Saturday, June 19, 2010

Israel is proving that they are the real terrorist

On 19th June 2010, The Jerusalem Post published an article titled "Next flotilla will be stopped".

The UN was told by the Israel that it will not allow the Lebanese flotilla into Gaza.

Israeli ambassador to the UN, Gabriela Shalev sent a letter declaring that intend of stopping the new flotilla of ships organized in Lebanon to break the naval blockade to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Shalev wrote that they will stop the flotilla by all means and called it an unnecessary provocation and reiteraed that Israel continued to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza at the land crossings from Israel.

According to AFP, Hizbullah an Islamist Lebanese group on Friday denied it was connected to an initiative to send to Gaza with only women activists on board.

As they tried to avoid giving the Israeli enemy any pretext to attack the participants Hizbullah leaders decided to stay away from this humanitaraian act in terms of organization, logistic support and participation.

However, I doubt it that Israel will just allow the flotilla to pass through without creating another reason as the Mavi Marvana supposedly carrying terrorist who had all been assassinated by the Israel commandos.

Charge irresponsible parents with child endangerment

Since 2004, more than 6,270 teenagers have been reported missing in Malaysia and out of these 4,620 of the missing children are teenage girls. However, the police statistics have revealed that in 2005, 71 girls who ran away from their homes were found death. In 2006, another 71 missing girls’ bodies were found. In 2007, there were 3,246 reports lodged with the police for missing girls.

Between January 2004 and May 2005, 4,237 of the 6,270 missing children, mostly teenagers, were found and returned to their home. However, during the same period, a total of 149 girls under the age of nine were also reported missing.

Statistics of missing children in Malaysia reveal that since 2004, a total of 5,996 children under the age of 18 went missing from their homes. Other than 1,904 children, the rest subsequently returned home or were found and returned home by the police. The majority of children the 1,904 children still missing are girls and they are aged between 14 years and 17 years.

In 2008, between January 1 and April 13, 303 children and teenagers below the age of 18 have been reported missing in Malaysia according to the Deputy Internal Security Minister of Malaysia.

In Malaysia, under Section 33 of the Child Act 2001 , any person who, being a parent or guardian or person having the care of a child, leaves that child

(i)without providing reasonably for the child’s supervision and care;
(ii) for a period which is unreasonable having regard to the circumstances; or
(iii)under conditions which are unreasonable having regard to the circumstances,

commits an offence and shall be liable to a fine of up to RM5,000-00 or up to two years’ imprisonment, or both. Read more here.

Irresponsible parents should be charged for endangering the lives of their children. If they can't ensure the safety of their children in the first place, they are not fit to be parents.

Let us recall what happened to Nurin Jazlin, an eight-year old girl who was reported missing after she had gone to a night market located near her house in Section 1, Wangsa Maju to buy a hair clip on the night of 20th August 2007.

She is an underage minor. Now how could any parent let a child go out alone without being accompanied by an adult? This proves that their parents are irresponsible adults who had endangered their childs life. She was last seen being dragged into a white van and only God know what had happened to her during the 27 days (20th August 2007 - 16th September 2007) ordeal at the hands of some sadistic, psycopath, paedophile murderer who would torture an innocent child to death.

The latest is Nisha Chandramohan who went missing on June 4th 2010 and its already been 16 days now (till June 19th 2010). The parents went on to give a lame excuse that her 54-year-old grandaunt who is suffering from mental illness took her out for a walk.

Is that true? I am wondering how can a crazy person is free to do whatever she likes to do without the supervision of the sane parents watchful eyes?

A repeat of pathetic stories about how the missing girl needs medication for epilepsy. I remember hearing that one before. Let me think!

The girl is said to be a hypertension patient who is also suffering from kidney problems. (Referring to Nurin Jazlin as if the sadistic torturer care about her being sick).

"I fear that she may be given the wrong medicine by whoever has her now,” Norazian,Bernama, 5 September 2007

Although the public pitied the irresponsible parents and pleaded for them not to be charged, I am pleading with the government to charge these irresponsible parents so that other parents will be more responsible not to let their child out of their sight without an adult supervision.

What is your views on this matter?

Lift the blockade in Gaza -Amnesty International

Amnesty International had called for Israel to lift the blockade on the coastal strip in Gaza.

It's website had published that the impose of a collective punishment of 1.4 million Palestinians is in clear violation of international law.

Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International Director for the Middle East and North Africa said that it is clear Israel does not intent to end its collective punishment of Gaza's civilian population but only ease it and that is not enough.

He also said that Israel should comply with its obligations as the occupying power under international law and immediately lift the blockade to reduce the dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

He noted that there is no mention of allowing exports to leave Gaza in the announcement. The banning of vast majority of exports, raw materials and the movement of the people had destroyed Gaza's economy and pushed the population into unemployment, poverty and dependency on aid agencies for survival.

The problems will not be solved if the blockade continued.