Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fuck everyone!

At last, I have ample time to write here. From now on, I will only look after me. You fuck with me, I will do it back to you more.

It's no good working for people who will not appreciate your talent. And I am sure I have a little of that. You work like shit and you are still being stabbed in the back.

Well, it's better for you to be stabbed in the back than me. I had enough! You do it to me once, I'll do it to you double.

Talented people will survive anywhere and with that FUCK YOU!
If you don't care about me, why the bloody hell should I care about you?

I only care about me! I only take care of me.
You should do that too because nobody will care more about you than you!

If people keeps criticising you all the time, then get out coz surely I bet they can find someone better to handle that job.

When you do something good, nobody praises you but they are just waiting to criticize your work, you will later have no mood to do work since people are always finding your fault.

So go and find someone else's fault. I'll just be happy writing here and criticize whoever the fuck I want because this is my blog and I will be happily criticising whoever the hell I want.

When people had been taking advantage of you for quite a while, well it's time to retaliate and surprise them.

Do whatever you want and see if I care because I only care about me!
And I will do whatever the hell that I want because I am a free agent.

Lie to me once, and I will remember you as a bloody liar for the rest of my life and never give you another chance to do it to me. I am not as stupid as you think I am you know. So adios!

You treat me right, I will treat you right. You treat me like shit, I will treat you shitter.

From now on, I will only be loyal to me and UMNO the party, not anyone else because they will definitely stab you in the back.

Find someone else to slave around. I am not anyone's slave! :-)