Saturday, August 6, 2011

Either you die or they die

Snatch thief pays the price for preying on policewoman

KUALA TERENGGANU: A snatch thief who preyed on someone he thought was an easy target got a fist to his face from a policewoman instead.

The victim, who is a Lance Corporal, was riding her motorcycle at the Sultan Omar roundabout at 5.30pm on Thursday when the suspect, on another motorcycle, snatched her gold bracelet.

The suspect tried to escape but the victim gave chase and managed to punch the suspect in the face before forcing him to lose control of his motorcycle and crash into a divider some 5km from the crime scene.

The policewoman managed to recover her bracelet along with items stolen from other victims but the suspect ran off.

Terengganu CID chief Asst Comm K. Manoharan said the policewoman, who is attached with the state Narcotics Unit, called for help and managed to track down the suspect with the help of other police personnel.

“They managed to apprehend the suspect in a housing area near the city some 30 minutes after the incident.

“The 26-year-old suspect tested positive for drugs,” he said.

ACP Manoharan commended the policewoman's actions in courageously chasing after and eventually nabbing the suspect.

“The suspect thought he could get away easy after robbing a defenceless woman but I think he got the surprise of his life.

“It is really his bad luck that he chose a policewoman to rob,” he said.

He added that initial investigations revealed that the suspect was involved in multiple other snatch thefts in the city.

“The suspect has been remanded until Sunday,” he said.

Taken from The Star

Nowadays, criminals do not care if they hurt their victim to the extend of killing them.

So, in the eyes of the law, can the victims defend themselves to the extend of killing their assailant.

It's either them or us that will die. Hence, it's better for the assailant to die during the victim's defending their safety against crime.

But, will the victim suffer the unfair treatment as the woman who had run over her snatch thieves which made her being put in jail?

Therefore, since women nowadays are the target of snatch thieves who are mainly drug addicts, the women should learn some self-defence techniques.