Saturday, September 18, 2010

Do you trust Pakatan Rakyat?

Why do criminals are so bold to commit crimes but when they are caught by the police, they will hide their faces when their pictures are taken by the media? So, you do have shame do you but you do not feel an inkling of shame when you dementedly hit the victims using the cricket bat? I urge the police not to allow the criminals to cover up their faces.

I am sure that many of the public out there would like to see justice served towards the killers of Datuk Sosilawati and the other 16 victims. But will we ever see the verdict delivered swiftly since we had witnessed criminal lawyers manipulating the law, to delay cases or to manipulate the law by making the crimes void using any dirty tactics they can lay their hands on?

You should know by now that I am referring to the sodomy charges against Anwar Ibrahim. His Datuk Seri title should be revoked as this is the second time he had been charged with this sodomy trial and his homosexual ways is a disgrace to that honourable title.

Criminal lawyers hired by the perpetrators of crimes are able to do that even though they know that the crimes was indeed committed by their clients but due to the privileges of secrecy between lawyer and client, they will overlook the crimes committed by their clients and do whatever they can to get their clients off the hook. They are making clowns out of the laws they had previously make an oath to defend.

Although maybe some out there might not think that these monstrous killings are not racism, in some ways it might be related to racism too because the victims were subjected to torture and senseless beatings using a cricket bat, and was brutally hit over and over again in addition to being stabbed over and over again with a knife, and their bodies were then put on pieces of zink, poured cow dung, petrol and burnt until their remains became ashes. Can we imagine the pain suffered by the victims before they are deceased?

The deafening silence from Pakatan Rakyat leaders, Hindraf leaders and Bar Council blatantly proved that they are the responsible ones behind promoting the criminal acts as they had acted before in defending Kugan and collecting donations for that criminal. They also like to make mountains out of a molehills when the real perpetrators are no other than themselves.

Read what Awang Selamat from Utusan Malaysia (English Version) had to say about this here.

For me personally, and I can't say about others, Pakatan Rakyat which consisted of DAP, PKR and PAS, the coalition which had until now never been registered formally due to the differences of their party manifesto but only comes together due to their hatred towards UMNO and Barisan Nasional, are a thorn in my flesh and also for the government.

The perpetrators of the crimes obviously cheated their victims out of their wealth, so the motive is greed and they cannot see anyone else who are rich. They also take an easy way to get rich themselves, which is by conning rich people out of their money and when they are discovered by the victims, they will plan on how to get rid of the people that they had conned.

Greed, hatred, wanting to conquer others, cannot see others more rich than oneself is the main reason why people have wars all over this world. They want to control the richness of other nations. That was also why British had colonized Malaysia and all the other Commonwealth nations, to steal the rich vastness of the natural resources of their countries.

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