Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wan Azizah, Anwar and Azmin in a threesome?

A friend suddenly gave me these insane idea of whether Wan Azizah, Anwar and Azmin was ever involved in a threesome.

This is because Wan Azizah are aware of her husband's weird hobby of indulging in sodomy with pretty boys.

So, could it be possible that the three was ever involved in a threesome where Wan Azizah was ever sandwiched in between the two?

Or is it a threesome amongst Shamsidar, Anwar and Azmin? That is so gross too.

Oh my God! That is so gross! Ewwwwww. I can't seem to put that gross picture out of my head after that friend put that idea in my mind.

Parpukari had even divulged that Nurul Izzah had even witnessed her father sodomising their former driver.

Nurul Izzah should sue him if he is lying. But in Anwar's case, any suing that he did proves that the statements are true. So, that could be the case too in Nurul Izzah's case.

Who would admit the skeleton in a closet of their own family which would blacken their name? But if the public already knew about Anwar's indulgence in sodomy, why would his family still be stupid to back him up?

Man up and admit to the truth of that bastard's weirdo hobby of sodomising men or women for that matter.

I can believe that because I had heard stories from a relative about his friend where Anwar asked for his butt only after a few hours of getting to know him.

As the Malay saying of kalau tiada angin masakan pohon bergoyang. Surely if there is no wind there, there must be a monkey that is shaking the tree.

Any other idea of what position would they prefer when they are involved in a threesome? I can think of some but it is too gross to mention here.