Monday, September 20, 2010

Criminals will murder their victim without a second thought to cover their tracks!

All readers are encouraged to watch the youtube which could possibly be the scenario of what might have happened to the victims of the bogus Datuk cum serial killer who had cheated many of his victims out of their wealth here.

We can read about this reader who wrote a letter to The Sun (another racist paper just like The Star) claiming that "My question is: How can there have been a murder when no body has yet been found, and how can the suspect have been arrested, handcuffed and detained when no real proof that he committed the murder has yet been furnished? You can read more here.

Dear Marisa Demori from Ipoh. Are you that ignorant to the fact that ruthless and brutal criminals who will go to the extend of beating his victim with a cricket bat, stabbing them over and over, putting cow dung on them and pouring petrol all over them before burning them till their remains became ashes and bones and strewning the ashes into the river are monsters?

Please wake up to the harsh reality of the world. Criminals nowadays will do whatever it takes to destroy the evidence of their ruthless crimes. If they are that cruel, should the police give them a 5 star hotel treatment?

If this unfortunate brutal murders happen to your own family, I want to advice you to remember that the criminal that did that to your family is innocent until proven guilty even though he committed the crime right in front of you and you can recognize his face, okay?

We read over and over again about snatch thieves which disregard the lives of their victims that many of them died after handbags was snatched. The same applies to this brutal murder where the criminals conned the victims out of their money and when the victims found out about it and demanded the return of their money, the criminals will plan on how to get rid of their victims.

I really want to laugh out loud. The defenders of criminals are so concerned about the human rights of the criminals who murdered their victims. Let me ask you one important question. Do you for once think about the human rights of the victims that were murdered to the extend that they were burnt until they became ashes?

Do you think about the human rights or the feelings of the families of the victims? The shock of their lives that they had when they discovered their loved ones were treated that badly that they could not even get back their remains.

Stop being a hypocrite. When criminals of your own race for example someone like Kugan committed crimes, you will come to their rescue with the blink of an eye. But when a Malay Muslim is murdered and burnt beyond recognition, you just ignore it as if nothing gross had happened.

Readers are encouraged to read more about this case here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Justice for Datuk Sosilawati

We can see the dissatisfaction of the public towards the biased attitude of Hindraf and NGOs that are more inclined towards Pakatan Rakyat here.

Beaten to death by a cricket bat, stabbed numerous times, burnt with cow dung until what's left is their bones and their ashes strewn in the river.

Only heartless animals will do that to other people because they don't feel any guilt or pity towards the victims and think that they can get away with murder as they had gotten away with it before.

Read more about the merciless killings here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

There are good people and bad people everywhere but since we cannot know what is in their hearts, we should be more wary and careful. Or else we will end up as ashes strewn in the river by the conmen who had conned us.

Some of the opposition supporter does not believe a word that is written about this murder and assumed that the way of the murder had been done had been exaggerated by the police.

They would be so petty minded to believe the crap written by RPK who had proven himself to be a coward when he slandered Datin Seri Rosmah as being involved in the murder of Altantuya.

Who in their right mind would believe that crap? Only imbeciles who read the blogs of the opposition that do not provide any solid evidence to back up their accusations.

WTF? When it comes to Kugan and Teoh Beng Hock, they will be the first person to blow things out of proportion. But when it comes to their goons being involved with a serial killing of Malays, they will ignore that and just keep quiet.

They are the biggest hypocrites of all, only making issues out of the things that will benefit them the most, but when it's damaging, they will be elegantly silent.

Let's make this issue big since it is in fact a real big issue. Let's have a parade demanding justice for Datuk Sosilawati and have the victims family members carry the pictures of them whenever there is a hearing of the case in court as well.

They had done that and we can do it too. We can do more than what they can do.

Another thing, the police should not wait until a famous person becomes a victim first to start investigating the crimes seriously but when unknown people are victims, they are just like scabby dogs who died and will not get any justice.

This bad attitude will only damage the image of the police force because the public thinks they are choosy when it comes to the prioritising the cases.