Tuesday, September 6, 2011

PAS is not strong in Kelantan

Awang Adek: PAS govt failed to resolve traffic woes in Kelantan

BACHOK: The Kelantan PAS government has failed to resolve traffic congestion woes despite the party being in power for over two decades, said Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin.

Dr Awang Adek, who is also Kelantan Umno Liaison Committee deputy chairman, said the problems were obvious during the Hari Raya season when many returned to their hometowns.

He claimed that if the state government failed to arrive at a solution within the next 10 to 15 years, chances are that the traffic woes would never be solved.

“Through proper planning, Kuala Lumpur and the other states are able to ease traffic congestion. So, why can’t the Kelantan government do it?

“It has been 21 years and traffic congestion remains a problem in Kelantan. So, it is now up to the people whether to change the state government at the next general election or retain the current one,” he said here yesterday.

Most roads in the state are congested two or three days before and after Hari Raya.

Among the worst affected ones are those along Gua Musang to Kuala Krai, Kota Baru to Tumpat and Pasir Puteh to Kota Baru.

State Road Safety Department director Mohd Azlisham Abdul Rahman said the number of vehicles entering Kelantan during Raya had increased drastically from last year.

“An estimated 80,000 cars entered the state as compared to 60,000 previously,” he said.

Motorist Shariman Abdul Ghani, 38, who lives in Bukit Beruntung, Selangor, said it took him 12 hours to drive home to his village in Pasir Puteh during the festive period.

“We were frustrated as we had to endure a 20km long traffic jam all the way from Kuala Krai to Machang.”

Taken from The Star

Most of the UMNO leaders in Kelantan are complacent to stay where they are.

They don't have to work hard but they will still receive money from the government.

There should be a policy where if a state falls to the opposition, the federal government should freeze the money from being given to the UMNO leaders in that state until they won over that state from the opposition.

The leaders in Kelantan will not even hear any good ideas from the people at the grass root to improve the image of UMNO in Kelantan.

PAS is not strong in Kelantan. However, UMNO are worst because they are complacent.

And the leaders in Kelantan do not know how to take advantage to explain to the people about what Mat Sabu had done by saying that communists are the real heroes in Bukit Kepong.

So, I bet that Kelantan will still be under Nik Aziz as long as he breaths because he will contest as the Kelantan MB until he dies.

What he had said to TDM before had now boomerang back to him. Nik Aziz is a senile old man.