Saturday, January 15, 2011

Check scams in PPIM blog

It is a good initiative by Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM) to have their own blog which gives information towards the public about scam and lies committed by others that had been experienced by the victims.

This way, it will ensure that no other person will fall victim to the same scam by the same person committing the scams.

Maybe someone who thinks more about the profit that they will charge 50 cents on the RM10 top up that you bought. Tell others about it to boycott the shop. You can still buy the RM10 top up for RM10 instead of RM10.50.

Nowadays, we have to count for every cent that we spent because the prices of the goods are on the rise. You can drink water for 50 cents at a mamak stall or enter a washroom at some supermarket for 50 cents.

The rich gets richer by being prudent not by wasting money unnecessarily. That why the rich gets richer and the poor get poorer. It's in their attitude.

Though I am sure that all of us have experienced being scammed by some unscrupulous person; either the real estate agent, the owner of the house/condo/apartment or someone else regarding services that they have used.

Therefore, all of us has the responsibility to share their experiences with others in that blog so that the public will be aware of the lying scumbag.

Don't keep quiet about it. Just tell the whole world about the conman/conwoman that could right now be conning someone else.

Surely you don't want any other person to experience the predicament that you had been through, so act now by sharing your experiences because you don't want anyone else to fall victim to them.

Go here to read more about it or share your experiences by e mailing to

We as the consumers have the right to say no to being bullied by unscrupulous traders or service providers.