Friday, August 19, 2011

People who should not be put as UMNO candidate

These are some who SHOULD NOT become UMNO's candidate for the 13th General Election.

1. Khairy Jamaluddin (for being the real Prime Minister during his father-in-law's reign of imbecility, asleep at the wheel of the Pemuda UMNO Chief post)
2. Khairy Jamaluddin
3. Khairy Jamaluddin
4. Khairy Jamaluddin
5. Khairy Jamaluddin
6. Khairy Jamaluddin
7. Khairy Jamaluddin
8. Khairy Jamaluddin
9. Khairy Jamaluddin
10. Khairy Jamaluddin
11. Saifuddin Abdullah (for giving out blatant statements supporting the opposition even though you are in government. Get the hell out of UMNO and stay out!)
12. Saifuddin Abdullah
13. Saifuddin Abdullah
14. Saifuddin Abdullah
15. Saifuddin Abdullah
16. Saifuddin Abdullah
17. Saifuddin Abdullah
18. Saifuddin Abdullah
19. KJ's cronies
20. Al Jub's cronies
21. Koh Tsu Koon (for smiling devilishly when you hand over Penang to DAP. Is there a Chinese supremacy conspiracy we should be aware of? wink wink)
22. Muhyiddin Yassin (for your stupidity and hated by both intellectuals and laypersons)
23. Hishamuddin Hussein (all bark and no bite)

Number 1 to 18 are actually the trojan horses for the opposition and will destroy UMNO if they were put as candidates again.

So, if any of you have any ideas of who SHOULD NOT be put as UMNO's candidate for the 13th General Election, just put a comment for this article to add to the lists of should not.

KJ and SA are more suitable to be put as PKR's candidate. By the way KJ, can't you take the hint? You are not appointed as a Minister or Deputy Minister in any Ministry which means you should take a hike! Comprenez?

Is that too hard to understand? I am surprised that he is an Oxford graduate but can be thicked face like Al Jub. He must have learnt to be thicked face from Al Jub, the apple of his eye.

In addition, I just have to say I look down on the bloggers who are now working for KJ and are not blasting him for being just the same as Al Jub. You have no honour whatsoever!

Just because the motherfucker is paying you to work for him, does not mean he is not a motherfucker who had been fucking up UMNO during Pak Lah's administration.

And you know who you are. I don't have to mention names. Sure everything in this world is money, but money is not everything. Honour, integrity and having some principles is more important than any amount of money!

So, if UMNO losses in the upcoming general election, maybe that is better so that you people will be more down to earth instead of thinking that you own the world and kept being a$$holes!

And every UMNO member should vote for their leaders because if only 200 or 300 people representing 2-3 million members, those people will be paid by those who can afford to pay to get the position but they cannot pay RM10,000 each to 2 to 3 million members.

Roughly, RM10,000 for 200 people is only RM2 million to get a position. If every UMNO member voted for their leaders, no money politics can be made because not everyone can be paid unless you are like Al Jub who is getting unlimited resources from the Jews.

Those who indulges in money politics should be ousted out from UMNO. Money politics or bribery will definitely destroy UMNO in the long run.