Monday, September 5, 2011

Ugly old liar and meddlesome wife

Anwar's defence on Aug 22, 2011 is only a denial,
That he never fucked Saiful Bukhari and the latter brought the cream,
That is not a proper defence in a trial,
Being free as a bird will only be his day dream.

When one commits sodomy he has to face the consequences,
Stop beating around the bush and be a man,
Bring the wife as the aliby and evidences,
Will the wife defend him or get him canned.

What kind of wife will be patient when her husband is a bogus,
With a husband who fucks both male and female,
Al Jub acts sick with his neck wrapped with bandages
Seeking ignorant people's sympathy using con using folktale.

Al Jub's is a sex crazed person,
Fucking every male, female or transvestite,
Putting plastic sex objects in his victims's butt is arson,
Indulging in black magic to make his dick dynamite.

Al Jub's sex crazed and a traitor of the nation,
The government should hang him to death for his trechery,
The public wants him to rot in jail and not waiting in anticipation,
And for siphoning off with the money in the treasury.

Al Jub's has a good quality of not succumbing to his wife,
His wife is quite low profile and not an attention seeker,
A man should be a captain of his soul and a master of his life,
And not be afraid of his wife or be a squeaker.

Supporting Pakatan Rakyat is just so stupid,
When it's a coalition of communists, deviationists and gays,
If they govern the Federal level I can't imagine what horrid,
If the people votes then the people have to face and pays.

If GE12 UMNO was down because of Khairy,
Let's hope GE13 it won't be down because of TB syndrome,
If communists rule it will be scary so be warned first lady,
Don't meddle and just stay-at-home.

Some stupid asshole thinks he is so great,
If you are great make sure UMNO wins in GE thirteen,
I don't work for motherfuckers and cheapskates,
Don't siphone off money you won't have serene.

When you comment be brave to use your name,
Don't go commenting using anon,
Lots of motherfuckers ride on other's fame,
Just go and jump off the Grand Canyon.