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Answering some questions from an Indian reader.

My fellow readers. This is one feedback that I had graciously received from one Prashant Thayaparan in my e mail.


I find your view on DAP rather shallow. Please enlighten me, how are they racist when they are asking for equal rights? Is every citizen in the country not of the same standing?

Of course, some are richer than others.

In your other article, you mentioned how the first thing they would do in power would be to abolish Malay Special Rights. Hasn't it been too long? The 'special rights' governed to the bumiputera race has been abused by politicians and selfish Malays for far too long. It's about time the Constitution is amended.

Is has not been too long. The Malay special rights was created to achieve economic balance in Malaysia. In which other country, has the indigenous race not have special rights? Certainly, not in China, or India or even the United Kingdom.

DAP are not racist. They are merely campaigning for EQUAL RIGHTS for NON MALAYS. Why don't non-Malays deserve to be held in the same stead as Malay citizens? Are the non-Malays second class citizens? Or is it that the Malay race is so weak that it needs the shield of the Constitution to help it survive? I'm sure it's NONE of these things.

According to history, the indigenous people of the Malay Peninsular are the Malays. Therefore, originally the country belongs to them. The laws and regulations in this country is clearly fair to all. Otherwise, the Chinese and the Indians wouldn't have been so prosperous. Therefore, what is the complaints about? Are the other races in China and India given the same rights as the indigenous people in those countries? Are they even being given
citizenships? Therefore, this country has been more than fair to the other races inhabiting
within its borders.

PKR and PAS are not foolish. On the contrary, they are far more clever and forward-minded than their selfish UMNO counterparts. They are noble in sacrificing their lifestyle as 'Tuan' to achieve equal rights for their fellow citizens who are not bumiputera.

PKR and PAS are certainly not foolish. They are just selfish and never think about the more than 60% of those beyond poverty level. They have not been fair in Kelantan or develop the state as it should be done. Even the DAP in Penang has not been fair when they are in power as evidenced by the complaints made by the Malay traders since they are in power. So, where is this fairness and nobleness??? Isn't nobleness helping the poor?

Best regards

Below is an elaborated version of my answer which contains FACTS for Mr Prashant Thayaparan.

Equal rights for minorities are racists when 25% of the Chinese people, 10% of the Indian people and 5% of other races in Malaysia are demanding for equal rights.

Malaysian demographic statistics are of ethnicity: 60 percent are classified as Malay, 25 percent as of Chinese descent, 10 percent of Indian descent, and 5 percent as others. 60 percent of the population is Muslim.

A check on the incidence of overall poverty in Malaysia, according to the mid-term review of the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) in 2007, shows that the figure stands at 3.6%, with urban poor figures pegged at a mere 2%, of which only 0.3% fall into the hardcore poverty range.

The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia’s Report on the Human Rights Approach to Poverty Reduction in the country (Suhakam HRAPR) released in 2007 has proposed to the government that when dealing with poverty and equal access to development, it is important to ensure there is no discrimination involved.

From the research done so far on the poverty problem, even in Kuala Lumpur, Malays make up more than 60% of urban poor. They work in factories and hold low-paying civil-service jobs, and suffer from many disadvantages.

Click here to read Sedition at the highest level

The Reid Commission specified that the intent of Article 153 was to address the imbalance between the Chinese and Malays in terms of economic equity. In the period following Malaysian independence, however, the Bumiputra share of the economy did not substantially increase; as late as 1970, it was estimated that Bumiputras held only 2.4% of the economy, with the rest in Chinese and foreign hands. Friction between the Malay and Chinese communities grew, reaching its peak in 1969 during the 13 May race riots.

Wealth in the hands of the bumiputras went from 4% in 1970 to about 20% in 1997. The overall wealth of the country as a whole also grew; per capita GNP went from RM1,142 in 1970 to RM12,102 in 1997. During the same period, absolute poverty in the population as a whole dropped from 50% to 6.8%.

NEP Benchmarks 1970 1990 2004
Bumiputra equity 2.4% 19.3% 18.7%
(RM477m) (RM20.9b) (RM73.2b)
Overall poverty 52% 17.1% 5%
Rural poverty 59% 21.8% 11%
Household income RM660 RM1,254 RM2,996

Top 10 Richest Man In Malaysia For 2009 are:

1. (1)Robert Kuok USD 9 billion, 85, married, 8 children.
2. (2)Ananda Krishnan USD 7 billion, 71, married, 3 children.
3. (3)Lee Shin Cheng USD 3.2 billion, 70, married, 6 children.
Palm Oil
4. (5)Lee Kim Hua USD 2.5 billion, 80, widowed, 6 children.
5. (4)Teh Hong Piow USD 2.4 billion, 79, married, 4 children.
6. (6)Quek Leng Chan USD 2.3 billion, 68, married, 3 children.
7. (7)Yeoh Tiong Lay USD 1.8 billion, 79, married, 7 children.
8. (8)Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary USD 1.1 billion, 57, married, 5 children.
9. (10)Tiong Hiew King USD 1 billion, 74, married, 4 children.
10. (9)Vincent Tan USD 750 million, 57, married, 11 children.

My readers are always welcomed to ask more questions so that I can give them the answer truthfully.


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10 Richest Man in Malaysia 2009

Do something else if we what we are doing now is not working

The Malay race should come together after this dissapointing results of the Sibu by election. DAP, a party which is known to be a bigot and a chauvinistic racists had won in Sibu by 398 votes. Why can't we follow the Chinese attitude in terms of unity for the good of our race? Unity is strength. If we are sundered, it will be easier to break us apart.

The Chinese race are much more brilliant in their political move. Even though there are Chinese parties as the component party in Barisan Nasional, they are still united by the fact that they are Chinese and the Chinese will put their race above all the rest. 1Malaysia can be put in the dumpster.

The Malays are divided because the Malays are dumb. That is the most straight forward answer that I can give you. Malays that support PAS and PKR rejects UMNO because they think that PAS and PKR are much better. The Malays in PAS thinks that PAS is their saviour and is the most Islamic party that they have. They had been misguided by the fact that PAS is a political party and just like any other political party.

The Malays in PAS are so useless, the Malays in PKR are counterproductive, the Malays in DAP are incompetent, and some Malays in UMNO are just the same. We cannot categorize all Kelantanese as being fanatics about PAS because many Kelantanese also supports BN. Kedahans and Perakians can be PAS fanatics as well. The fact is that the sectarian that supports PAS is everywhere all around Malaysia. Even Johorians can be PAS fanatics.

PAS for all is a slogan created by PAS to attract non Malays to be their member. This is not just any slogan but the true facts of what PAS really is. PAS is not an Islamic party. PAS is far from it. Nik Aziz freely went in and out of the church in Sibu to promote DAP to the Christians. Nik Aziz was willing to relinquish Allah to be used in Christianity so that they can get the votes of the non muslim and to prove how liberal they had become.

The leaders in PAS who claimed to be all knowing and more Islamic than anyone else here are nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing. They are so twisted that they can know who is going to heaven or hell. Some fanatics in PAS would even accuse the prayers of UMNO supporters as not valid in the houses that had been bought by government loans. Their mouths are so malodorous just like the stinking garbage because they would be so petty minded as to assemblage us as being heretics just because we do not support PAS or become PAS members.

Oversea students who received JPA scholarships are oblivious to the assistance and the goodwill of our ruling government. That is the sole reason why they are blinded and supports PAS. Do they think that PAS has the capability to do the same if they are the ruling government? These PAS fanatics keeps on condemning the government. If you really despise BN, why did you accept the scholarship offer? Don't be hypocrites of the lowest kind. Give back the scholarship and try to ask it from your beloved PAS.

What is so damn good about PAS? Anyone from PAS can acquaint me with the sanguinary details or try to persuade me about the goodness of being a PAS member; that is beside going to heaven after you are dead just because you voted for PAS.

Cronism is rampage in any party; be it UMNO, PAS, PKR, DAP, MCA or Gerakan. So, why be prejudiced about UMNO when all parties in Malaysia, moreover all around the world are the same? Just like in real life, whatever we have, we share with our family and friends rather than with stranger whom we know are our mortal enemies. That is the facts of life. However painful that might be, it is happening all around us.

The Chinest racists are practising more cronism than the Malays. They will not give the chance to the Malays to transcend their success in Malaysia. They are so greedy. They have controlled the economy, now they want to control the political power as well.

The recent Hulu Selangor by election had proven that the Chinese votes accumulated by BN was only 28% compared to 37% in the previous general election. The sabotage by BN component parties MCA and Gerakan could be another reason why the Chinese in Sibu voted for DAP.

Barisan Nasional especially UMNO have to find creative ways to attract the young voters to support BN and UMNO. BN have to be more proactive, creative and open in order to gain the support of the youths. Stop giving in to the demands of the Chinese who has proven themselves to be self-centered bigots. WHY SHOULD WE KEEP GIVING HELP TO SOMEONE WHO IS UNGRATEFUL?

If UMNO concentrates more on helping the poor (of all races), but looking at the percentage which is manifold from the Malay race, they will be known as the true champion of the people. This is an honest assessment from someone who loves UMNO and do not have any interest in it.

Learn from our previous mistakes. Don't keep repeating it over and over again. Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

UMNO must change

IMalaysia has now backfired and had bitten off more than it can chew. The Chinese race had been using 1Malaysia to ask for equality and fairness because of 1Malaysia slogan. Our beloved Prime Minister should not be so hypocritical. 1Malaysia looks fake and we all know that it is only a smoke screen to top up Malaysian Malaysia propogated by DAP.

Whose idea is 1Malaysia anyway? Most people are guessing that it is Rosmah's idea. If you are the Prime Minister's wife, act like one. Don't overstep your boundaries and act as if you are the PRIME MINISTER. By doing that, you are making people feel hostile towards you, thinking that you are a Queen Control, making a fool out of Datuk Seri Najib. Najib can you for once act like a real man, not like a man who is frightened of his bullying wife? If that is not too much to ask. Unless you are really that scared of your wife.

Before being over excited to preserve other races namely the successful Chinese whose name is leading in the name list of the top 10 of Malaysia's richest men. Year after year, 8 of the names are of the Chinese descendants and only 1 Malay. So what is wrong with the economic situation now? The minority is controlling our economy and the majority is being the oppressed one since the rich Chinese will not lift a finger to help them to be at the same par with them. They would rather the majority be their slaves for life.

The Chinese are a racist lot. They do not want to give up their vernacular schools which is certainly not helping in promoting the unity of "Bangsa Malaysia". "Bangsa Malaysia" should be able to learn together, work together and be together in preservering against the odds, in other words communicate freely without prejudice or feeling threatened by one another. These Chinese racists especially those in DAP, not forgetting in MCA and Gerakan is only adding insult to injury.

Yes. There are racists in MCA and Gerakan as well. Just admit it. Come on. We are not as stupid as you think we are. We know that you are racists. Most of the people living on this planet is racist. But there are good types of racists and bad types of racists. The good types of racists are like the Malays. We are racists, we love our race more than other races but the difference is that we are not that cruel or inhumane as the Chinese who are willing to take the rights of others to make themselves dominant in a country where they are the minority.

UMNO leaders should not be afraid of Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar Ibrahim is a well known crook and the servant of the Jews; willing to do whatever he has to so that he will become the Prime Minister of Malaysia under the directive of the Jews. Voting for Anwar Ibrahim is correspondent to voting in the Jew so that they will indirectly be in control of our sovereign country. Surely we do not want our country to be like Palestine where the Palestinians are suffering everyday due to the daily bombardment from the Jews?

And in my observation of PAS, the number one hypocrite party in Malaysia who clearly does not care a damn about what is happening to the Muslims in Malaysia, much less to what is happening all around the world. PAS is more concerned about power and is willing to do anything to hold on to their position as leaders in Kelantan and spread their control to other states. PAS are fanatics and only because of that they can come together with DAP, another fanatic party that are so racist.

God, the One and Only; God, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; And there is none like unto Him. Muslims believe that wholeheartedly but the leaders in PAS are deviationists that are advocating the name of Allah as the Muslim God be used in Christianity, a religion that believes in trinity which is the father, the son and the holy spirit. God is not God if God is the same as the humans, one of the creations of God. God is superior in everyway. So it doesn't make any sense to equal men to God.

PAS is just another political party. The leaders in PAS are actually politicians. They are not real Muslim scholars. If they are, they would be like the Muslim scholars of the yesteryears, busy studying and becoming experts in their own fields just to develop and heighten the Islamic religion.

I am sure that most people even UMNO members themselves are disgusted with UMNO right now for giving priority to the Chinese race who are already rich in all sense of the word. But as one of my UMNO comrades said, although we are disgusted we have no other choice since PAS is far worst than UMNO.

Look whose talking?

RPK who is giving a speech at a DAP programme is slamming others for being racists. Hey! What about DAP?

The Chinese racist chauvinists in DAP and the Chinese secret societies was the perpetrators of the 13th May 1969 riot. So what are you talking about?

Get your facts right before opening your mouth and making you look like a fool.

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Raja Petra slams Racial Politics at DAP Ceramah Klang Part 1

PAS is racists. DAP is racists. Even PKR is racists. Don't act high and mighty when you are racist too.

Malays should prioritise their race just like the Chinese

DAP won the Sibu seat with a majority of 398 votes. Wong (DAP) got 18,845 votes while Robert Lau (BN) got 18,447 votes. Independent candidate Narawi Haron managed to garner 232 votes.

Total No. of Registered Voters: 54,695 (including 2,537 postal voters)
Number of voters who cast ballots: 32,742
Voter turnout: 59.86 per cent

This is hardly surprising since the Chinese voters are cleverer in manipulating the votes so that the party that will represent them will be the ones that will voice out their wants which is now after succeeding to control the economy of Malaysia, they are becoming more greedy. MCA and Gerakan are not doing anything to ensure that Barisan Nasional will remain strong. The same thing can be said about MIC.

They are now contemplating and planning how to control the political power in Malaysia. I am sure that the MCA and Gerakan in Barisan Nasional is also feeling the same thing as what the Chinese voters are feeling. The Chinese in MCA and Gerakan are more witty in this game as the Chinese are not hold by sentiments like the stupid Malays in PAS and PKR. The Chinese can be united whatever party they may be, they will be together as long as their race can succeed in becoming the Prime Minister soon.

DAP are now clapping their hands and laughing behind our backs for the stupidity of PAS and PKR for playing a part in making this possible. Nik Aziz is the most simpleminded Wahabi ever that he can let himself be a pawn in this game that will sell out the Malays in their own land soon if this trend continues. Nothing more can be said about Anwar Ibrahim since he is willing to sell his soul to the Jews so that he could become Malaysia's Prime Minister at whatever cost it might be.

Nik Aziz the ignoramus can never think what will happen to the Malays if ever DAP come into power in the Federal level. Do you think that the Chinese will ensure that the fate of the Malays will be taken care of? I think that the first thing the Chinese will do is to drop the Malay special rights if they have 2/3 majority to change the constitution. This is not something I made up to scare you but if you see what is happening around us now, with the Chinese discriminating and bullying the Malay, THIS COULD HAPPEN! 2/3 majority could change everything.

MCA and Gerakan is celebrating DAP's success too as they are CHINESE first and Malaysian second. They are happy that their comrades have won the Parliamentary seat. I would like to ask this crucial question. Where are the component parties during the by election since they do not show that they are working for Barisan Nasional and helping BN to win by persuading their race to vote for BN? I think Dr Chua Soi Lek is busy playing with his mistress than going all the way out to work for BN.

In the Hulu Selangor by election, the Chinese vernacular schools received RM7 million for their schools but it is proven here that the Chinese race is an ungrateful lot. This was shown loud and clear with the results in the Sibu by election.

Why does Datuk Seri Najib willing to give RM18 million to the Chinese vernacular schools when the rate of the Chinese votes dropped in Hulu Selangor? Stop giving any help to a race that is not grateful, a race that has already succeeded economically in this country called Malaysia.

They have controlled the economy now it is clear they have an ulterior motive of controlling the political power in this country too. Read here.