Friday, June 10, 2011

Come and find me!

People are mostly bad. When people are bad, we have to be worst than the devil. Dealing with devils, we have to be just as bad or worst than them.

That's why I love PEKIDA. It's P.E.K.I.D.A. okay? Not "Pukida". Get that name right you bastards and bitches out there! If not, Pekida will kick your asses.

Say whatever the fuck that all the detractors want about Pekida, when one have the resolve to do whatever it takes to defend their race, surely there will be motherfuckers who will criticize them!

So, any three line Malay gangster out there reading this? I want to be part of you guys. If you are gangsters, I can be gangsters too.

I want to kick some asses too. So, what should I do to be a member? Do I need to kill anyone first for initiation? I am totally willing to do that.

I do have some people in mind to do just that. Or maybe you guys could do it for me first for a demonstration to teach me what to do.

I am ready to kick some ass and those who have pissed me off should watch out coz some head will roll.

Three line Malay gangster could maybe help me beat up some people to ICU who does not seem to understand that I mean business!

Find me because I am going to find you, whatever it takes. Secret societies and all, the watchers will surely take action if you go out of line!

Most of your dumb asses out there might not understand what I am talking about because you are dumb, but I do and I am sure those who do, do!

So are you guys Illuminati or Watchers? Secret societies are all around us!