Sunday, December 12, 2010

Intelligence leaked Anwar as a sodomiser

Anwar Ibrahim should just kill himself for the sodomy he committed against his countless victims and for the treason he committed towards the country.

It is so ridiculous to suggest that Anwar Ibrahim is the first Malaysian victim of Wikileaks.

Wikileaks is so dangerous to the agency that they have to come up with a ridiculous scandal towards the founder of Wikileaks and catch him on a sex crime.

Issued to Fairfax newspapers by WikiLeaks, the cable stated, “The Australians said that Singapore’s intelligence services ... told [the Office of National Intelligence] in their exchanges that [Mr Anwar] ‘did indeed commit the acts for which he is currently indicted’.’’

In Malaysiakini
in an article titled "S'pore 'conspiracy' against Anwar 'shocking' ", Nik Nazmi was quoted as said,

“We must ask why the Singaporean intelligence services chose to collude with Malaysia's Special Branch in spreading such lies about Anwar,” said the PKR supreme council member.

“It should furthermore be pointed out that the cables exposed by Wikileaks are essentially information collected by third parties – like Australia – that were then shared to the US State Department.

“As a result, the cables contain all manner of information – including personal opinions and hearsay and hence are far from reliable,” Nik Nazmi said in a statement issued this afternoon.

“I hope the 'technical intelligence' mentioned in Wikileaks could be revealed to the public since that was the basis that the Singaporean intelligence claimed led to their conclusion.

“At the end of the day, the current campaign of persecution and vilification against Anwar is no different from the first: both rely on the abuse of the judicial process and only the reliance of flimsy medical evidence by the persecution.

“This, if nothing else should prove that this case is politically motivated and engendered by a conspiracy at the highest levels.”

Yes. Sure it is a conspiracy of the highest level by Anwar Ibrahim and the Jews to rule Malaysia as Anwar as their proxy. Try to recall the article which promotes Anwar Ibrahim as the future Prime Minister of Malaysia in The Jerusalem Post.

Let's see. The Jews there are on a daily basis bombing Palestine and killing innocent men, women, children and old folks. Why do they care so much about this so called Muslim leader named Anwar Ibrahim if he is not one of their agents?

I am sure in the mind of Anwar now he is thinking that he is fucked up bad since this Wikileaks leaks. hahahaha. Serves you right for becoming the most intelligent agent ever recruited by CIA (just read 50 dalil kenapa Anwar tidak boleh jadi PM).

The Malays have a saying of "Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah jua".

I bet this is a conspiracy of the CIA and Mossad to kill off Anwar's political credibility since he had not been successful in becoming the Prime Minister of Malaysia as proposed by an article published in The Jerusalem Post.

Surely, as we often watched in spy movies, the intelligence agencies will kill try to kill their operatives themselves when the operatives failed big time in their mission.

And Anwar Ibrahim had certainly failed in his mission to be the proxy Prime Minister of whatever agency he is working for after several decades. So when will the CIA be sending their assassins to finish off this sodomiser?

Just kill yourself Anwar Ibrahim if you don't want to suffer horrible death at the hands of the assassins. But why would the agency waste their resources to finish off a dumbass?

He had time and time again said someone is going to kill him to the extend of him running off to the Turkish embassy to seek some protection or is it some TLC because we know how the Turkish people are like?

But he is still alive until now. He had been injected with HIV virus and arsenic when he was first accused of sodomy in 1997 but I am so surprised, 13 years later, he is still alive and kicking.

Anwar do tell us the secret you keep that keeps you alive. What miracle drug are you using to keep you healthy?

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