Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Suspend the licence of Harakahdaily as well

Great if PKR will remain obstinate about publishing Suara Keadilan even though the Home Ministry had yet to decide whether they will renew the permit of PKR's mouthpiece.

Just do it PKR. I challenge you to do that. And if you are caught and dragged to court for breaking the law of the country, don't make up some sob stories about this country does not allow any freedom of speech when after Anwar Ibrahim was first caught and charged for sodomy in 1997, after he was sacked as the Deputy Prime Minister, you guys had been rampant in making up bull shit stories about the government via the internet and opposition blogs.

The wolf cry of conspiracy are now showing its true colours when the true conspirator who is Anwar Ibrahim who had clearly proven himself by his own act that he is the proxy of the Jews are surfacing day after day.

Would the Jews defend a Muslim who are not their proxy or agent so adamantly? They would even go as far as promoting him as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia who is approved by them in The Jerusalem Post. This surely means something as the Jews are so excited about bombing and killing any Muslim in other Muslim nation or even killing the volunteers in the peace flotilla to Gaza.

Why won't they kill Anwar Ibrahim? Instead, they would praise him and even defend him in his latest sodomy charge. Think. Come on. Use your brain. Now this is the real conspiracy between Anwar Ibrahim and the Illuminati since PKR is the vehicle of Illuminati in Malaysia.

"If they operate the newspaper without a licence, they bear the risk of facing legal action," Secretary of the Home Ministry's Publication Control and Quran Text Division, Datuk Zaitun Ab Samad said when commenting on PKR's strategy director Tian Chua's statement that the party would continue publishing its newspaper although there had been no response from the ministry to the application for renewal of the permit.

"There is no reason to take offense at the Felda bankruptcy story as Felda is free to respond to the allegations.

"In any event, it has already initiated legal proceedings against the newspaper, which the party will defend," PKR vice-president Mohamed Azmin Ali (PKR-Gombak) said.

Felda should sue Suara Keadilan for making up baseless allegations that demean Felda as being bankrupt. They should not be allowed to roam free after creating false accusations such as that which could blacken Felda's name.

In Malaysia, there is freedom of speech. But it does not mean that it could be used to slander and make up stories about the government that are baseless and only created to bring chaos to the country.

Harakahdaily should be suspended as well.