Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ride a double decker bus if you have a death wish

Another double-decker express bus was involved in an accident in Temerloh in the wee hours of 26th December 2010.

The bus skidded and hit a hillside at Km363 of Jalan Raub-Bentong at dawn today.

The accident which happened at 5.30 am, were ferrying 39 passengers was from Kota Bharu to Kuala Lumpur.

It is so sad to hear about bus passengers involving in horrifying accidents especially when another bus accident recently occured at Cameron Highlands-Simpang Pulai road in Perak on Monday morning.

"In its application, the company had specified 19 seats, but after the accident, we found the seating capacity was more than doubled to 43 seats," a source from the Transport Ministry told The Malay Mail yesterday.

"The upper deck had been modified to accommodate 30 seats, while the lower deck, which was supposed to be a lounge, had several more seats."

The problem that seems to be repeating over and over again is that the company operating the busses are not in accordance with the rules and regulations.

This is because they are greedy and willing to make more money at the expense of the safety of the bus passengers.

The Transport Ministry, Road Transport Department (RTD), Puspakom Sdn Bhd, Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros), Public Works Department and the police should be working more seriously and nab the perpetrators that does not follow regulations set by the Government.

This is because if bus accidents keep occuring every week, then maybe the people should just boycott it and uses either AirAsia or Firefly instead because we never heard of any cheap flights being involved in accidents until now.

Travelling by air seems to be safer than travelling in busses nowadays. What do you guys think?

I think consumers should BOYCOTT bus services until they improve their safety features because we know sometimes bus drivers or lorry drivers drove like they are the F1 driver.

If you have a death wish or want to die young and early, then welcome on board a double-decker bus.

AFF-Suzuki Cup

Good luck to the Malaysian Football Team. Malaysia Boleh! Prove that we are the best.

Everyone is racist

This is an ad from
Receptionist & Data Entry Clerk
Based: Malaysia(Penang)
Job Description

Our establishment offers great career opportunities and we wish to invite all qualified candidates to apply for the following positions to be based in Prai, Auto-City, Penang:

* Minimum SPM or "O" level qualifications required
* Required languages: Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese (optional)
* At least 2 years of working experience in related field

We offer competitive remuneration package to the successful candidate. Interested parties please quote above reference, send CV with current and expected salaries to

Another is from The Sun.

Admin & Sales (speaks Eng & Chi). Basic RM1,500 & other allowance. Great work environment. Office in PJ area. Call 013-3808203 (Martin)

I am sure that the Chinese thinks that is not racist. But when it comes to the Malays, it sure is racist because I don't think even half of the total of the Malays in Malaysia can speak Mandarin/Cantonese.

How many Chinese who can't even comprehend Malay or cannot speak Malay? Malay is the national language of Malaysia and if you cannot even speak Malay, then you might as well not be a Malaysian.

This statistics is based on the estimated population for 2007.

Malaysian citizens comprise

Bumiputera – 66.4%
Chinese – 24.9%
Indians – 7.5%
Others – 1.3%

The ethnicity of Malaysians for 2010 can be viewed here.

Let's see. The majority in Malaysia is still the Bumiputera Malays which comprises of 66.4%. The Chinese are amongst the minority which comprises of 24.9% of the population in Malaysia.

But the fact is that, the Chinese are still in control of the economy in Malaysia. And the 30% of the economic cake targeted for the Malays under the New Economic Policy created after the 13th May 1969 which had been caused by DAP is still not being achieved until now.

The minorities now are crying out loud for equality and brouhaha about them being discriminated. What is the discrimination when 8 out of the richest person in Malaysia are Chinese?

If you say that it is discrimination, the Malays should control Malaysia's economy since they are the majority in these country instead of the economy being controlled by the minorities.

Read Tackling racism in Malaysia by sakmongkol ak47 and .A Possible Scenario From My Own Company.

The Chinese will look after their own. Even in a Chinese company, the favoured one will be one of their own. For example, a Chinese with less credentials and qualifications will get a higher position and better pay compared to a Malay working there who has higher qualification but will be discriminated against with lower position and lower pay.

A Malay who has a better position working in a Chinese owned company will also be put down by the other Chinese colleagues by asking that person to do things that are not within his/her work scope.

A Chinese employer might want to oppress that worker by sending him/her to another branch by promising the sun and the moon, but because it was uttered verbally, the employer can break his promise at his whim and fancies since there are no black and white to prove that.

So, what is this crying out loud about the Chinese being discriminated by others when you are being the ones who are the number one assholes and racists?

Many of the Malay Singaporeans have even migrated to Malaysia because they are being discriminated against in Singapore. This had happened in Penang too after DAP is now in control of that state. The Malays are being systematically kicked out from Penang so that the Chinese can take total control of Penang just like in Singapore.

We are not stupid assholes as you obviously think we are. We can see clearly what you are trying to do and we will certainly not succumb to it. No retreat, no surrender!

Communists will be communists no matter what name they used. They used to be known as the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) but now they had re-invented themselves to be DAP, which is a splinter party of the PAP in Singapore.

They used to chant the slogan Malaysian Malaysia but now they are using Middle Malaysia but it is still the same. The name may have changed to sound better but they are still upholding the communist beliefs they had brought with them when they migrated here from China.

Therefore, it is crystal clear that communist will still be communist even though CPM had already laid down their arms, they are still clinging on to their communist ideology based on their actions and the words that they uttered.

A vote for Pakatan Rakyat means a vote for the communists, the deviationists and the homosexuals because those are what DAP, PAS and PKR truly are.

If you want Malaysia to be just like Singapore, then you are welcome to vote for them. But remember not to cry over spilt milk if the Malays are being turned into slaves in their own country once the DAP had taken control of the Federal Government.

The Malays must be in power politically

Bugger! The police had arrested 24 foreign GROs (guest relations officers) in George Town, Penang.

A local man running the place had been detained by the police. 23 of the GROs are from China and 1 from Vietnam.

Why is it that in the states administered by Pakatan Rakyat, there seemed to be an increase in the GROs from China?

Could it be that they are frequented by the DAP leaders and also protected by them because this seems to be rampant in these states?

The local Chinese men have a specific name that they call these GROs from China but right now, that particular word seems to escape me.

These could be linked to the Chinese underworld or the secret society in Malaysia. Yes! Secret societies do exist in Malaysia. Even Freemasonry and the Illuminati.

You can refer that fact to our history of Ghee Hin and Hai San secret society. Read more about it here and here.

On the other hand, the Malay Supremacy bashing by Pakatan Rakyat which propagated the people's supremacy seemed to be scared of a mere logo, 1Malaysia for that matter.

Why else would Selangor banned the 1Malaysia logo in business premises? That is the most obvious answer because if the Pakatan Rakyat coalition is so strong, they would not be scared of a logo.

This arises after Anwar Ibrahim was suspended from the Parliament for 6 months because he cannot defend his statement by providing ample evidence in linking 1Malaysia with One Israel.

Talk is cheap and anyone can say anything about someone else. But action speaks louder than words. And most of Anwar's action betrayed him and proved that he is not a patriotic Malaysian.

Don't you wonder why the homosexual societies or those who we know for sure are gays are always there for Anwar? I mean birds of a feather flock together.

So, open your eyes and minds and don't be stuck in the rut. For God's sake change because we don't want this country to be a second Singapore and adopt communism.

We have to ensure that the Malays maintain the political power because we had lost the economic control of our country since our economy are being controlled by the Chinese.

Out of 8 from the 10 richest person in Malaysia in 2009 are from the Chinese descent.

Futhermore, the Malays had not achieved the 30% share of the economy from the New Economic Policy until now. So think for yourself what will happen if we lost the political power as well!

I am talking about the reality here and not just trying to scare you because Malaysia will definitely become a second Singapore if DAP wins in the next General Election.