Monday, June 6, 2011

Is this a scam?

Only one question. Who the hell is this motherfucker?

Oh yeah! I know the President of the United States. But he doesn't know me. So what the fuck?

When you uses someone else's name to make yourself look good because you know this person and that, well, be prepared to face the consequences.

Need I say more?

H2O should be 'ISA'ed

I certainly think that H2O is a transvestite who kept giving warning after warning to people but will not keep to his word.

And I don't like him at all. I despise his weakness. He really have no business being the minister in KDN. Even if he's the Prime Minister or the President of the United States, if I don't like him, I will tell it as I feel.

Now if he is so reluctant to drag those motherfuckers who are jeopardizing our nation's security, then maybe he should be the one hauled in the ISA (Isolate Stupid Asshole)!

Only then he would taste his own medicine because he is the one responsible to make our government the laughing stock of the Pakatan Rakyat. No wonder the communists are now so bold to do whatever the fuck they feel like!

If you aren't willing to do the job that you are supposed to do, no matter how hard it is or whether people will hate you for it, then just get the hell out of KDN.

We need a Minister who have balls to do what's tough, not someone who will crack under pressure! Maybe he should suddenly go MIA. That is much better!

I don't think these things will happen during the administration of Tun Dr Mahathir. We need someone at the top who is stern and tough and no holds barred.

If he is that weak, maybe H2O should be given the post of the Women's Ministry instead. He would do much better there. While he's at it, go wear a grandma's dress.

Do whatever it takes to survive even if it means you have to support devils

It's good that Mat Sabu who had once been caught in close proximity with another man's wife, in which the woman later became his wife supports Anwar Ibrahim now.

They are both of the same kind; sex maniacs who acts holier-than-thou when they are morally corrupt.

When someone has no morals whatsoever, they will be willing to do whatever they want as long as they get what they want and that is money.

Anwar Ibrahim received money from the Jews to damage his own country. Mat Sabu could be receiving money from Anwar Ibrahim since he had turned 360 degrees in his opinion of Anwar.

As for the release of the sex video which main actor is Anwar, since the one in the video looks like him, speaks like him, moves like him and I am sure Wan Azizah and all his other lovers who had fucked Al Juburi knew, fucks like him.

Well, money is everything and everyone has their price. You offer them the right price, and they will even sell their own religion, even their own mother or wife to be fucked by Al Juburi who are sex crazed.

PAS had proven themselves not to be upholding Islam and the values of Islam when they could keep a blind eye towards the sex video which main actor is Al Juburi.

When Anwar had been in UMNO, they slammed him, when he is with them in Pakatan Rakyat, they ignored all his flaws.

Now that is a real number one hypocrite who had in fact proven themselves to only be using the religion for their own personal gain.

And those kind of people are the ones warned in the Quran and Hadith to be the worst kind of hypocrites.

But in reality, if you have principles than you die. If you don't have any principles you will get whatever you want out of this life.

So maybe just throw away all your principles inside the garbage bin and do whatever it takes to survive, even if it means you have to sleep with the enemy just as showed by PAS.

It' something like either you are with me or against me, so save your own asses and be damned with all your principles which are not worth a dime.

PAS are now are just as secular as DAP

It is obvious that now that who are pro-Anwar are in control of PAS as proven by the recent announcement of the PAS election.

Those Anwaristas will change the PAS administration where the rethorics of establishing an Islamic nation will be dropped like a piece of garbage by those who recently acquired the power.

This recent development certainly proves that the DAP are now in control over PAS which are now absolute and total. PAS are definitely confirmed PAShit and the cohorts of communists and a sodomiser.

Meanwhile, Mat Sabu, the person who introduced the infamous nickname "Al Juburi" in the 1990s for Anwar Ibrahim when the latter was in UMNO had stated that the issue does not arise anymore in the current scenario, proving that he has no principles and will support someone he knew to be a sex maniac but have the money to pay him up to shut him up.

Besides, anyone can be bought at a price. Name the price and if it's right anyone will sell his soul to the devil.

If he has a principle, he will not be such a dick by saying that he attacked Anwar when he was in UMNO but had stopped doing it now since the latter is not holding any more post in UMNO now.

If Anwar is an asshole then in UMNO, he will still be an asshole now in PKR and in Pakatan Rakyat because it is his nature.

Hadi Awang who maintained to be the PAS president was in a denial and said that the claim of the new faces holding power in PAS are now not from the team who supports Anwar "Al Juboori" Ibrahim.

He also said there was no such thing as a division between the ulama and the professionals or "Erdogan" that describes the so-called professionals who are allegedly aligned to Parti Keadilan Rakyat de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Dr. Juanda Jaya gave his opinion by saying that he hope for PAS to be mature in politics and will not be led by other parties to the extend of giving up the party's original principles.

Those motherfuckers in PAS, PKR and DAP deserved each other. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together had certainly be proven by those unholy trinity in PAS, PKR and DAP.

We are treading on dangerous grounds here because the truth is most of the people we come in contact with supports the opposition. So, UMNO must really change to win the hearts of the people.

Especially the fuckers in the grass roots who takes other people for granted which in turn makes those used by them HATE UMNO as the results of their fucking behaviour.