Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prison labour

Our government should consider making the prisoners work for their free meals. Don't just feed them 3 meals a day without they having to work for it. This will make them lazy and fat and make them living more comfortably than living outside.

This move of making the prisoners work could decrease the need for foreign workers.

How could the government be spending millions if not billions a year for free to give food to the prisoners? They should work for it to get their food and minimum pay.

In Malaysia, as at 2002, there are a total of 83 prisoners serving imprisonment for life. 16 serving natural life sentences, 7 being detained in prisons at the pleasure of the Ruler and a total of 66 prisoners who are on death-row.

Prisons in Malaysia are seriously overcrowded. As at 2004, the Malaysian Prisons Department Statistics show that there are a total of 42,183 prisoners in Malaysian prisons, with more than 10,000 prisoner accommodated well beyond the handling capabilities of the prison system.

Just calculate how much is spent by the government if per day they had to spend RM30(3 meals a day) on each prisoner's meal per day. 42, 183 X RM30 X 365 days = RM461,903,850.

RM461,903,850 for the year 2004. Now it's already 2010 and surely that cost is higher due to the inflation.

We should make the prisoners work so that they could give back to the country even though they are rotting in prison. They are rotting there for indulging in crime. Therefore, they should be made to work to earn money for the free food given to them.

The government should not be their keeper, giving them free food and wasting the tax payer's money to feed the criminals. They should be made to work for it. Better still, if they work in the construction industry so that the foreign workers used in that industry could be decreased drastically.

Most of those caught doing illegal activities are used to be doing work illegally and they got easy money by blackmailing others, by being gangster members, indulging in illegal betting, etc.

Make those suckers work hard for the free meal that they had received in prison so far. It is so unfair to let them be fat there without doing any work to benefit the society.

Most of us are working hard to earn a day's living, we pay taxes and those taxes are being used to pay for the free meals of the criminals. This should not be the way. The prisoners should work hard for their meals too.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bravo UiTM. Keep up the good work and continue to do so.

UiTM or Mara Universiti of Technology (its initial was jokingly mentioned as Universiti Ini Tolong Melayu by some racist kiasu who are unsatisfied with the government's aim to help raise the education standard of the Malays) had been established in 1956. Ignore the racists kiasus because they would love to see an uneducated Bumiputera which they can ride on like a cow.

Who else will help the Malays if the government does not help them because other races including the racists kiasus who are rich will never lift a finger for someone who is not of their own race.

We have to study and continue to do so regardless of our age because Islam promotes studying and the importance of it even by the first verse Iqra which was given to our prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

UiTM is Malaysia's premier institution of higher learning that has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception in 1956. The university has expanded nationwide with 4 satellite campuses, 15 branch campuses, 9 city campuses and 19 affiliated colleges. With this vast network and a workforce of 15 000, the university offers more than 300 unparalleled academic programmes in a vibrant and inclusive environment. It is also home to almost 120,000 students comprising of only bumiputeras.

Therefore, the news in Bernama titled "UiTM offers needy workers diploma courses for free" dated 28th June 2010 is a good news indeed.

Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, the Higher Education Minister had announced that Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) if offering needy workers the chance to pursue diploma courses for free through long distance and off-campus programmes nationwide.

Eligible workers will have to undergo a pre-diploma programme first before they would be offered suitable diploma courses based on their results and will be opened to all needy workers regardless of age as part of the UiTM's corporate social responsibility (CSR).

60,000 new students registered at the UiTM this semester bringing the total number of students nationwide to 160,000.

UiTM enrolled about 5,000 students from poor families, who did not fare well in their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) for a six-month pre-diploma programme for free at its campuses nationwide.

This programme should be continued every year so that poor students from needy family will have the chance for a betterment of their lives because only education will provide that for them.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't give in to unreasonable demands

The Indonesian government is too much when they are asking a minimum wage for the Indonesian maid.

In a report by The Star dated 9th June 2009, Dai Bachtiar who is the Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia said that the minimum pay of RM600 a month will be implemented in September.

Hello! The maid are only a person that helps around the house. They are uneducated and some of them are lazy and acted like a mem in the house and will not listen to the instructions of the employer.

This normally happens when they live with a Malay family. When they live with a Chinese family, the Chinese employer will make them work from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. which should be the way to teach these ungrateful maids.

Dai Bachtiar compared the rates with the rates paid in Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong which is RM900 and RM1,300 respectively. If they are so keen on working elsewhere that pays better, then go ahead. Nobody is stopping them to do that.

Malaysian employers have to pay up to RM8,000 for each maid and some of the maid are lazy like cows and some of them will run away from home due to their laziness that they would even leave behind their passports.

So, think what will happen is the maids are allowed to hold their own passport? The government should use their brain more and think about this, not just give in to whatever silly demands of the Indonesian government.

Senator Parlindungan Purba, the Indonesian Entrepreneur Association president, said a minimum wage of RM450 a month is sufficient for Indonesian maids in Malaysia.

If the Indonesian government is adamant for the maids to be paid a minimum wage of RM600, then maybe the Malaysian employer should CONSIDER DEDUCTING THE COST OF ROOM RENT (RM350), THE COST OF ELECTRICITY (RM50), THE COST OF FOOD (RM100) AND OTHER COSTS. All of that costs money and it is not fair if only the employer have to bear the burden of the extra charges. What do you think of that?

Now most of the maids are living free of charge with the employer, so if the Indonesian government are so demanding, that is what the Malaysian government and the Malaysian employers should do.

Click here to read more.

The Malaysian government should not be too lenient with the Indonesian government because the maids are the ones who should not be demanding too much since they cannot get that much pay or any work in their own country.

RM358.34 is equivalent to Indonesian Rupiah of 1 million. So even if the maid work as maids, if they keep their money after working for instance 10 years, they will go back and live like billionaires in their own country.

So what more are they demanding? Even a new graduate working in Malaysia cannot possibly be a millionaire after working 10 years.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another one has left Anwar Ibrahim

It looks like Putrajaya is getting further and further away from Anwar Ibrahim with the latest announcement by Eddy Berhan Ruslan, 51, Deputy division chief of the Tawau PKR that he has quit the party to join, UMNO.

Muahahahaha. Where is the 30 MPs propogated by Anwar that he said wants to join Pakatan Rakyat?

PKR had run out of ideas in fighting for the people he said when he explained why he decided to join UMNO.

PKR is now looking more and more to be only championing the rights of a homosexual who sodomises his coffee boy rather than the rights of the people.

So why should the people vote for PKR the next time?


Some questions:

1. Which party will you vote for in the next general election?

2. Why?

3. What can be done by UMNO and BN to ensure the 2/3 majority in the 13th general election?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Spit on the Malay Liberal called KJ!

Perkasa Presiden Datuk Ibrahim Ali had been so pissed off with the gall of Khairy Jamaluddin siding with Wee Ka Siong that he had called for the resignation as the member of parliament for "sacrificing the honour of his own race".

By the way, anyone heard the news about Maya Karin going to the Syariah Court? Surely this has something to do with the marriage problem she is having. Anyone going to Syariah Court normally has something to do with DIVORCE.

Maya Karin and her husband Steven David Shorthose (whose Muslim name is Muhammad Ali) denied rumours of divorce. Does the marriage problem brewing between them exists but we will wait and see if their marriage is on the rocks because of KJ who had been rumoured to be having an affair with the beautiful actress?

Wee Ka Siong had been so disrespectful by asking whether MARA scholarship will be done as the JPA scholarship. That is the implied statement done so smoothly so that he can deny he had been racist. But the truth that is staring right at your face is that, he is just as racist as the racist kiasu in DAP although he is the MCA Youth Chief.

“If the government is only doing away with the PSD scholarships but retain the Mara scholarships, this will not be in line with the 1 Malaysia concept that the government is promoting,” he was quoted as saying.

On June 25th, Malaysian Insider had published an article titled "KJ calls Ibrahim Ali a jaguh kampung".

“He (Ibrahim) is a jaguh kampung in a world of globalisation. Which era is he in? He has become a hindrance to the concept of 1 Malaysia,” the Umno Youth Chief said in a posting on Twitter today.

Who the bloody hell is he to call Datuk Ibrahim Ali a small timer? Khairy Jamaluddin is a butt fuckers' supporter and only acting to be attacking the butt fucker, Anwar Ibrahim. Moreover, you are just like Anwar who is the Jew agent.

Come on KJ. Everybody except those who are your butt licker and proxies whom I am sure you are paying heftily are demanding that you resign from UMNO since you are not doing anything to improve the support of the youth since you are so busy defending racist kiasus in BN.

Read more of the statement by Datuk Ibrahim Ali here.

We should either spit or shit on KJ. Cast your vote. Muahahahah.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Forwards. What do you think?

Being a graduate debtor gives me sleepless nights

I AM among the thousands who benefited from the government's National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loans during my varsity years in the late 1990s.

Today, I am a journalist. Though my pay is not lucrative - I cannot afford a car, nor do I own a house, a BlackBerry, or a gym membership - I love my job.

I was an average student in school but I scored Grade 1 with four A's in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination. That did not get me a seat in a public university or a scholarship. But I got a place at a reputable private university in the country.

But when I saw the steep tuition fees, I wanted to throw the offer letter into the dustbin. I got ready to do Form Six and had even bought my uniform.

However, my family made a big deal of it as I was the first to be offered a seat in university.

I spoke to my seniors who were not offered a place in a public university and those who went to "affordable" universities to pursue a course that they were not passionate about. I heard tonnes of sad stories.

Then one day, my father rushed home with a newspaper article that said undergraduates would be eligible for loans from PTPTN.

And my life changed forever.

I took the loan and I am grateful to the government for providing me and my friends this assistance.

PTPTN loaned me RM49,500. Since I started working, I have been trying to repay my loan as much as I can every month.

I give a fair sum to my elderly parents who do not have any other form of income, pay for my rented place in the city, and rely solely on public transport.

Now I pay PTPTN more than the required sum a month. But I still owe RM49,839. I did not pay the required monthly sum from the beginning because I couldn't afford it.

I was among the many who were recently sent notices to pay up our overdue payments within 14 days or face the law. My overdue payments to date is more than RM4,000.

That gave me sleepless nights. Even while I was hospitalised for influenza A (H1N1), I was thinking about it.

It's exhausting, but I plan to repay what I owe with my bonus, plus all my little savings. I hope I do not get a lawyer's notice before that.

I believe PTPTN is the reason why many of my friends and I from middle- and low-income families could attend university.

I'm from a small town and so are many of my friends. We believe in repaying our loans. Please do not stereotype all of us.

Most of us are not in multi-level marketing businesses, do not have much in the bank or posh cars parked at our houses.

You might suggest that I should ask my parents to mortgage their only asset, their house, to finance my education. But most of us would rather not go to university if it came to that.

In fact, many people told me not to go to university but get a job because my parents might not be able to pay my tuition fees, and that bank loans came with very high interest rates.

PTPTN rewrote my fate. The fund gave people like me the opportunity to have a quality education.

Most of us found it hard to get part-time jobs while at university. Even when we did, it was tough balancing studies and coursework.

We all had bad hairdos and some guys rarely visited the barber. I remember waiting for the loan to be banked into my account just so that I could get a haircut.

I had friends who had several siblings studying in university at the same time. How could their parents afford their education without the help of PTPTN?

So I urge former students who took the loans to get their act together and repay what they owe.

You must repay your loan. You might be denying others their dreams by not repaying your study loan.

Parents, too, could be more farsighted and plan for their children's education.

Though education up to the secondary level in this country is virtually free, most parents are still in the dark as to how much higher education can cost.

I hold no grudge against my parents for not financing my education and making me a debtor the minute I graduated because they did everything they possibly could.

But I will plan ahead for my children's education and think of ways to settle my PTPTN loan now.

I saw this on PTPTN's website: "Elakkanlah dirimu dari berhutang kerana hutang itu akan menjadikan dirimu hina pada waktu siang dan gelisah pada waktu malam - Luqman Al-Hakim."

It means one should avoid having loans because one will be ostracised in the day and have sleepless nights.

I think PTPTN debtors are going through this now.

I say:

Every successful person now had been using loan money from PTPTN. The government had given the loan to help the students so that they can graduate with flying colours.

Pay the loan when you have a steady job. When you are facing trouble, just write to them to explain to them why you had postponed your payment. I am sure that PTPTN will not be that cruel if they understand the trouble that you are facing. The thing is that most students have not done that and are escaping their responsibility to pay the loan after they had graduated.

Don't be an ungrateful brat who simply forgets the government's help towards you. If you don't pay the loan, you are denying new students to get the loan since the government can't get back what they had invested in you.

The present Barisan Nasional government wasted, spent more money to their families and cronies than to the people. Plundering of the rakyats' money are through CORRUPTIONS, FAILED GLCs PROJECTS BUT NO ONE REPRIMANDED (the irony is that the companies are in bad shape with many failed ventures but the Directors are rich. I wonder whether their conscience is clear or not or maybe they dont have any conscience at all), ABUSE OF POWER IN THE GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION, TAKING COMMISSION FROM GOVERNMENT PURCHASES WHEN THE PURCHASES CAN BE DEALT DIRECTLY WITHOUT HAVING TO GO THROUGH A 3RD PARTY ACTUALLY, EXESSIVELY JACKED UP PRICES IN GOVERNMENT PROJECTS TO COVER COMMISSIONS BUT THE END PRODUCTS ARE SUB-STANDARDS eg COLLAPSED BUILDINGS, CRACKED HIGHWAYS, etc etc etc.
We as a nation and people are moving towards bankcruptcy in economy, politics, moral and everything else. We are not building a good civilisation with this present government.
They are BARISAN PEROMPAK actually not barisan nasional.
Come next election be it by (buy) election or general election,

Flashback of the manifesto

I say :

How can you be sure that Pakatan Rakyat will be better since they had not even realised their empty general election promises to the people of Selangor? Even the 20 ml free water promised to the people cannot be fulfilled. What more the money promised to single mothers, old folks, students, Selangor born child etc.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Racist kiasu including KJ can go to hell

Datuk Ibrahim Ali was right in accusing Wee as being racist. Khairy Jamaludin should just keep his filthy mouth shut since he seems to be favouring other races rather than siding with his own.

We don't want a Malay liberal like him since the Malay race who represents the majority of the Malaysian population are still not in control of the economy of their own country.

Oh! And by the way, congratulations KJ for not getting any nomination to continue his successful duty in FAM. Bravo KJ! That is the proof of how much you are loved by all.

What would be the most perfect is if the UMNO Youth does not nominate him to be the UMNO Youth Chief who so far, had been so very successful in bringing in the youths to support UMNO.

MCA Youth Chief Wee Ka Siong should ask the richer Chinese that represents 8 out of the 10 names of the richest men in Malaysia to set up scholarship funds to help their own race instead of trying to be racist.

Therefore, this means that the Chinese are in control of the economy of Malaysia. The richer Chinese should help the poorer Chinese.

"This is not the first time that he has questioned the Malay rights. He once described the resolutions reached at the Bumiputera Economic Congress on May 29, in which Perkasa was a participant, as primitive," Tok Him said.

Don't be fooled by the Chinese in MCA and Gerakan since lately they are showing their true colours of echoing what had been said by the Chinese in DAP.

Anwar kacau bini orang

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Harsher penalties towards foreign students involved in crimes

Nigerians in our country or better known as 'gagak hitam' is a pest to our beloved country security since most of them are involved in crimes involving various cases such as kidnapping, love scams, robbery and others.

Our government agencies such as the immigration deparment should not be too quick in giving in visas to foreign students because some of them are only using it just as a pretext to enter our country just as revealed by the police that some foreign students have negative influence that they are promoting JI to our local students in the universities.

These are the examples of the crimes committed by the Nigerians.

Bernama in their report titled "Police bust Nigerian kidnapping syndicate" dated 21st June 2010 revealed that the police had smashed a syndicate masterminded by Nigerians involved in the kidnapping of a 28-year-old student of a private university in Cyberjaya, believed to be the son of a Nigerian politician.

He was abducted by the roadside in that area at 8.30 pm on 23rd May and confined to the house.

Read more here .

"The family transferred RM30,000 into the victim's bank account in Malaysia and he was released yesterday in Cyberjaya at 1.30am. He sustained minor injuries and underwent treatment at the Serdang Hospital.

"Following his release and public tip-offs, police conducted a raid on the house and detained the suspects aged in their 20s and 30s,"

"Further investigations also reveal that the suspects may have been involved in another kidnapping case, following the release of a female Nigerian student who said it could have been the same people who had abducted her.

"We urge other victims to come forward and lodge a police report to help us in the investigations. We believe there are kidnapping cases in other states involving the same suspects," Selangor acting CID chief ACP Omar Mamah said.

Another victim from the same university was kidnapped on Feb 18th on 4 pm and was held by suspects for a ransom of US$15,000 (RM45,000).

"The woman, in her 20s, was released on Feb 24 after a payment of RM10,000 was made to her bank account in Malaysia," he added.

On 22nd June 2010, New Straits Times reported an article titled "11 Nigerians and 3 local women held over love scam".

Another gang consisting of 11 Nigerians who had courted 111 single women through Internet social networking sites before cheating them of their money to retrieve "special gifts" from Britain.

If you have a working brain, you will think that a gift is something that we will not have to pay for. Why should we pay anything to get something that someone sends to us? Don't be a desperado that believes any crap from anyone you know from the internet when you had not even met them and cannot determine their honesty.

The suspects were studying in private colleges while some are unemployed with one Nigerian studying in University Sains Malaysia and has a Malaysian wife.

I can't believe that Malaysian women are so desperate to marry that they would grab any black crow and assist them in committing crimes. What kind of stupidity is that?

Readers can read more here .

Most women are now independant and don't need to complicate their lives by getting involved with crime prone men. Where is your self-respect if you have to stoop that low?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Double standard and communist nature of DAP

DAP the racist kiasu party wants defecting DAP members to pay the penalty for breaching a contract which they had signed. Can they come up with a solid proof that they signed a contract?

This proves how biased and double-standard they are when they are quiet like a mouse hiding from a cat when Anwar Ibrahim propogated 16 September agenda 2 years back.

Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong, who was the most recent MP to quit Parti Keadilan Rakyat and become independent, insisted that DAP’s action was a form of blackmail.

“It is indeed blackmail, and I’m also sure it’s unlawful to impose such rules,” said Wee.

“When MPs take their oath in Parliament, they are pledging their service and loyalty to the rakyat.”

Barisan Nasional Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin also agreed with the blackmail notion. “Yes, clearly it’s blackmail,” said the Rembau MP.

Oh my God! Can you just shut up? I am sick with hearing stupid statements from this stinking asshole. Stop pretending to be so good like an angel with no fault at all when you are a devil in disguise. I am vomitting hearing those words coming out of your stinking mouth.

Ngeh said Malim Nawar State assemblyman Keshwinder Singh, who had on the same day quit the party to become independent, would have to fork out the RM5 million compensation or face legal action.

Ngeh also said Jelapang assemblyman Datuk Hee Yit Foong who quit the party last year, the first in DAP to do so, will also have to pay up.

DAP had just proven that they are the biggest pharaoh of all, double-standard and biased, and far from being fair as propogated in their objective and statement of DAP.

Lastly, an out of the topic statement from me is, BRAVO TO THE POLICE FORCE FOR ARRESTING THOSE INVOLVED IN ILLEGAL BETTING because they are surely being bold and did that because before this, the police action of catching them is not publicise.

We cannot allow those who act against the law to roam free because this is not a communist country.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Warning Minister should not be a Minister

I am not so sure whether I can believe the words from Hishammuddin Hussein. The Home Minister had only been giving warnings to people that makes trouble but so far no stern action is being taken just yet.

This Home Minister should be better well-known as a warning Minister rather than the Home Minister for not imposing any Internal Security Act (ISA) since he held that post.

"The security of the country is under control and free from any threat from terrorists. We carry out surveillance 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year to ensure the safety of the nation," he said.

That was his comment on the reports that terrorist groups had been planning to attack places of worships in Selangor and Penang.

Since DAP had been so great that they had form their own 'police force' in the version of the communist that they are, why the hell are they still being dependant on the police force?

They are attacking the credibility of the police force in any way that they can, but when problem arises they will go running to the police to ask for help.

DAP is just like Parti Komunis Malaya being renamed as DAP to hide the fact of their communist doctrine.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Israel is proving that they are the real terrorist

On 19th June 2010, The Jerusalem Post published an article titled "Next flotilla will be stopped".

The UN was told by the Israel that it will not allow the Lebanese flotilla into Gaza.

Israeli ambassador to the UN, Gabriela Shalev sent a letter declaring that intend of stopping the new flotilla of ships organized in Lebanon to break the naval blockade to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Shalev wrote that they will stop the flotilla by all means and called it an unnecessary provocation and reiteraed that Israel continued to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza at the land crossings from Israel.

According to AFP, Hizbullah an Islamist Lebanese group on Friday denied it was connected to an initiative to send to Gaza with only women activists on board.

As they tried to avoid giving the Israeli enemy any pretext to attack the participants Hizbullah leaders decided to stay away from this humanitaraian act in terms of organization, logistic support and participation.

However, I doubt it that Israel will just allow the flotilla to pass through without creating another reason as the Mavi Marvana supposedly carrying terrorist who had all been assassinated by the Israel commandos.

Charge irresponsible parents with child endangerment

Since 2004, more than 6,270 teenagers have been reported missing in Malaysia and out of these 4,620 of the missing children are teenage girls. However, the police statistics have revealed that in 2005, 71 girls who ran away from their homes were found death. In 2006, another 71 missing girls’ bodies were found. In 2007, there were 3,246 reports lodged with the police for missing girls.

Between January 2004 and May 2005, 4,237 of the 6,270 missing children, mostly teenagers, were found and returned to their home. However, during the same period, a total of 149 girls under the age of nine were also reported missing.

Statistics of missing children in Malaysia reveal that since 2004, a total of 5,996 children under the age of 18 went missing from their homes. Other than 1,904 children, the rest subsequently returned home or were found and returned home by the police. The majority of children the 1,904 children still missing are girls and they are aged between 14 years and 17 years.

In 2008, between January 1 and April 13, 303 children and teenagers below the age of 18 have been reported missing in Malaysia according to the Deputy Internal Security Minister of Malaysia.

In Malaysia, under Section 33 of the Child Act 2001 , any person who, being a parent or guardian or person having the care of a child, leaves that child

(i)without providing reasonably for the child’s supervision and care;
(ii) for a period which is unreasonable having regard to the circumstances; or
(iii)under conditions which are unreasonable having regard to the circumstances,

commits an offence and shall be liable to a fine of up to RM5,000-00 or up to two years’ imprisonment, or both. Read more here.

Irresponsible parents should be charged for endangering the lives of their children. If they can't ensure the safety of their children in the first place, they are not fit to be parents.

Let us recall what happened to Nurin Jazlin, an eight-year old girl who was reported missing after she had gone to a night market located near her house in Section 1, Wangsa Maju to buy a hair clip on the night of 20th August 2007.

She is an underage minor. Now how could any parent let a child go out alone without being accompanied by an adult? This proves that their parents are irresponsible adults who had endangered their childs life. She was last seen being dragged into a white van and only God know what had happened to her during the 27 days (20th August 2007 - 16th September 2007) ordeal at the hands of some sadistic, psycopath, paedophile murderer who would torture an innocent child to death.

The latest is Nisha Chandramohan who went missing on June 4th 2010 and its already been 16 days now (till June 19th 2010). The parents went on to give a lame excuse that her 54-year-old grandaunt who is suffering from mental illness took her out for a walk.

Is that true? I am wondering how can a crazy person is free to do whatever she likes to do without the supervision of the sane parents watchful eyes?

A repeat of pathetic stories about how the missing girl needs medication for epilepsy. I remember hearing that one before. Let me think!

The girl is said to be a hypertension patient who is also suffering from kidney problems. (Referring to Nurin Jazlin as if the sadistic torturer care about her being sick).

"I fear that she may be given the wrong medicine by whoever has her now,” Norazian,Bernama, 5 September 2007

Although the public pitied the irresponsible parents and pleaded for them not to be charged, I am pleading with the government to charge these irresponsible parents so that other parents will be more responsible not to let their child out of their sight without an adult supervision.

What is your views on this matter?

Lift the blockade in Gaza -Amnesty International

Amnesty International had called for Israel to lift the blockade on the coastal strip in Gaza.

It's website had published that the impose of a collective punishment of 1.4 million Palestinians is in clear violation of international law.

Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International Director for the Middle East and North Africa said that it is clear Israel does not intent to end its collective punishment of Gaza's civilian population but only ease it and that is not enough.

He also said that Israel should comply with its obligations as the occupying power under international law and immediately lift the blockade to reduce the dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

He noted that there is no mention of allowing exports to leave Gaza in the announcement. The banning of vast majority of exports, raw materials and the movement of the people had destroyed Gaza's economy and pushed the population into unemployment, poverty and dependency on aid agencies for survival.

The problems will not be solved if the blockade continued.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Send more flotillas to Gaza

The Free Gaza Movement had published an article dated 15th June 2010 titled "ICRC: Israel's Blockade Breaks the Law Free Gaza : Send More Ships".

For the first time, on 14th June 2010 the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) issued a statement that the Israel's blockade violates international humanitarian law that confirms what the Free Gaza Movement had been saying that the closure is illegal and states have neglected their obligation to uphold the Fourth Geneva Convention and compel Israel to end the deliberate strangulation of 1.5 million Palestinians locked in an open-air prison.

In the wee hours of May 31st, Israel launched an attack on the Freedom Flotilla, whic assassinated nine men and wounding over 50 human rights activists on all six boats in the flotilla.

Another voyage called Freedom Flotilla Two is being organized now since the Israel blockade are illegal and against the human rights of teh 1.5 million Palestinians that are being massacred daily.

Although The Free Gaza Movement had said that they are currently working with lawyers in a number of countries; including Turkey, the UK, the Netherlands, Israel (the terrorist nation) and the United States (the super power that is protecting the terrorist nation) to pursue legal action since the Israel attack the volunteers in international water, I doubt that would materialise.

Malaysia should also be a champion in pursuing this matter because we cannot just sit back and do nothing when our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters are being massacred everyday at the whim and fancies of the Israel terrorists.

On 17th June 2010, The Jerusalem Post published an article titled "Israel fears Lebanese 'fast' flotilla" which sounds a bit absurd. The Israel are not scared of anyone or anything as proven by the massacre of the unarmed volunteers they labelled as being related to terrorist to defend their cowardice act.

IDF is continuing to track the Iranian ships that is on its way to the Gaza Strip which had left Iran early this week and expected to reach Gaza as early as the weekend.

At the beginning of next week, another ship is scheduled to join it. The head of the Turkish organization IHH, Bulent Yildirim, announced on Wednesday that his organisation would send 6 more ships to Gaza in July.

All of the countries in the world should unite and each one should send one ship so that the Israel won't be able to stop them all. Now that is a good idea. Send thousands of flotillas at the same time. We will see how Israel can beat that.

Liar! Liar!

On June 16th 2010, Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed Hashim (Independent-Bayan Baru) had exposed to the public that Anwar Ibrahim should be called a chief liar.

"And I still remember during the height of the YB Elizabeth Wong's sex scandal issue, he (Anwar) called and briefed us that Wong must resign as state exco member and assemblywoman as he himself had not only seen the photograph but also the video clip of the sex act.

"But now Elizabeth Wong still holds the exco post but YB Kulim-Bandar Baru (Zulkifli Noordin) was sacked from the party for trying to protect Islam."

His statement was supported and backed up by MP Zulkifli Noordin (Independent Kulim Bandar Bahru) on Thursday 17th June 2010 who also claimed that Anwar Ibrahim told him that he had seen a sex video that involved Bukit Lanjan state representative Elizabeth Wong.

The satement was made during a briefing at Level 14 of the Parliament building last year.

“I was at the briefing where he told us that Wong had to resign because there was a sex video of her.

“That was why after the briefing I made a statement urging the Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to fire her,” Zulkifli told a press conference at the Parliament lobby.

Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohd Hashim who was at the press conference too said he was at the briefing and heart Anwar saying the same thing.

“He told us he had seen not only the photos (of Wong in compromising positions) but also a video,” he said.

Read more here and here.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Anwar and 50 dalil

"The CIA... have complete records of Anwar's visits to gay bars in Washington D.C. and New York whenever he visited the USA." (cia)

Lim Kit Siang (DAP) who is now the cohorts of Anwar Ibrahim, in September 2000 had called on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad to declare the outcome of the 3 years of police investigations as to whether Anwar is a CIA agent and to state whether the United Sates is the country he meant in a Merdeka Day message as the country out to 'recolonize' Malaysia.

Let us recall the book "50 dalil kenapa Anwar tidak boleh jadi PM". Read more below.

50 Dalil Mengapa Anwar
Tidak Boleh Jadi PM


Khalid Jafri

Mei 1998


Anwar Ibrahim mempunyai perasaan dendam yang kuat atau dipanggil DENDAM KESUMAT sama ada kawan atau lawan.

Dendam yang tak habis-habis terhadap Sanusi Junid, Rahim Tamby Chik, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan rami lagi menjadikan beliau tidak popular sebagai pemimpin.


Sikap menentang ketua menjadi amalan Anwar sejak aktif dalam UMNO pada tahun 1982. Pada tahun yang sama beliau menentang Suhaimi Kamaruddin untuk merebut jawatan Ketua Pemuda UMNO.


Sikap pecah dan perintah merupakan strategi Anwar untuk berkuasa dalam UMNO dan kerajaan. Beliau sanggup mengadudumbakan UMNO Kedah bila beliau wujudkan komplot menentang ura-ura Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir untuk melantik Sanusi Junid sebagai Menteri Besar Kedah.

Begitu juga beliau mengadakan tekanan terhadap Rahim Tamby Chik sehingga memaksanya meletakkan sebagai Ketua Menteri Melaka.


Anwar berani bersumpah untuk tidak menentang Ghaffar Baba bagi jawatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO, ternyata sumpah bohong yang dilaknati Allah SWT.

5 JAHANAMKAN Tun Dr. Mahathir

Bersumpah untuk menjahanamkan pimpinan Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir di depan Haji Sulaiman Palestin (Allahyarham) kerana ditahan ISA sewaktu Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir menjadi Menteri Pelajaran (Pendidikan).


Cakap tak serupa bikin merupakan amalan Anwar menjadi pemimpin. Kalau Anwar berucap anti politik wang maka bermakna Anwarlak bapak politik wang sewaktu menjelang pemilihan jawatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO tahun 1993.


Rasuah berlaku paling tinggi sewaktu Anwar menjadi Menteri Kewangan, jadi orang panggil Anwar Bapa Rasuah.


Anwar dari keluarga yang rosak. Bapanya Ibrahim Abd. Rahman mengambil orang gajinya sebagai isteri menyebabkan ibu Anwar Hajah Che Yan hidup tertekan dan mengidap lumpuh.

Mokhtar adik Anwar pula penagih dadah. Keluarga yang tidak begitu senang dulu sekarang menjadi kaya raya bila Anwar menjadi Menteri Kewangan.

Anwar telah melarikan anak dara orang untuk bernikah di Siam. Anwar tidak mendapat restu daripada Wan Ismail bapa Azizah sehingga Wan Ismail terpaksa mengeluarkan pistolnya untuk mengusir Anwar daripada memasuki rumahnya.

Akhirnya ibu Anwar mengambil inisiatif menikahkan Anwar dan Azizah dirumahnya, di Bukit Mertajam.

Sikap Anwar ini memperlihatkan betapa undang-undang, peraturan tata susila dan budaya Melayu dan Islam boleh diketepikan asal ia boleh memenuhi hawa nafsunya.


Semua orang heboh apabila rahsia Anwar main bontot pemandunya Azizan terbongkar.

Cerita hobi Anwar main bontot ini bukan perkara baru. Ia telah bermula sewaktu ia belajar di MCKK dan Universiti Malaya lagi. Ramai yang mahu ke depan untuk menceritakan kisah silam Anwar ini. Tunggulah.


Kisah bagaimana Anwar terlibat skandal seks dengan isteri orang – isteri Setiausaha Sulitnya Mohamad Azmin bin Ali yang bernama Puan Shamsidar Taharin telah dibongkar sendiri oleh aidk kepada Azmin iaitu Ummi Hafilda binti Ali.


Hasil dari hubungan seks dengan Shamsidar telah dikurniakan seorang cahayamata bernama Afifa. Anak ini menjadi kebanggaan Shamsidar kerana ia anak Pembesar Negara.


Anwar bukana sahaja lelaki curang terhadap isterinya tetapi pengamal homoseksual yang dilaknati Allah SWT.

Nama Anwar sendiri mentafsirakn Anwar suka bergaduh atau berperang. AN WAR bererti suatu perang dalam bahasa Inggeris, kerana itu hidupnya suka pada krisis, bergaduh, pertelingkahan dan berperang.


Sewaktu Anwar menjadi pemimpin ABIM dulu, prinsip agama Islam dijadikan asas perjuangannya untuk mencapai matlamat dalam politik.

Setelah menyertai UMNO, semua prinsip dan perjuangan Islam hanya sebagai topeng saja sedangkan perjuangan sebenarnya adalah sebaliknya.

Anwar menjadi munafik bila menjadi imam dan berkhutbah sembahyang Jumaat sedangkan dirinya tidak bersih, akhlak yang bergelumang dengan dosa. Bacaan surah kulya ayuhal ka firun pun dilafazkan salah. Ini komen para ulama sendiri. Anwar juga sering dilihat pakai kain sutera ketika menjadi imam.


Dari dosa-dosa nyata yang dilakukan oleh Anwar menjadi ia seorang mungkar bererti menderhaka kepada Allah SWT dan beliau tidak diberi restu dan rahmat untuk mentadbirkabn negara.


Semasa menjadi pemimpin ABIM dan pelajar Anwar lantang mengecam dan mengutuk habis-habisan UMNO dan para pemimpinnya tetapi tidak lama kemudian beliau menjelir lidahnya ke langit.


Sebenarnya Anwar merupakan pemimpin tanpa wawasan. Wawasannya dilihat cuma mahu menjadi kaya melalui rasuah, rampas kuasa melalui UMNO dan homoseks.


Walaupun Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir masih menjadi Perdana Menteri tetapi dalam banyak hal, Anwar membelakangkan kuasa tersebut dan memaparkan imejnya sendiri.

Contohnya beliau bertindak bersendirian dalam dasar-dasar luar yang telah diasaskan dengan baik oleh Menteri Luar Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Kerana itu terdapat pertentangan penyampaian Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir dan Pak Lah dengan beliau.

Anwar juga menggunakan Biro Tata Negara (BTN) untuk dijadikan alat politiknya.

20 JADI BONEKA AMERIKARamai orang terperanjat, kerajaan Amerika Syarikat telah menyambut ketibaan Anwar di Amerika sebagai sambutan negarawan nombor satu dengan tembakan meriam 21 das dan hamparan merah. Sedangkan Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir sendiri tidak pernah disambut demikian rupa.

Sambutan yang sama pernah diberi kepada Boris Yelstin, sedangkan Presiden Soviet Union waktu itu masih disandang oleh Gorbachev.

Tidak lama kemudian Soviet Union berpecah dan muncullah Boris Yelstin sebagai Presiden baru Russia.

Tidakkah Amerika Syarikat boleh melakukan demikian ke atas Malaysia? Macam-macam boleh berlaku dan macam-macam anggapan rakyat terhadap Anwar bila ditafsir persahabatan yang luar biasa ini. Adakah Anwar menjadi agen CIA?


Walaupun Anwar sebagai Menteri Kewangan, Malaysia gagal mempertahankan kedudukan ekonomi negara yang cemerlang sebelum beliau mengambilalih dan kemerosotan serta kegawatan terus menerus berlaku, namun penilaian Amerika Syarikat terhadap Anwar disebaliknya.

Baru-baru ini beliau telah dilantik sebagai Pengerusi Pembangunan IMF – Institusi Kewangan Amerika yang memberi pinjaman kepada negara-negara yang mengalami tekanan inflasi sperti yang dialami oleh Indonesia, Thailand dan Korea Selatan dengan syarat-syarat yang boleh mencekik leher negara-negara berkenaan.

Jadi Anwar bergelumang dengan institusi kafir yang mengamalkan riba – satu-satunya perniagaan yang dilaknat oleh Allah SWT.

Di Malaysia bolehlah diperbankan Islam dan segala urus niaga bank berjalan secara Islam, tetapi Anwar tidak boleh perbankan Islam IMF.


99% amalan hidup Anwar adalah pembohong.

Anwar pernah kata ABIM adalah diasaskan olehnya sendiri. Katanya ABIM berasal dari namanya Anwar bin Ibrahim. Sedangkan yang menubuhkan ABIM ialah Sanusi Junid dengan Prof. Nawawi Ghazali. Nawawi ialah Presiden pertama manakala Sanusi Naib Presiden.


Sebelum Anwar meninggalkan ABIM, beliau telah berikrar untuk mengABIMkan UMNO.

Kerana itu kita boleh menyaksikan ramai orang ABIM menyusup dalam UMNO menjadi Ketua, Timbalan, Naib Ketua dan AJK Bahagian dan Cawangan UMNO di merata tanahair.


Anwar tidak senang dengan keputusan membawa masuk semua anggota Parti 46 yag diketuai oleh Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, kerana itu ia berusaha menghalanginya dari semua peringkat supaya orang 46 tidak mendapat tempat dalam bahagian-bahagian UMNO.

Sebagai pemimpintentulah tidak sihat mempunyai hasad dengki sedangkan anggota 46 mempunyai tekad yang ikhlas membubarkan partinya dan menyertai semula UMNO.


Siapa juga yang dianggap kuat walaupun mereka banyak berjasa kepada UMNO. Anwar akan mencari jalan untuk mengenepikan mereka dan meletakkan orang-orangnya.

Antara yang menjadi mangsanya ialah Ghaffar Baba, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Sanusi Junid, Rahim Tamby Chik, Mohamad Hj. Taib, Anuar Musa dan Daim Zainuddin sendiri.


Ghaffar dan Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir merupakan dua tunggak UMNO yang sama-sama menubuhkan UMNO dalam tahun 1946.

Kalay Ghaffar menjadi Timbalan Presiden UMNO dan Timbalan Perdana Menteri adalah wajar, setelah berjuang lama dalam UMNO barulah merasa jawatan tersebut.

Tetapi Anwar yang baru masuk UMNO menjulang naik dengan menghumban orang-orang ynag yang banyak berjasa kepada agama, bangsa dan negaranya.

Ghaffar rasa terhina oleh sikap kurang ajar Anwar. Sepatutnya ini menjadi satu pengajaran kepada orang-orang UMNO yang mengikuti sejarah perjuangan orang Melayu dan parti UMNO. Sikap hormat menghormati harus menjadi amalan kita semua.


Jika sekiranya seorang pemimpin mempunyai sikap hipokrat maka ia mendedahkan kesilapan pada dirinya sehingga meletakkan mertabatnya begitu rendah. Sikap ini dipunyai oleh Anwar Ibrahim.


Amalan yang dilaknati Allah SWT sebagai pengamal main bontot (homoseksual) meletakkan keperibadian Anwar begitu rendah dan kerektornya menjadi rakus dalam semua hal.


Anwar sejak diangkat jadi Menteri lagi sudah mula melupakan kehidupannya sebagai pejuang Islam. Beliau mengharungi kehidupan yang bercanggah dengan prinsip perjuangannya dulu. Kalau boleh beliau mahu berkuasa secara autokrat.

Sewaktu menjadi Menteri Pelajaran, beliau pernah diundang merasmikan sebuah Sekolah Kebangsaan di Masjid Tanah, Melaka. Tetapi sedihnya beliau menjawab “apa perlu saya datang”.


Walaupun Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir masih menjadi Perdana Menteri, Anwar sudah berlagak macam Perdana Menteri.

Kenyataan Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir mengenai satu-satu projek atau isu sering dinafikan oleh Anwar atau membuat kenyataan yang bertentangan.


Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian dan TV3 berada di bawah telunjuk Anwar. Berdecak saja Anwar, maka sudah jadi berita utama media-media tersebut.

Walaupun Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir berucap lebih bernas akan ditempatkan barisan kedua atau muka dalam.


Menerusi media-media tersebut akan memfitnahkan seseorang pemimpin sehingga mereka tidak diberi peluang untuk membela diri.

Contohnya mangsa mereka ialah Rahim Tamby Chik, walaupun tidak pernah didakwa atau dihukum di Mahkamah, tetapi Rahim terang-terang dituduh rasuah dan hubungan seks dengan gadis di bawah umur.


Kalau kita amati dahi Anwar ternyata pesek. Menurut ahli Fung Shui orang berdahi pesek tidak akan menjadi pemimpin agung atau pemimpin nombor satu.


Buku gelombang yang ditulis oleh Anwar menggambarkan hidup Anwar sentiasa berada dalam arus gelombang.


Sebelum Anwar menjadi Menteri Kewangan, nilai ringgit kita ialah RM2.20 berbanding dengan US$1.00. Tetapi sekarang kedudukan telah berubah RM3.90 berbanding US$1.00.

Akibatnya barangan dapur meningkat sehingga 60%.

Sepatutnya perlantikan Anwar sebagai Pengerusi Pembangunan IMF boleh mempengaruhi kenaikan nilai ringgit tetapi ia semakin turun.


Kegawatan ekonomi negara berlarutan sehingga sekarang akibat kerugian dialami oleh Bank Negara dari RM10.1 bilion hingga RM12.8 bilion.

Peranan Bank Negara sepatutnya tidak terlibat dengan perjudian (niaga wang) tetapi memelihara reserve negara.

Bank Negara telah dikelaskan sebagai “big bully” dalam pasaran pertukaran asing sehingga mengalami kerugian yang amat besar.

Akibatnya pelabur-pelabur pertukaran asing dari Eropah dan Amerika Syarikat mendendami peranan Malaysia dan mereka bertindak balas menjadikan matawang Malaysia sebagai sasarannya.

Namun sebagai Menteri Kewangan Anwar hanya berupaya memberitahu rakyat bahawa kita hanya rugi di atas kertas saja.

Inilah standard Menteri Kewangan kita, orang yang tidak pernah menceburi bidang ekonomi diberi tugas kewangan, semakin lingkuplah wang negara.


Anwar hanya berkelulusan Kesusastraan Melayu Universiti Malaya. Itupun tak lulus tahun pertama.

Beliau tidak ada pengetahuan langsung di bidang perniagaan dan ekonomi yang boleh diharapkan menjaga dan menguruskan kewangan negara.


Dari keluarga yang tidak mewah, Pak Ibrahim sekarang boleh kahwin satu lagi. Kalau kedua-dua isteri tak bagi, lari saja ke Siam – ikut stail Anwar.

Rani, abang Anwar dulu muflis tapi sekarang bukan main kaya lagi, berkepit ke sana sini dengan Ku Yah.

Wan Ismail mertua Anwar yang dulu nak tembak Anwar kerana larikan anaknya Azizah, sekarang bukan main angguk dengan menantu yang tersayang.

Wan Ismail pun dapat habuan yang besar dengan 30 juta saham bernilai RM90 juta.


Bayangkan kalau Anwar jadi Perdana Menteri nanti? Beliau bukan saja bawa Malaysia papa kedana dan keluarganya menjadi kaya raya tetapi kerakusan Anwar bermaharajalela. Habislah bontot anak remaja kena main.

Menteri Belia dan Sukan terpaksa adakan senarai setiap minggu, menyediakan remaja-remaja jambu untuk habuan Anwar.

Habislah Menteri-Menteri sekarang disingkirkan. Siapa yang hulur bontot dialah jadi Menteri.

Syed Hussein Al-Attas (penulis yang bukan professor) tak mungkin terima jawatan dari Anwar kerana beliau bukan homo, bukan pula kaki kebas isteri orang. Syed Hussein juga ada maruahnya sendiri. Lain kalau hulur fulus kebas saja bib! Mereka kebas lagi banyak, tak terkira.


Menurut berita Buletin Utama bahawa di ibukota sekarang ini terdapat 20,000 orang lelaki yang terlibat dalam skandal homoseksual.

Bilangan tersebut bertambah dari masa kesemasa dan di khuatiri ibukota akan bertukar menjadi kampung Sadum di Palestine di mana hampir seluruh masyarakatnya mengamalkan homo.

Kaum Nabi Lut ini langsung tidak mendengar nasihat Nabi Lut bahawa perbuatan mereka adalah dilaknati Allah SWT.

Akhirnya Allah SWT musnahkan seluruh daerah Sadum dan mematikan hamoir keseluruhan manusia durjana kecuali Nabi Lut dan beberapa kerat pengikut yang beriman.

Kita khuatir jika bilangan pengamal homo ini semakin ramai dan tidak boleh dikawal lagi maka Tuhan akan melaknatkan penghuninya menjadi punah ranah.

Yang peliknya bukan tidak ada kaum wanita cantik di Sadum tetapi lelaki juga yang dicari. Kelebihan pada Anwar pula dia boleh kebas depan belakang, lebih teror dari kaum Lut.


Dengan penglibatan skandal dengan isteri orang, homoseksual, rasuah, salah guna kuasa, jadi boneka Amerika Syarikat, menopengkan agama Islam dan berbagai lagi, maka Anwar menjadi pemimpin tidak popular dan akan membawa porak peranda bukan saja kepada ahli UMNO tetapi seluruh rakyat Malaysia.


Sebelum Anwar menajadi Menteri Kewangan, ramai orang Melayu menikmati kesenangan dan kekayaan. Tetapi bila Anwar ganti Daim Zainuddin, orang Melayu jatuh miskin. Selama lima tahun mereka tunggu dengan sabar agar kemelesatan ekonomi dapat dipulihkan tetapi rezeki yang ditunggu masih tidak tiba.

Lebih lama Anwar jadi Menteri Kewangan, orang Melayu akan menjadi papa. Yang kaya bertambah kaya ialah kaum keluarga Anwar sendiri.


Malaysia dikenali di mata dunia kerana populariti Perdana Menterinya Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

Dalam waktu yang singkat Malaysia akan berhijrah dari dunia ketiga kepada negara maju.

Konsep Wawasan 2020 menjadikan Malaysia negara dengan rakyat yang makmur dan bersatupadu.

Apakah impian kita ini tercapai andaikata Anwar menjadi Perdana Menteri nanti?

Ramai yang meramalkan nasib masa depan negara akan gelap di bawah Anwar.


Dalam keadaan ekonomi yang merosot, Anwar masih berupaya menyusun strategi politiknya untuk berkuasa dengan agenda bagaimana untuk menumbangkan Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir.

Anwar mahu semua general dan leftenannya bertanding sebagai Ketua, Timbalan, Naib Ketua, AJK, Ketua Pemuda dan Ketua Wanitadalam peringkat bahagian baru-baru ini.

Malangnya strategi Anwar ini menghadapi kebuntuan kerana beberapa peraturan majlis Tertinggi UMNO.

Jadi kebanyakan yang menduduki jawatan-jawatan penting bahagian bukan kalangan mereka yang menyokong Anwar.

Kalau strategi Anwar ini berhasil (sebelum Peraturan MT) maka beliau berhasrat mahu menentang Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir dalam pemilihan 1999. Anwar mahu Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir K.O di tangannya.


Kerana kemewahan wang yang dimiliki oleh Anwar dan orang-orangnya, maka menyebabkan setiap calonnya dalam pertandingan bahagian pasti menang.

Dalam pemilihan Ketua Bahagian UMNO Langkawi tahun 1995, orang-orang Anwar tabur wang macam nak rak, semata-mata mahu hapuskan kemenangan Sanusi Junid.

Pengaruh wang yang amat kuat menyebabkan Sanusi tewas di tangan Abu Bakar Taib Ahli Parlimen Langkawi.

Begitu di Melaka baru-baru ini, akibat politik wang, Rahim Tamby Chik mengalami kekalahan untuk jawatan Ketua Bahagian Kota Melaka.


Tatatertib Melayu adalah tatatertib kehidupan Islam. Perjuangan Islamlah menjadi asas perjuangan Anwar sewaktu dalam ABIM.

Tetapi bila jadi Menteri, adat kesopanan yang diamalkan selama ini terus hilang. Anwar dirakamkan makan mencangkung di khalayak ramai dan makan bersepit di depan Perdana Menteri.


Perdana Menteri Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir terlalu berlembut dengan Anwar walaupun Anwar sanggup memijak kepala.

Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir mencari jalan bagaimana untuk mengawal kewangan negara supaya perbelanjaannya dapat di atur tidak diboroskan oleh Anwar.

Kerana itu Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir membentuk Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Negara (MTEN) dimana Daim Zainuddin menjadi Pengarah Eksekutifnya.


Sepatutnya Anwar harus sedar bahawa penubuhan MTEN adalah satu tamparan kepadanya kerana kredibilitinya dalam menyelenggarakan kewangan negara diragui.

Kalau Anwar mempunyai hemat dan bermoral tinggi, sepatutnya ia meletakkan jawatan sebagai Menteri Kewangan.


Perpaduan UMNO dan orang Melayu yang selama ini berjalan baik dan stabil akan hancur sekiranya Anwat tetap dipilih sebagai Perdana Menteri.

Ini didasarkan dari fakta-fakta yang dibentangkan dalam buku ini.


Akhirnya amanat dari Haji Sulaiman Palestin kepada Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir sebelum beliau meninggal dunia.

Anwar banyak berguru kepada Allahyarham yang merupakan bapa saudaranya. Haji Sulaiman yang merupakan tokoh veteran UMNO banyak mengetahui rahsia dan kelemahan Anwar.

Dr. Tun Dr. Mahathir dicadangkan oleh beliau supaya memilih Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sebagai Perdana Menteri kalau mahu melihat UMNO selamat.

Continue with PPSMI

The Malay language is the official language of Malaysia. However, why is it that many Chinese, Indians and other minorities cannot converse well in Malay? Malaysia should implement that every Malaysian should be able to converse well in Malay. Those who failed to do that, should go back to their respective countries a.s.a.p. We must follow our neighbouring country's system, where the Chinese living in Indonesia can converse well in the Indonesian language and do not even know how to speak in their own mother tongue.

Even the British government had announced on 9th June 2010 that any immigrant coming to Britain to marry have to show they can speak English at the same level required for skilled workers under the points-based system. Read more about it here.

You are the descendants of the Chinese and Indian that was brought in by the British colonizer to take back the richness of rubber and tin mining resources to their own country to stop their country from becoming bancrupt. Read more here how the British had stolen our country's resources.

It is double-standard that the so-called fighter for the Malay language would demand our government to abolish the teachings of Mathematics and Science in English when they do not demand the abolishment of the racists vernacular schools which do not promote the integration of various races in Malaysia under one roof.

This proves that they are doing this because they are actually the leaders and supporters of the opposition or Pakatan Rakyat. They want the 2 subjects to be taught in Malay because they are getting profits from it since some of them are the writers of the books in the Malay language or they have their vested interest if this policy is abolished.

On 9th June 2010, The Star published an article titled "English is the way to go, says Johor Ruler's consort".

“They are reluctant to participate in international conferences because they have no confidence in speaking up and writing reports in English,” said the Johor Ruler Sultan Ibrahim’s consort.

“Post-9/11, there have been stereotypes and misconceptions about Muslims and Islam. With good English, we can tell the world that Malaysian Muslims do not prescribe to the doctrine of terrorism.”

“Nevertheless, education is always dynamic. Teachers need to be aware of the latest happenings in order to keep up with the students nowadays,” she added.

We will witness the degration of the English language mastery amongst the youths and students, our university ranking in the world university ranking will drop down like a smelly jackfruit if the teaching of Mathematics and Science in English is abolished. Therefore, I am against the decision of Muhyidin Yassin to cancel the policy because that is a very STUPID move.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Iranian flotilla will suffer the same fate as Mavi Marmara

More lies and make up stories to defend the terrorist act of the Israel Navy commando who shot to death 9 unarmed volunteers which was on the Mavi Marmara.

The Navy Rear-Admiral hinted that a repeat of what happened in Mavi Marmara could happen to the new flotillas from Iran in an article published in The Jerusalem Post titled "Navy braces for next flotillas" dated 15th June 2010.

Navy Rear-Admiral Rani Ben-Yehuda defended the Navy commando raid on the Mavi Marmara Turkish passenger ship two weeks ago, which ended with nine dead passengers, all of whom, according to the IDF, were hired mercenaries.

“We expected light resistance but never expected to meet a group of terrorists,” he said, adding however that in the final analysis the operation could be deemed a success.

“No innocent people were killed, only the terrorists,” he said. “When you go into a building that terrorists have taken over and you kill the terrorists, this is also a success.”

IRNA, the official Iranian news agency reported on Monday that 2 Iranian cargo ships carrying humanitarian aid for Gaza will leave next week; one will be sailing via Istanbul while another flotilla is to leave Lebanon for the Gaza Strip.

“I recommend that humanitarian activists who are planning on participating in these new flotillas think very hard because they cannot know who is on these ships,” he said. “We believe that there will be groups that will try to cause provocations and repeat what happened on the Marmara.”

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Keshvinder Singh is the latest jumper

Muahahaha. Looks like 16 September 2008 is just a bull shit from the biggest shitter of all, Anwar Ibrahim.

Let's rewind to one article that was published in anwaribrahimblog dated 7th September 2008 titled "Anwar Ibrahim "Gulingkan" Badawi Tanggal 16 September".

“Saya tetap pada target saya, 16 September menjadi waktu untuk mengistirahatkan Badawi. Untuk itu, saya rileks sebentar sehari lompat ke Jakarta, berdiskusi dan bertemu dengan sahabat-sahabat saya di Indonesia,” kata Anwar mengawali pidatonya dalam silaturahmi dengan ICMI di Menara Bank Mega, Jakarta, Sabtu (6/9).
- A report by reporteer, Inggried Dwi Wedhaswary 6 September 2008

Anwar Ibrahim: "16 September" Still On Track
Satan talking

Murshidul Am PAS also supports the 16th September that was brainwashed by Anwar Ibrahim.

"Mengulas kenyataan menteri besar Kelantan Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat bahawa kegiatan lompat parti sebagai tidak bermoral, Anwar menjawab perkara itu bergantung kepada keadaan." (Anwar's statement to Malaysiakini, 12th May 2008 in an article titled "PKR main teka-teki isu lompat parti")

The latest happening is Keshvinder Singh (Malim Nawar assemblyman) from Democratic Action Party (DAP) had resigned from the party and declared his support for Barisan Nasional, particularly Datuk Seri Dr Zambri Kadir after his formal resignation to party secretary-general, Lim Guan Eng this morning.

Nizar, the DAP lap dog called this jumping of ships as a political prostitution. Thus, it's okay to say that Anwar Ibrahim is the first promoter of political prostitution by propogating 16th September in 2008.

You can read more here, here, and here.

Israel violates Geneva Conventions

On June 13th 2010, Reuters reports that the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said that the Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip violates the Geneva Conventions and called for its lifting.

"The whole of Gaza's civilian population is being punished for acts for which they bear no responsibility. The closure therefore constitutes a collective punishment imposed in clear violation of Israel's obligations under international humanitarian law," the ICRC said in a five-page statement.

It was the first time the ICRC has said explicitly that Israel's blockade constitutes a violation of international humanitarian law embodied in the Geneva Conventions, an ICRC spokeswoman said. The Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, ratified by Israel, bans collective punishment of a civilian population.

"We are urging Israel to put an end to this closure and call upon all those who have an influence on the situation, including Hamas, to do their utmost to help Gaza's civilian population," said Beatrice Megevand-Roggo, head of ICRC operations for the Middle East.

"Under international humanitarian law, Israel must ensure that the basic needs of Gazans, including adequate health care, are met," the ICRC said.

The blockade, about to enter its fourth year, was "choking off any real possibility of economic development," it said.

"The Palestinian authorities ... must do everything within their power to provide proper health care, supply electricity and maintain infrastructure for Gaza's people," it added.

"The state of the health care system in Gaza has never been worse," said ICRC health coordinator Eileen Daly. "Health is being politicized: that is the main reason the system is failing."

Israel will not care about any voice which criticises them because they know that they will get away with anything since they are getting the support from America. Even in the United Nations, America will veto any decision or the voices that wants to boycott Israel or take Israel to the International Criminal Court. That is for sure.

Even the flotilla that was on its way to deliver humanitarian aids was attacked by the Israeli commandos which costs the lives of 9 Turkish volunteers whom they accuse to be terrorists.

Anyone else sees red over NEGARAKUKU?

I am flabbergasted that a certain someone who had used the National Anthem and made fun of it by making a new song he renamed as Negarakuku was not held under the ISA or at least charged in the court of law.

I mean, come on, that asshole put that song in the Youtube which can be seen by anyone from all over the world and we let him scout free. That is so dumb. I want to see if a Malay can get away with it if he did what Nameweeasshole did.

There is such a thing called the National Anthem Act, 1968 which states that the National Anthem consists of 3 versions; the full version or the Royal Version of the National Anthem, the Abridged Version of the National Anthem comprising the first eight lines and the last eight lines and the Short Version which comprises of the last eight lines.


* When any version of the National Anthem is played or sung, all present must stand up as a sign of respect.
* If the National Anthem is broadcast, such show of respect for the anthem is not expected.
* Anybody who deliberately does not show respect for the National Anthem at any public place may be fined not more than one hundred ringgit or imprisoned for not more than one month.
* Any act which appears to belittle the National Anthem in the eyes of the public, is considered as not respecting the National Anthem. The Police officers are empowered to arrest without warrant anybody found to be disrespectful towards the National Anthem.

The sleeping Prime Minister's voice does not represent the majority

Readers should give their feedback if they want this asshole who had clearly been disrespectful of our national anthem should be charged in the court of law or not? Why is it that when a Chinese did something like this, he can get away with it? But when a Malay did anything to irk the Chinese, he will pay for it dearly?

Luke warm response towards the Melayu Bangkit programme

The Melayu Bangkit programme organised by Gerakan Kebangkitan Rakyat on 14th June 2010 at the Stadium Negeri Kuala Terengganu had a low turnout.

This low turnout could be due to several reasons; FIFA World Cup, it is on a working day, or the promotion for the programme is not enough.

The rally organising chairman, Razali Idris said that many of the employed probably could not get leave to attend the event and tired after watching the World Cup telecasts.

"Although Malays consists of 60% of the population, our votes are divided, eventually triggering feuds among the community. They (PAS and PKR) are only interested in power and not race or religion.

"They are willing to go to any extent to become prime minister," he added.

Delivering his keynote speech, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad warned the Malays of becoming marginalised like "Singaporean Malays" if they continued to be entangled in political diversion and were unable to tacke any crisis effectively.

Insinuating that the opposition leaders were responsible for Malays' predicament, the agendas of political parties could be the cause of the disunity of the community which will lead to the Malaysa ending up as a minority in their own country.

Din Turtle wrote about his experience at the Melayu Bangkit which can be read here.

Tun Dr Mahathir held a press conference after delivering the keynote speech.

"Probably my opinion is different from the others. Whether the gambling licence is issued or not, gambling will still go on in the country because the Chinese generally like to gamble.

"So if they gamble without a licence, there is no way that we can ensure that gambling is not rampant. This is because gambling is permissible to the Chinese, but prohibited or 'haram' to the Muslims. So, the Muslims should not gamble. If they are found gambling, catch them," he said.

"Even the DAP is protesting, as if the DAP too is supporting Islamic teachings. This is the politics of the opposition parties which are looking at issues.

"We have to separate politics from religion because for PAS, religion is a political tool for them," he said.

We should not be surprised to see the opposition of DAP in the move by the government to issue the gambling license because we know that certain leaders in DAP are involved in the underworld. (Remember the involvement of one particular DAP leader in stopping the law enforcement officers in a hotel in Puchong?)

They could be the ones reaping the profits if the gambling license are not given because the Chinese people will still gamble illegally and they could be the ones behind it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Israel acted like a scoundrel not lawfully published a report titled "Netanyahu: Gaza flotilla probe will show the world Israel acted lawfully" on 14th June 2010.

"The government decision will make it clear to the world that Israel is acting legally, responsibly, and with complete transparency," said Netanyahu.

He added that the main goal of the Gaza flotilla probe is to prove to the world that the Israel Navy operation on the Gaza-bound ship was appropriate and met international standards.

The Israeli had alleged that the flotilla organizers, especially the Turkish group IHH to have ties to terrorist groups. But the most ridiculous thing is that, the well-armed and well-trained Israeli commandos attack the flotilla which is travelling in the international waters and 9 unarmed volunteers was shot mercilessly.

And none of the commandos was killed or hurt by the alleged terrorist. This is the same as the alleged existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq so that America can invade Iraq to steal its oil reserve.

I doubt that the Israel probe will be fair and just. Jacob Turkel, a retired Supreme Court Justice will head the committee. Members will include Shabtai Rosen, 93 who is a professor of international law who is an Israel Prize laureate in legal sciences and a Hague Prize laureate in International Law.

Former president of Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Horev will also be on the panel. Two foreign observer will be William David Trimble, a Northern Irish Nobel Peace Prize laureate who had joined "Friends of Israel" initiative launched in Paris 2 weeks ago.

A former military judge advocate general from Canada, Ken Watkin will be the 2nd international observer.

Meanwhile, the electronic Intifada had published an article written by Jinan Bastaki who is a Law graduate of the London School of Economics titled "Israel's attack on Flotilla violates international law " published on 7th June 2010.

The Israeli argument is predicated on the assumption that the blockade of Gaza is justified, that "there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza," and therefore, as Israel is at war with Hamas, intercepting the Flotilla was justified. What is cited is the San Remo Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts at Sea, which under Section II states that a blockade is a legitimate method of warfare. In an Al-Jazeera interview, Mark Regev, the spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stated that "Israel is at war with Hamas." Based on a very selective reading of the San Remo Manual, Israel considered the Flotilla to be breaching the blockade, and under Article 98 is therefore entitled to seize the ships. But is it really as clear-cut?

In actual fact, since Israel is exercising "effective control" over Gaza, it is still the occupying power. Article 42 of the 1907 Hague Regulations states that "Territory is considered occupied when it is actually placed under the authority of the hostile army" and this imposes on Israel several responsibilities towards the civilian population, which as we have seen above, have not been fulfilled. Article 55 of the Geneva Conventions specifically provides that the occupying power must provide food and medical supplies at an adequate level, and reports by both the UN and several human rights organizations have shown this not to be the case. Grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Conventions are war crimes. Under Article 146 of the Fourth Geneva Conventions each state "shall bring such persons [who committed grave breaches of the convention], regardless of their nationality, before its own courts." Thus, those responsible in the Israeli government are liable to be tried for war crimes in any state.

Israel not only has to answer to Turkey for attacking its vessel, but as Israel is Party to the 1988 International Maritime Organization's Convention on the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Maritime Navigation, it has breached Article 3 which prohibits seizing a ship by force or any other form of intimidation, or to commit any acts of violence against the people on the ship.

Read the full article here.

Both gender are required to study in Islam

Do we want the girls in our country to suffer the fate of more than 3 dozen school girls poisoned in Afganistan? If not, we have to reject the extremist PAS party so that the girls in our country will not suffer the same fate of what had happened to the girls in Afganistan.

Around 40 to 45 girls had been admitted to the hospital by the police and intelligence department officials after they fell unconscious after smelling poison gas.

Ghani Khan, from Ghani Police Official had said that poison gas had been sprayed by the enemies from outside the High school compound.

During the Taliban control time of Afganistan, girls were discriminated and not allowed to attend school.

The first verse that was sent from Allah to our prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Al-Alaq said :

1. Read! In the Name of your Lord, Who has created (all that exists),

2. Has created man from a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood).

3. Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous,

4. Who has taught (the writing) by the pen [the first person to write was Prophet Idrees (Enoch)],

5. Has taught man that which he knew not.

In Islam, both males and females are required to study. Therefore, the act of Taliban to make the girls/women to be stupid is against the teachings of Islam.

We have to reject all kinds of extremism by any party or individuals because it will not be good for the nation. In Malaysia, more females are studying in local universities since most males are indulging in negative activities such as drug addiction, becoming Mat Rempit, wasting time by loitering and disturbing passers-by and all kind of negative behaviour.

Narrated AbudDarda': Kathir ibn Qays said: I was sitting with AbudDarda' in the mosque of Damascus. A man came to him and said: AbudDarda, I have come to you from the town of the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) for a tradition that I have heard you relate from the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him). I have come for no other purpose. He said: I heard the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) say: If anyone travels on a road in search of knowledge, Allah will cause him to travel on one of the roads of Paradise. The angels will lower their wings in their great pleasure with one who seeks knowledge, the inhabitants of the heavens and the Earth and the fish in the deep waters will ask forgiveness for the learned man. The superiority of the learned man over the devout is like that of the moon, on the night when it is full, over the rest of the stars. The learned are the heirs of the Prophets, and the Prophets leave neither dinar nor dirham, leaving only knowledge, and he who takes it takes an abundant portion. Knowledge (Kitab Al-Ilm)' of Sunan Abu-Dawud: 3634

Islam is a fair religion which does not discriminates between men and women. Only petty minded men who understands the Quran to his own interpretation will discriminate women and not letting them to study because they want to suppress their intelligence. Girls/women living in Malaysia should be thankful that they don't suffer the same fate as the girls in Afganistan.

Part1: David Duke Speech Holocaust Conference in Tehran Iran

Part1: David Duke Speech Holocaust Conference in Tehran Iran

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Berlin, Congress of the German Work Front


SPEECH OF MAY 10, 1933

. . . AMIDST all the crises under which we suffer and which do but present a single connected picture, perhaps that which the people feels most acutely is the economic crisis. The political crisis, the moral crisis, are only very rarely felt by the individual. The average man sees in the experiences of his day not that which affects the community as a whole but for the most part only that which strikes himself. Therefore the present has only very rarely any consciousness of political or moral collapse, so long as this collapse does not extend in one way or another into economic life. For when this happens it is no longer a question of some abstract problem that can perhaps be observed or studied in its effect on others, but one day the individual himself will be caught hold of by this question, and the more intimately such a crisis begins to influence his own life, the more clearly does he come to recognize that existing conditions cannot remain as they are. Then all of a sudden people talk of economic distress, of economic misery, and then, starting from this distress, one can awaken an understanding for that other distress which otherwise is wont to remain for a long time hidden from the individual man.

It is not enough to say that the German economic distress is a phenomenon resulting from a world crisis, from a general economic distress, since, of course, exactly in the same way every other people could plead the same excuse, could adduce the same reason. It is clear that even so this distress cannot have its roots all over the world, those roots must always be found within the life of peoples. And though only one thing is probably true - that these roots are perhaps the same in the case of many peoples - yet one cannot hope to master this distress by the mere statement that the presence of a certain distress is a feature of the age; rather it is clearly a necessity to disclose these roots in the internal life of a single people and to cure the distress there where one can really effect a cure.

Unfortunately it is precisely the German who is only too inclined at such times, instead of looking at his own internal life, to let his gaze range into the far distance. Our people has been so long falsely taught to think in international terms that even in such a distress as the present it tends to treat this problem, too, from international points of view. And the result is that many of us simply cannot believe that perhaps it might be possible to remedy such a misfortune in some other way than by international methods. And yet that is an error. It is natural that international infirmities which afflict all peoples in one way or another must be removed by the peoples who suffer from them, but that in no way alters the fact that every people must wage this battle on its own behalf, and above all that no single people can be liberated from this distress by international methods if it does not for its own part take the necessary measures. These measures can, of course, find their place within the framework of international measures, but one's own action must not be made dependent upon the action of others.

The crisis in German economics is not merely a crisis which is expressed by our economic statistics, but it is above all a crisis which can also be traced in the internal course of our economic life, in the character of its organization, etc. And here we can indeed speak of a crisis which has hit our people more severely than other peoples. It is the crisis which we see in the relations between capital, economics, and people. This crisis is particularly obvious in the relations between our workmen and the employers. Here the crisis has been more acute than in any other country in the world....

The first cause lies in the alteration in the form of business organization which determined the character of our economics. That cause may be traced throughout the world precisely as in Germany....

The gradual alienation of classes which we in Germany experienced led to the appearance on the one side of the special interests of the employers and on the other side the special interests of the employed. This was the beginning of our unhappy economic development. When one had once started on this road, of necessity the two sides became ever more widely separated. Here a law governs human affairs: when one has once chosen the wrong road this road always leads one further from reason.

On the contrary, the road led necessarily to further alienation and this tendency, as I said, was favored by the depersonalization of property. And I might almost say that this process was apparently still further encouraged and strengthened on scientific grounds. There gradually arose an ideology which believed that it could permanently support the conception of property even though those who derived any practical profit from the conception no longer represented more than a minimal percentage of the nation. And on the other hand there arose the view that, since there was now only so small a percentage of those who enjoyed property, the conception of private property as such should be abandoned....

When one has once started on this course, then logically the employers will in turn form their organization. And as a matter of course these two organizations will not pursue their own ends in mutual toleration, but they will maintain their apparently separate interests with those weapons which are given them: viz, lockouts and strikes. In this warfare sometimes one and sometimes the other side will conquer. But in either case it is the whole nation which will have to pay the cost of this warfare and suffer the damage. And the final result of this development is that these organizations as they build themselves up, considering the passion of the German for bureaucratization, will continuously become more unwieldy and their personnel will grow constantly larger. And at length the organization will no longer serve the interests of its creators, but these will be subservient to the organization, so that the warfare is continued in order that the existence of the organization may be justified, even though at times reason suddenly comes and says; 'The whole affair is madness; the gain when compared with the sacrifices is positively ludicrous. If you reckon up the sacrifices which we make for the organization they are far greater than any possible profit.' Then the organizations in their turn will have to prove how necessary they are by stirring up the parties to fight each other. And then it may even be that the two organizations come to an understanding, when once they have realized the situation.

The second reason is the rise of Marxism. Marxism, as a conception of the world with disintegration for its aim, saw with keen insight that the trade-union movement offered it the possibility in the future of conducting its attack against the State and against human society with an absolutely annihilating weapon. Not with any idea of helping the worker -what is the worker of any country to these apostles of internationalism? Nothing at all! They never see him! They themselves are no workers: they are alien litterateurs, an alien gang! . . .

One had to inoculate the trade union with the idea: You are an instrument of the class war and that war in the last resort can find its political leaders only in Marxism. What is then more comprehensible than that one should also pay one's tribute to the leadership? And the tribute was exacted in full measure. These gentlemen have not been content with a tithe: they demanded a considerably higher rate of interest.

This class war leads to the proclamation of the trade union as simply an instrument for the representation of the economic interests of the working classes and therewith for the purposes of the general strike. Thus the general strike appears for the first time as a means for exercising political power and shows what Marxism really hoped to gain from this weapon - not a means for the salvation of the worker, but on the contrary only an instrument of war for the destruction of the State which opposed Marxism. To prove to what lengths this whole madness could go we Germans have an unprecedented example, as frightful as it is instructive, in the War.

We can add only one remark: Had the German trade unions been in our hands during the War, if they had been in my hands and had they been trained with the same false end in view as was in fact the case, then we National Socialists would have placed the whole of this gigantic organization at the service of the Fatherland. We should have declared: We recognize, of course, the sacrifices entailed; we are ready ourselves to make those sacrifices; we do not wish to escape, we want to fight with you on the same terms; we give our destiny and our life into the hand of Almighty Providence just as the others must do. That we should have done as a matter of course. For, German workmen, we should have said, you must realize: It is not the fate of the German State which is now to be decided, not of the Empire as a constitutional form, not of the monarchy; it is not a question of capitalism or militarism; it is the existence of our people which is at stake and we German workmen make up seventy per cent of this people. It is our fate which is to be decided!

That is what should have been known then, and it could have been known. We should have known it....

It was a crime that this was not done. It was not done because it would have violated the inner meaning of Marxism, for Marxism wanted only the destruction of Germany. . . . For since the days of November, 1918, millions of Germans have held the view that it was the fault of the German workingman which caused the country's collapse. He who himself had made such unspeakable sacrifices, he who had filled our regiments with the millions of their riflemen - he as a class was suddenly made collectively liable for the act of the perjured, lying, degenerate destroyers of the Fatherland. That was the worst that could have happened, for at that moment for many millions in Germany the community of the people was shattered....

The third cause of this fatal development lay in the State itself. There might have been something which could perhaps have opposed these millions and that something would have been the State, had it not been that this State had sunk so low that it had become the plaything of groups of interested parties. It is no mere chance that this whole development runs parallel with the democratization of our public life. This democratization tended to bring the State directly into the hands of certain strata of society which identified themselves with property as such, with big business as such. The masses increasingly got the impression that the State itself was no objective institution standing above parties, that in particular it was no longer the incorporation of any objective authority, but that it was itself the mouthpiece of the economic will and of the economic interests of certain groups within the nation, and that even the leadership of the State justified such an assumption. The victory of the political bourgeoisie was nothing else than the victory of a stratum of society which had arisen as the result of economic laws....

While it is natural that amongst soldiers he only can be a leader who has been trained for that post, it was by no means a matter of course that only he should be a political leader who had been trained in that sphere and had besides proved his capacity; gradually the view gained ground that membership of a certain class which had arisen as the result of economic laws carried with it the capacity to govern a people. We have come to realize the consequences of this error. The stratum of society which claimed for itself the leadership has failed us in every hour of crisis and in the nation's hour of supreme difficulty it collapsed miserably.... Let no one say to me: 'No other course was possible.' It was only for these leaders that no other course was possible....

We must penetrate to the inner causes of the collapse with the resolution that these inner causes shall be removed. I believe that immediately we must begin at the point where in the last resort a beginning must today be made - we must begin with the State itself. A NEW AUTHORITY MUST BE SET UP, AND THIS AUTHORITY MUST BE INDEPENDENT OF MOMENTARY CURRENTS OF CONTEMPORARY OPINION, ESPECIALLY OF THOSE CURRENTS WHICH FLOW FROM A NARROW AND LIMITED ECONOMIC EGOISM. THERE MUST BE CONSTITUTED A LEADERSHIP OF THE STATE WHICH REPRESENTS A REAL AUTHORITY, an authority independent of any one stratum of society. A leadership must arise in which every citizen can have confidence, assured that its sole aim is the happiness, the welfare, of the German people, a leadership which can with justice say of itself that it is on every side completely independent. People have talked so much of the past Age of Absolutism, of the absolutism of Frederick the Great, and of the Age of Popular Democracy, our Parliamentary Epoch. Regarded from the standpoint of the people the earlier period was the more objective: it could really more objectively safeguard the interests of the nation, while the later period continuously descended more and more to the representation merely of the interests of individual classes.

Nothing can prove that more clearly than the mere conception of a class war - the slogan that the rule of the bourgeoisie must be replaced by the rule of the proletariat. That means that the whole question becomes one of a change in a class dictatorship, while our aim is the dictatorship of the people, i.e., the dictatorship of the whole people, the community.

And further it is essential that one should sweep away all those forces which consciously abuse human weaknesses in order with their help to carry into execution their deadly schemes. When fourteen or fifteen years ago and over and over again since then I declared before the German nation that I saw my task before the bar of German history to lie in the destruction of Marxism, that was for me no empty phrase, that was a sacred oath which I will keep so long as I draw breath. This confession of faith, the confession of faith of an individual, through my effort has become the confession of faith of a mighty organization....

We must accordingly wage our battle without any compromise whatsoever against the force which has eaten at the heart of our German people during the last seventeen years, which has inflicted on us such fearful injuries and which, if it had not been conquered, would have destroyed Germany. Bismarck once declared that liberalism was the pacemaker for social democracy. And I do not need in this place to say that social democracy is the pacemaker for communism. But communism is the pacemaker for death - the death of a people - downfall. WE HAVE BEGUN THE FIGHT AGAINST COMMUNISM AND WE SHALL WAGE IT TO THE END. As so often in German history, it will once more be proved that the greater the distress, the greater is the power of the German people to find its way upwards and forwards. This time, too, it will find the way; indeed, I am convinced that it has already found it.

Thus the unification of the German Workmen's Movement has a great moral significance. When we complete the reconstruction of the State which must be the result of very great concessions on both sides, we want to have two parties to the contract facing each other who both are in their hearts on principle nationally minded, who both look only to their people, and who both on principle are ready to subordinate everything else in order to serve the common weal. Only if that is possible from the first can I believe in the success of our efforts. It is the spirit from which efforts spring that helps to decide the issue. There must be no conquerors and no conquered; our people must be the only conqueror - conqueror over classes and castes, and conqueror over the interests of these single groups in our people! And thereby we shall come naturally to a nobler conception of work.... But the Movement which I and my fellow-fighters represent will, nothing daunted, exalt the word 'Worker' till it becomes the great title of honor of the German nation....

Personally, I am against all honorary titles, and I do not think that anyone has much to accuse me of on this score. What is not absolutely necessary for me to do, that I do not do. I should never care to have visiting cards printed with the titles which in this earthly world of ours are given with such ceremony. I do not want anything on my gravestone but my name. All the same, owing to the peculiar circumstances of my life, I am perhaps more capable than anyone else of understanding and realizing the nature and the whole life of the various German castes. Not because I have been able to look down on this life from above but because I have participated in it, because I stood in the midst of this life, because fate in a moment of caprice or perhaps fulfilling the designs of Providence, cast me into the great mass of the people, amongst common folk. Because I myself was a laboring man for years in the building trade and had to earn my own bread. And because for a second time I took my place once again as an ordinary soldier amongst the masses and because then life raised me into other strata of our people so that I know these, too, better than countless others who were born in these strata. So fate has perhaps fitted me more than any other to be the broker - I think I may say - the honest broker for both sides alike. Here I am not personally interested; I am not dependent upon the State or on any public office; I am not dependent upon business or industry or any trade union. I am an independent man, and I have set before myself no other goal than to serve, to the best of my power and ability, the German people, and above all to serve the millions who, thanks to their simple trust and ignorance and thanks to the baseness of their former leaders, have perhaps suffered more than any other class.

I have always professed that there is nothing finer than to be the advocate of those who cannot easily defend themselves. I know the masses of my people, and there is only one thing which I should always wish to say to our intellectuals: Every Reich that is founded only on the classes which represent intellect and intelligence has weak foundations. I know this intellect, always so subtle, always inquiring, but also always uncertain, always hesitating, vacillating from side to side - never steadfast! He who would construct a Reich on these intellectual classes alone will find his building insecure. It is no chance that religions are more stable than constitutional forms. Generally they tend to sink their roots deeper into the soil; they would be unthinkable in the absence of the masses of the people. I know that the intellectual classes fall all too easily a victim to that arrogance which measures the people according to the standards of its knowledge and of its so-called intelligence; and yet there are things in the people which very often the intelligence of the 'intelligent' does not see because it cannot see them. The masses are certainly often dull, in many respects they are certainly backward, they are not so nimble, so witty, or intellectual; but they have something to their credit - they have loyalty, constancy, stability....

Because I know this people better than any other, and at the same time know the rest of the people, I am not only ready in this case to undertake the role of an honest broker but I am glad that destiny can cast me for the part. I shall never in my life have any greater reason for pride than when at the end of my days I can say: I have won the German workingman for the German Reich.