Saturday, April 30, 2011

Don't just say it, do it!

It's good to hear about PAS not keeping up to their promises to the 300 MPKB Market Traders Association members.

The shitter in PAS should keep up the good work and keep on oppressing the traders.

They are doing it when the retail space given to them was smaller than what had been promised earlier by the state government.

Bravo to Nik Aziz for showing how good a so-called Islamic state government (or the real truth is that it is a PAS state government using Islam to lie to people) can be.

Moreover, PAS who champions itself as a Muslim leader who are more Islamic than the rest of us supports and are in cohort with the same one they had been blasting before when he was in government, the infamous Al Juburi.

Yesterday, New Straits Times published a news titled "Upset traders to vote out Pas state leaders".

Don't threaten, just do it because the state government had proven not to be trustworthy or able to keep to their promises.

When people fucked with you, just fuck them back good time!

Since PAS had monkeyed around with you, don't get mad, but get even. Just vote them out and don't just say it, DO IT in the 13th General Election.

If a state government had proven itself not be acting in the good faith of the people, just kick them out. Kick ass and vote for Barisan Nasional.

And if Barisan Nasional wrestles back Kelantan from PAS, it's not because of the UMNO leaders at the grass root is doing their job, it's because PAS is dumb and thinks the voters are dumber than them.

UMNO leaders in the grassroot in Kelantan are complacent with the way it is because they still got their money from the Federal Government even though they don't have to lift a finger to work to win back Kelantan.

The only person I see working hard is Datuk Mustapa Mohamad and I see no one else helping him. It's a bit like Datuk Seri Najib going down to meet the people but his actions are not emulated by other UMNO leaders in the grass root.

If you want to be a lazy bum and drag BN down with you, just quit from being an UMNO or Barisan Nasional leader. We need working leaders not sleeping leaders.

And that goes to you to Chua Soi Lek. If you porn actor thinks that being with DAP is better, just get the hell out of Barisan Nasional.