Friday, December 10, 2010

Malay Muslims being discriminated in many ways

Malaysiakini news tends to be hilarious. I feel like laughing when I read the statements written by Mariam Mokhtar in Malaysiakini who wrote:

Look at how Malay men perceive of their women. Despite equality in Islam, women are given short shrift. Nurul Izzah Anwar's (right) request for a debate with Ibrahim Ali was rejected. He called her 'small fry' and told her to contact the head of Wiranita, the Perkasa women's organisation, instead. This demeaning attitude towards women is replicated in many Malay households.

I repeat what she wrote, "This demeaning attitude towards women is replicated in many Malay households."

Maybe that is why many Malay women would run off with an Indonesian to live a hard life in Lambuk, Indonesia. They think they will live a life full of bed of roses there, with maids to entertain them.

When they endure hardship, and had to work in the field for food, it's time to make up sob stories and come crying to mummy for Pemuda UMNO to rescue them.

Many Malay women too can easily fall for black men here who had been again and again reported in the news to be conmen that uses them to be drug mules. Can you just use your brains before trusting someone that easily?

How about the terrible treatment of Anwar Ibrahim towards his own wife when he has a weird hobby of sodomising someone from his own sex.

That is more demeaning because his wife has to put up and play dumb with the affair of her husband with countless beautiful men and women for that matter.

Datin Seri Azizah should feel ashamed of herself because of her covering up the weirdo attitude of her husband resulted in other supporters of her husband who does not believe in his sodomising ways to become new victims of his sodomy.

The coming of Islam into the world raised the standards of women to be at par with men. Before this, in Arab during the jahilliah era, baby girls are being buried alive. But the coming of Islam stopped that.

Don't just blame the treatment of the Malay men towards the women. That is just how men behaves all over the world. It is worst with the infidels where the husband can keep a mistress or many mistresses at the same time. Men will be men no matter what religion there are.

Mariam also stated:

Our religious leaders must make a clear stand against polygamy, paedophilia, child-snatching and intolerance of other faiths. Our Malay leaders must learn to respect other non-Malay Malaysians and treat them as equals. Only then do we have the right to ask others to respect us. We must stop the hypocrisy and madness that is called “ketuanan Melayu”.

Yes! Sure our religious leaders had to be firm on issues of polygamy, paedophilia, child-snatching and intolerance of other faiths. But can you answer me about the intolerance of other faiths towards Islam?

What about the findings of a pig's head in a mosque? Why is it that the person responsible to throw red paint at a surau only gets away with lenient warning compared to the harsh treatment towards the Malay Muslim who had been jailed 6 years?

What about the questioning of the special rights of the Malays when 8 out of the richest men in Malaysia is from the Chinese descendants, only 1 Malay and 1 Indian?

What about the disgraced attitudes of the communists in DAP which had behaved disrespectfully when they went to Masjid Negara on Friday during the Friday prayers of the Muslim who will not cover up their hair?

Queen Elizabeth had more poise and honour than them who are racist kiasus who will do anything to belittle and demean Islam. Well, communists will be communists even when CPM does not exist anymore in Malaysia, the party is being reborn with the name DAP.