Saturday, June 26, 2010

Spit on the Malay Liberal called KJ!

Perkasa Presiden Datuk Ibrahim Ali had been so pissed off with the gall of Khairy Jamaluddin siding with Wee Ka Siong that he had called for the resignation as the member of parliament for "sacrificing the honour of his own race".

By the way, anyone heard the news about Maya Karin going to the Syariah Court? Surely this has something to do with the marriage problem she is having. Anyone going to Syariah Court normally has something to do with DIVORCE.

Maya Karin and her husband Steven David Shorthose (whose Muslim name is Muhammad Ali) denied rumours of divorce. Does the marriage problem brewing between them exists but we will wait and see if their marriage is on the rocks because of KJ who had been rumoured to be having an affair with the beautiful actress?

Wee Ka Siong had been so disrespectful by asking whether MARA scholarship will be done as the JPA scholarship. That is the implied statement done so smoothly so that he can deny he had been racist. But the truth that is staring right at your face is that, he is just as racist as the racist kiasu in DAP although he is the MCA Youth Chief.

“If the government is only doing away with the PSD scholarships but retain the Mara scholarships, this will not be in line with the 1 Malaysia concept that the government is promoting,” he was quoted as saying.

On June 25th, Malaysian Insider had published an article titled "KJ calls Ibrahim Ali a jaguh kampung".

“He (Ibrahim) is a jaguh kampung in a world of globalisation. Which era is he in? He has become a hindrance to the concept of 1 Malaysia,” the Umno Youth Chief said in a posting on Twitter today.

Who the bloody hell is he to call Datuk Ibrahim Ali a small timer? Khairy Jamaluddin is a butt fuckers' supporter and only acting to be attacking the butt fucker, Anwar Ibrahim. Moreover, you are just like Anwar who is the Jew agent.

Come on KJ. Everybody except those who are your butt licker and proxies whom I am sure you are paying heftily are demanding that you resign from UMNO since you are not doing anything to improve the support of the youth since you are so busy defending racist kiasus in BN.

Read more of the statement by Datuk Ibrahim Ali here.

We should either spit or shit on KJ. Cast your vote. Muahahahah.