suitable person to be the guardian of the child. Otherwise it will be left to the court and the guardian so appointed by the court may not be the most suitable or appropriate person to care for the child."

What you need to know about writing a will
1. A will must be in writing. It can be handwritten, typewritten or printed and it can be written in any language.

2. The testator (person making the will) must sign or affix his mark (for eg, a signature or thumbprint) at the end of the will, or place it in such a manner or position that it becomes obvious that it is intended to give effect to the writing as a will.

3. A will has to be witnessed by at least two persons present at the time of signing of the will by the testator himself, or the person signing on his behalf. Each of the witnesses shall then sign in the presence of the testator and in the presence of each other.

4. A will can be revoked before the testator's death, voluntarily or by operation of the law when certain events happen such as:

a) Marriage -- If a person is single at the time of writing his/her will, the will is automatically revoked once he/she marries.

b) Destruction -- A Will is considered revoked if it is destroyed with the intention of revoking it.

c) Writing of a new will -- a new will always supersedes other earlier wills. Therefore a will must be dated properly to avoid confusion or dispute in future.

d) Execution in writing -- the testator can declare in writing his intention to revoke his will dated on a certain day and put his signature on the piece of paper in the presence of two witnesses.

e) Conversion to Islam - once a person converts to the Muslim faith, the distribution of his estate is government by Syariah laws.
Source: Guide to PlanningYour Will Effectively

Centralised wills registration system

MUSLIMS make up 91 per cent of the 543,908 Malaysians who have written a will with AmanahRaya, the government-owned public trustee, indicating a growing awareness among the community of the importance of having a wasiat (will).
As at May, 495,758 Muslims have used the services of AmanahRaya to prepare a will, said AmanahRaya group chief operating officer Alina Hashim.

She said many Malaysians now realised the importance of writing a will and sought the services of trustees such as AmanahRaya as it helped ease the administration of their estate after their death.

"The appointment of a trustworthy guardian helps guarantee the welfare and interests of your loved ones when you are no more around, making things easier for beneficiaries," she added.

To help make estate administration easier, she said AmanahRaya had established a Wills Register or Daftar Wasiat Malaysia (DWM), which is a centralised system for the registration of Muslim and non-Muslim wills.

The register will serve as a reference centre for custodianship and updating of both Muslim and non-Muslim wills.

"With the availability of this centralised wills registration system, the families or beneficiaries of the deceased can check to see if the latter has left a will. If they have, then it makes it easier for a beneficiary to trace the custodian of the will or wasiat," she added.

AmanahRaya was originally the Department of Public Trustee and Official Administrator. The department was corporatised on Aug 1, 1995 to provide trust, legacy management and will services.

Taken from New Straits Times

Parents should not transfer the ownership of their house to their children when they are still alive.

If they do that, they will surely be living in an old folk's house.

So, just make a will. It's as simple as that.

The point is that don't transfer your property to your children's name while you are still alive.

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