Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't broadcast your wealth to anyone if you want to be safe!

Erni Dekritawati Yuliana Buhari, the eldest daughter of cosmetics queen Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya had voiced out her concerns about the safety of her siblings after speculative reports on her family's wealth and detailed background reports could make them targets of certain parties.

Since her mother had suffered a horrific fate at the hands of the conmen cum murderers, I am sure she is afraid that her siblings and herself could suffer the same fate when the media had been publishing about their purported wealth of RM157 million.

There are many bad people out there and none of them has any indication of what kind of person they really are. They could look innocent, act innocent but their true behaviour of being a criminal could be hidden from their families or the public which would be surprised when it is revealed finally that they are the culprit of some brutal crime as what had happened to the 2 lawyer brothers.

On her late mother, Erni said what she missed most was Sosilawati's straightforwardness.

"If we were wrong, she would tell it to us straight in our faces. She was never discreet when it came to correcting us.

"Looking back now, it was that kind of upbringing that has shaped us," said Erni, adding that she had become stronger after her mother's passing.

She said Sosilawati shared her trials in life with her children.

"She told us how she hard she worked to build her business."

But when it came to her private life, Sosilawati was almost silent. Her children never pushed her for they respected her privacy.

Erni said she respected the decision of her stepfather, an Indonesian, who has not come out in the open following Sosilawati's death.

"We still keep in touch but if he decides to lay low, we respect that."

The excerpt was taken from NST dated 27th September 2010 in an article titled "I'll continue her legacy".

Hence, for us all, we should make an example of this true story. Don't tell anyone about your assets or how rich you are for there are people out there who will be plotting to steal it by lying, cheating, raping, beating, stabbing and burning your body to hide their con.

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