Thursday, February 3, 2011

What can PAS do to help the Malaysia students in Egypt?

PAS leaders only talk big. They love to brag but no action.

By the way, will DAP be lending any supporting hand to help those Malaysian students stranded in Egypt?

Communist will not give a shit about what happen to you stupid fuckers supporting communists.

In fact, if you die, they will be happier because they hate stupid people like you.

They want to be the government of Malaysia, but they did not put enough candidate to even ensure that they can win simple majority, which is 112 seats.

Before this, they only contested in 66 seats. So, PAS supporters, learn how to count before becoming Mat Jenin on what they will do once they rule Malaysia.

So, I want to ask PAS followers or supporters, what is PAS doing to help the Malaysian students stranded in Egypt?

People who talk big can only do that. Talk and no action.

For those supporting PAS and Pakatan Rakyat, ask for help from them okay?

Don't be an ungrateful bastards or bitches that will condemn the government, but when it comes to crises like these will ask for help from the government that they hated and condemned.

UMNO should help UMNO supporters first than helping ungrateful students supporting the opposition.

They should ask for help from the opposition if they are so adamant in supporting Fuckatan Riot.

Fuckatan Riot is not capable of helping them even if they ask for their help.

So, if they can't do any fucking thing to help you, why the fuck are you voting or supporting them for?

Only stupid people will vote in stupid leaders in Fuckatan Riot who is incapable of helping their supporters in time of need.

P/S : Let us help those who support us first rather than helping those ungrateful bastards and bitches.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy Chinese New Year to all of my Chinese readers.

Happy holidays to others.
Drive safely back to your hometowns if you are driving back.

Don't drink and drive.