Monday, August 30, 2010

Where are the Youth Wing in UMNO?

4 police reports had been received relating to the controversial video clip produced by Namewee or Wee Meng Chee.

I hope more reports by the Malays who feel offended by this will be made. Where are all the Pemuda UMNO who are supposed to be in the front line of UMNO?

Have you guys become chicken due to having an asshole transvestite as a leader? That's what you get when you accept bribery just so that he can be assured to be a leader who had done nothing to improve the image of Pemuda UMNO.

All Malays who are not Malay liberals who are more towards defending the Chinese kiasus should be offended by the video clip and make more police report.

We have to be together in this as the racist kiasus too had made more police report on the principal who had been slandered by a student who had disciplinary records. That student had been instigated by an Indian teacher to make that report.

Read more about what really happened in the case of principal Hajjah Siti in the principal had been betrayed. Read more here.

The case against Namewee is being investigated under Section 4(1) of the Sedition Act 1948. It carries a fine not exceeding RM5,000 or a maximum jail terum of 3 years or both upon conviction.

Since Pemuda UMNO is more like a weakling who had no balls nowadays, maybe Perkasa should take a lead and make the police report? Every state that have Perkasa, the respective Perkasa leader should take the initiative to make the police report.

Perkasa had to prove itself as being more accepted by the younger generation compared to Pemuda UMNO because the transvestite had also issued a statement he will leave UMNO if more UMNO members support Perkasa.

Let us prove that more Pemuda and UMNO members are now supporting Perkasa and kick that transvestite out of UMNO.

Live a crime free life if you don't want to die in the hands of the law

* Capital punishments - by sword/crucifixion (for highway robbery with homicide), by stoning (for zina' when the offenders are mature, married Muslims)
* Amputation of hands or feet (for theft and highway robbery without homicide)
* Flogging with a varying number of strokes (for drinking, zina' when the offenders are unmarried or not Muslims, and false accusations of zina')

Those are some of the hudud laws. If PAS is so reluctant on setting up that law, why should they be harping on the same issue with DAP and PKR themselves bent on not supporting it?

This is just one of their cheap tricks to put the Federal Government in bad light when they kept blaming the Federal Government for not allowing them to do it.

Why keep blaming the Federal Government when your partners in crime, DAP and PKR are adamant against it as well?

“If it is wrong to take someone’s life, then the Government should not do it either. It’s ironic and not correct,” a de-facto law minister told Sunday Star.

“No criminal justice system is perfect. You take a man’s life and years later, you find out that another person did the crime. What can you do?”

Are you a fool or someone who does not know the scientific discovery of DNA which can be matched to the perpetrator of the crime? Have you ever heard of DNA or CSI?

Before you utter a word on that, why would USA have capital punishment by electic chair, lethal injection, hanging and others that are not done here? What about Guantanamo Bay?

If you are a drug trafficker and were caught here selling drugs, you are punishable by hanging to death.

Don't do the crime if you don't want to do the time. Comprenez? Don't go making up sob stories when you are caught doing the crime.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Take action against racist kiasus

This is what was reported by The Star on the issue of 4 Chinese kiasu teens splashing a surau with red paint and also throwing liquor bottles to the surau.

The three, aged between 16 and 17, and from Ulu Temiang and Sikamat near here, were brought to the Child's Court here about 3.10pm Friday to face the charges under Section 427 of the Penal Code, read together with Section 34 of the same code.

New Straits Times have this to report on "Juveniles plead guilty to desecrating surau".

The first accused, 17; second accused, 15; and third accused, 16, from around Ulu Temiang and Sikamat here had splashed red paint on the front wall of the newly-built surau besides throwing liquor bottles into its compound between 3am and 4am on Aug 23.

They were charged under Section 427 of the Penal Code (Committing mischief) for the offences.

This is a long awaited good news. Don't just quickly take action on whatever the Malay does when the Chinese can get away with murder like what happened in Namewee case.

At last the government has shown that they have some balls instead of behaving like cowards.

After this, round up and charge every Chinese and Indian and others who utter, write and do whatever to belittle the Malays, the Islamic religion, our national song, our national flag, the Malay sultanate and whatever stated in the constitution that should not be questioned.

I think this country has a law called the Internal Security Act. That should be used too to ensure that nobody especially the kiasus to be so bold that they can belittle the calling of azan like in the "Negarakuku" song.

There are other songs by Namewee. Those that had been slurred by him in his song including TNB should make a police report.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Impulsive teenagers is a petty excuse to escape responsibility

The Chinese who are not Muslims can be so racist. That is why The Star toned down the report on the vandalism of a surau in Seremban when the 4 culprits are of Chinese race.

And don't forget about the porn actor who asked for apology on behalf of Namewee who had been so racist and insulting towards the Malays, the Islamic religion and our national song.

“We deeply regret that such a thing had happened but it should not be used to incite racial sentiment.

“It was an act by impulsive teenagers and nothing more,” Deputy Home Minister Datuk Lee Chee Leong told reporters.

We'll see if the boys will get away with murder just like Namewee did after he apologised and the Chinese leaders apologised too on his behalf.

Throwing liqour bottles towards the surau is an insult to Islam and the Malays. Try to do that to other surau or mosque if you really want a repeat of 13th May 1969.

Just do it and we'll see who will be the last man standing. The Malays also have a limit to their patience when their honour and religion is at stake. Just provoke us more and more.

Remember what happened when Jebat ran amok? Just do it if you want to see a repeat of that in this decade.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Real Story Of 13th May 1969

You can read the full story by clicking at the real story of 13 May 1969.

Why is it during Ramadan, CNY or Deepavali, Malays lose their limbs?

When kids of the other races are busy doing something more useful, the Malay kids will get busy to play fireworks, firecrackers and home made bamboo bombs.

Then they will lose their limbs; one of their eyes, 3 of their fingers, some of their toes, etc, etc. When that happen, they will cry and regret it for the rest of their lives.

Whatever we do, have lasting consequences, so Malay parents, please advise your children not to play those dangerous things without an adult supervision.

Better still, if you could advise them to do something more useful.

Let's see, maybe something like studying or revising their academic books rather than wasting time playing things that can make them a disable for the rest of their lives.

Don't go blaming or crying when that happens because it's your own fault. Can you just ask yourself why no kids from the other races loses their limbs like the Malay kids?

Malays. Is it that their name is Melayu that they are just that in every aspect of the daily lives?

No wonder Tun Dr Mahathir finally gave up on the Malays because they never change for the better. They keep getting worst.

And the other races are laughing and clapping their hands at the Malays stupidity especially at the Malay liberal who would go as far as selling out their own race to show how liberal they are.

Bukit Kepong (1981) Part 11

Monday, August 23, 2010

A must read by Papa Gomo

Malay killed and splashed with red paint in 13th May 1969.

Racists are all around us

I felt like I want to go and burn the Indonesian flag and forcing the Indonesian demonstrators who defiled the Malaysian flag to eat the faeces that they threw at the Malaysian embassy in Jakarta.

The news in The Star titled "Indonesian demonstrators defile Malaysian flag, throw faeces at embassy" will make any patriotic Malaysian want to puke.

The group which called themselves the Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat (Bendera) which lasted an hour in which the uncivillised demonstrators stomped on the Malaysian flag and smeared it with faeces.

They also threatened to carry out an operation "to sweep" Malaysians from Jalan Diponegoro in Menteng. Stupid Indons.

When they are that uncivillised, we can be that uncivillised too. Catch all the illegal Indonesian imigrants especially those who willingly became prostitutes at many illegal massage parlour and sent them all back to Indon.

Indons are so uncivillised, hold grudges against the Malays who are actually from the same root as they are. They are stupid, uneducated so that is why they feel threatened when Malaysian are not as stupid and uneducated like them.

If they are so educated, many will not become illegal maids or working illegally in the construction industry. I actually hate the stupid Indons. They can be liken to Si Kitol and Raja Mendaliar which is the cause of the fall of the Malacca Sultanate.

This reminds me of the DAP which wants to sweep the Malays from Malaysia during the 13th May 1969 bloody racist clash.

Looking from the current trend, DAP, MCA and Gerakan looks as if they are trying hard to repeat the incident.

If they want to see another episode of the Malay amuk just like Jebat mengamuk, you are welcome to instigate racial hatred more and more and more.

This time, we will make sure non of the racist communist will live to see the day.

Bukit Kepong (1981) Part 10

Bukit Kepong (1981) Part 9

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bukit Kepong (1981) Part 6

Bukit Kepong (1981) Part 5

Namewee asked the Malays to live in the jungle and live like Sakai

‘Talk some more lah / Chinese go back to China / If all go back ah / This would not be Malaysia / I fear where you will find work / But it's usual lah, Malays also don't like to work / All go into the jungle / Live like Sakai.’

(Bercakap lagi lah / orang Cina balik ke China / Jika semua balik ah / Ini buikan jadi Malaysia lagi / Saya bimbang di mana anda nak cari kerja / Tetapi itu biasalah / orang Melayu juga tidak suka bekerja / semua pergi masuk hutan / hidup macam Sakai).

Namewee wrote that song too. So, does that constitute slur towards the Malays or not?

The Malays who feel offended with those lyrics should make a police report. The police should also investigate this arrogant racist bastard for racism under I.S.A. and/or The Sedition Act.

If the Chinese feel that they are so great, why don't they go back to the hell hole they come from and we'll see if Malaysia will be destroyed or not once they are gone?

Before asking the Malays to go live in the jungle, the first person who should go are the descendants of communists who are still clinging to their communists racism.

Friday, August 20, 2010

3 copies of the new constitution proves it's not coffee shop talk scabby dog!

This scabby dog is so arrogant. Make you feel you want to slap him until he collapse. If all the Minister are this arrogant, BN will be destroyed.

“If there is an attempt to replace the constitution, there should be a motion tabled in Parliament, because there is no other way except through Parliament.

“Barisan Nasional controls almost two-thirds (of the Parliament), so don’t waste time on something which cannot happen,” Nazri Aziz, the most stupidest Minister in the Prime Minister's Department said when commenting on Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria’s claim that three copies of the “new” Federal Constitution were given to him during a ceramah in Alor Setar.

“In the first place, it is not an offence to desire to change the constitution.

“What can you charge that person with?” he told a press conference after meeting a delegation from the Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia (Huazong) in Parliament building yesterday.

This stupid idiot could not differentiate the reality of something that had not happened but could have happened if ever Pakatan Rakyat wins 2/3 majority in the next general election.

Even if this time round, Barisan Nasional still controls 2/3 majority, but everything could turn around if what happened during the second term of Pak Lah's tenure repeated itself again due to his weakness he displayed during his tenureship.

Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria's claim that 3 copies of the "new" Federal Constitution which were given to him during a ceramah in Alor Setar shoudl be investigated by the authorities.

Stern action such as locking those people who created the new Federal Constitution up in I.S.A. lockup should be taken if the Home Minister is not so full of warning but no action.

The Chinese are so clever not to make any noise when someone of their own race slurs the Malays and Islam, someone like NAMEWEE but when a headmistress gives a stern warning to the Chinese and Indian students for misbehaving in school she gets the boot.

Now where is the fairness in that? When a Malay slams the other races for their bad behaviour, they are automatically labelled as being racist.

But when the other races criticises the Malays, it is not racism.

Bukit Kepong (1981) Part 4

Bukit Kepong (1981) Part 3

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bukit Kepong (1981) Part 2

Bukit Kepong (1981) Part 1

Starting today, I will put out a youtube that shows the film "Bukit Kepong" until the end of the movie. I am sure some communists will feel the chilli.

Stop the problems of unwed mothers having babies out of wedlock in the beginning

It is a joke that Selangor government had formed Generasi Idaman Selangor (GEMS) to help educate young mum.

Educating young mums are too late. We should educate them before they become young mum out of wedlock.

Dr Halimah Ali who is a Selangor executive councillor said that GEMS will provide protection to mothers and babies.

Abandoned babies happened because unwed Malay Muslim mums are ashamed that they became pregnant before marriage. It is just as simple as that.

Why does this problem never occur to the other races? It's because they do not really follow their religion and their family do not care if they have babies out of wedlock.

Moreover, youngsters of the other races are more knowledgeable about sex and ways to prevent them from becoming pregnant.

This is what happens when the Malays are so ignorant about sex, STDs and ways to control birth. Plus maybe their knowledge about Islam could be so little.

Therefore, sex education in school should be implemented. This is not to encourage teenagers to indulge in free sex but to give them ample education to save themselves for marriage.

We do not want our Malay civilization to be destroyed just because we follow the Western ways of free sex and having babies when they are teenagers.

PAS should not condemn the government for this problem, instead should be hand in hand with the government to eradicate this problem caused by the Malay Muslims which tarnishes the goodname of Islam.

The latest data from the police reveals that 65 babies have been dumped this year alone, 26 of them boys, 25 girls and the other 14 being foetuses.

This brings the total to 472 cases since 2005, in more than half of which, or 258, the babies were found dead.

Last year, a total of 79 cases were reported.

Doesn't the offenders felt some guilt for abandoning their babies to die? For Muslims, they have committed 2 biggest sins; first having sex before marriage, second murdering innocent babies because of their sex out of wedlock.

Why can't you stop after making the first mistake instead of committing mistake after mistake?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lirik Negarakuku. Don't you feel offended?

ILoveMyCountry - Negarakuku


Aku cinta negaraku, Hanya bila ada negara, Ada tanah air ku
Hanya bila ada tanah air ku, Di sini aku berdiri di sini
Nyanyikan lagu ini untuk kau dengan lantangnya, Janganlah kau takut
Walaupun aku selalu menggunakan perkataan-perkataan kesat dalam laguku
Tetapi lagu aku hanya seperti durian, berserta duri-duri
Hanya apabila kau berani membukanya, untuk melihat kebenaran nyata di dalam

Ia boleh berbau seperti tahi, ataupun berbau sangat elok
Hanya bergantung kepada jenis hidung yang kau ada
Polis kami mempunyai nama lain yang dipanggil MATA
Kerana mata-mata mereka sangat tajam
Apabila tahun baru semakin hampir, mereka seolah-olah sangat bekerja keras
Mereka akan mengeluarkan pen-pen, tetapi mereka tidak membuka tiket kepadamu
Kerana mereka terlalu dahaga dan mereka perlu minum TEH
Dan juga kopi O, mahukan gula lebih?
Kalau ditambah lagi gula, mereka akan tersenyum kegembiraan denganmu
Mereka akan katakan TATA kepadamu bila kau mahu beredar

Tanah tumpahnya darahku
Rakyat hidup
Bersatu dan maju

Fenomena seumpama ini tidak perlu dipertingkatkan lagi
TIDAK perlu untuk pertingkatkan kerjasama antara polis dan rakyat
Perhubungan tidak akan berubah dengan secawan kopi
Aku sangat gemarkannya
Sekurang-kurangnya aku tidak akan dapat tiket saman bila aku balik rumah
Kalau berlaku, bapaku mesti berang dengan aku
Aku mesti kena hamun, tak de kereta untuk aku
Kurang asam, apa yang aku boleh buat waktu macam ni?
Macammana aku nak BERGEMBIRA tanpa kereta?
Macammana aku nak beromen tanpa kereta?
Macammana aku nak cari awek tanpa kereta?
Aku sangat cintakan negara ini
Waktu subuh pukul 5 pagi
Ada seruan azan untuk kejutkan aku
Kadangkala ada lagu sekali
Sama macam nyanyi lagu cinta
Kadang-kala suaranya diubah jadi macam gaya RnB
Walaupun kadang-kala mereka menyanyi sampai jadi sumbang
Atau kadang-kala mereka menyanyi sampai serak
Sesetengah suara mereka sama macam kokokan ayam jantan, tetapi mereka lebih awal dari ayam jantan

Hanya dengannya, kami akan dikejutkan untuk pergi ke sekolah atau kerja
Tolong jangan salahkan kerajaan hanya ambil kisah tentang orang bumiputra
Tolong jangan salahkan kerajaan kerana tidak adil dengan kami
Ini semua tunjukkan kami orang cina tidak takut kerja keras
Ini semua hanya berikan kami cara untuk cari jalan keluar
Jangan terperanjat dengan keadilan mereka
Ini hanya tunjukkan kami adalah cemerlang
Hanya kanak-kanak kecil yang belum lagi dikotorkan tahu apa itu kemerdekaan
Kalau tidak, kau nampak beberapa orang lain masih lagi perlukan pengasuh kanak-kanak

Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita
Selamat bertakhta

Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita
Selamat bertakhta

Orang-orang yang di dalam kerajaan, mereka lagilah cerdik
Apa jua kerja mereka buat, mereka boleh buat dengan perlahan-lahan
Sedangkan orang-orang yang beratur pun akan tengking pada mereka
Mereka terus berasa selesa sepertimana yang mereka suka
Kadangkala mereka sampai bawak keluar kek mereka
Mereka makan kek nyonya mereka, anda semua boleh terus beratur
Meskipun kalau kau benar-benar tengking mereka
Ia masih lagi ok, kerana pengawal keselamatan tidur di sebelah dan dia tidak akan kesah tentang kau

Mereka tutup kepala mereka, lintas jalan dengan perlahan
Kau perlu benarkan dia melintas dan berhati
Yang paling penting untuk hidup dengan gembira, untuk hidup dengan selesa
Jangan jadi macam orang cina setiap hari sibuk dan penat gila
Kita amat disanjungi sikap sebegini
Inilah gaya hidup mereka, cara hidup mereka
(sikap sikap)

Aku masih lagi cakapkan perkataan baik-baik dalam lagu ini
Aku percaya mereka yang bencikan aku mesti tengah bergembira sekarang ini
Dunia ini sangat damai, dunia ini penuh dengan harapan
Tiada siapa yang tercedera, semuanya berjalan dengan lancar
Kau sangat suci, kau sangat pelembut
Tahi itu bau sangat wangi, tiada perkataan-perkataan kesat
Kau semua sangat berdarjat tinggi, setiap hari menikmati percintaan
Mendengar GuangLiang PinGuan (penyanyi popular malaysia)
Tetapi mereka telah lari ke Taiwan
Pelajar-pelajar sekolah Cina, selepas habis belajar
Sangat susah nak masuk ke universiti tempatan
Sebenarnya kitorang tak perlu dihasut oleh mereka
Kerana ini salah satu daripada pelan besar kerajaan
Mereka mahu kami pergi ke luar negara untuk mengejar cita-cita kami
Kemudian balik semula untuk menyumbang kepada negara
Rancangan ini memang sangat bagus sampaikan aku tak boleh nak cakap apa-apa

Di setiap pelusuk dunia sekarang ini boleh cari anak-anak Malaysia
Seolah-olah kami lari dari suatu tempat, sangat shiok (?)
Malaysia sedang mempromosikan tahun melawat Malaysia 2007
Tradisi cina dipromosikan di mana-mana
Tetapi kerajaan tidak pedulikan pun pelajar-pelajar sekolah cina
Semua sijil-sijil kami dibuangkan ke dalam longkang
Serupa macam aku, aku pergi ke Taiwan selepas habis belajar
Aku telah belajar sesuatu dan sedang bersedia untuk kembali dan membantu negaraku
Aku sekarang sedang berdiri di tepi jalan di Taipei, bersama dengan gitarku
Tetapi di dalam hatiku aku masih lagi menyanyi

Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita
Selamat bertakhta

Tolong jangan saman aku
Aku takde duit

Negarakuku - Bila nak dakwa? Tangguh sampai Namewee mampus?

Rewind: Negarakuku (When will he be charged in court?)

Why the double-standard?

Why is there a double-standard when it comes to racists remarks by a Malay?

Namewee who made a Youtube that had been watched by everyone all around the world that insults the Malay can get away with murder.

But the pricipal who allegedly used racist remarks against non-Malay students has gone on a voluntarily leave and being investigated by the police under Section 504 of the Penal Code for provocation which carries a maximum imprisonment of 2 years, a fine or both.

Why is it that when a Malay makes a racist remarks, he/she is so quick to be charged or investigated but when a non-Malay like Namewee or Chua Soi Lek makes a racists remark, they can scout free?

Where is the Internal Security Act (I.S.A.)? Why is it not implemented because the racists kiasus are so bold now.

Are the non-Malays above the law that they can give racist remarks and not be punished for it?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crocodile tears to save his own ass after abusing to death a small kid is not working.

Syafiah Humairah, 3, died of abuse by her mother's boyfriend at a football field near their house in Kampung Batu 30, Ulu Yam Lama near Batang Kali.

Siti Nurhanim Aziz, 25, the mother's victim denied that her boyfriend abused or hit her daughter. She is in denial when neighbours witnessed the accused, Mohd Fazli Azri Jamil kicking the victim.

She would rather defend that monster than becoming a true witness and admitting the abuse. What a terrible mum to defend someone who is the reason why her daughter is now in the grave.

The prosecution in its opening statement said there are witnesses who saw the accused kicking the victim.

“I have always treated Piah (referring to Syafiah) like my own and I love her very much. Piah likes to be with me and to stay with me,” he said as he wiped his tears with a tissue paper.

“On the morning of Feb 25 (the day of the alleged incident), Piah fell in the bathroom when she was playing during her bath.

“In the afternoon on the same day, I took Piah on a motorcycle but she was not wearing a crash helmet.”

Blatant lies to save his own ass from being sent to the gallows for abusing a small girl to her death.

“I was ‘high’ from the drugs and the stout and I do not remember what I did at that time. I do not remember stepping or kicking Piah.”

(Prosecution witnesses had previously testified that they saw Fazli kicking and stepping on Syafiah with his football shoes at the field on the day of the alleged incident.)

A drug addict who will not know what he did, like a case in Kelantan where a drug addict uncle murdered his own niece cannot be trusted at all. His words cannot be trusted because he will lie to save his own ass.

These criminals, and they are criminals for killing innocent child, should be sent to the gallows so that they can never hurt another human being like what they did to the murder victim.

This drug addict should have hired Karpal Singh as his lawyer because he is so good at postponing Anwar's sodomy case and maybe he could scout free due to technicallity.

There should be a new Act which will put to death all those that kill and abused to death small children. The same goes to the monster that rapes their own flesh and blood.

The head racist and communist calling others racist

MCA is so fair. Namewee who had been so racist that in his song broadcasted on Youtube, who wants the Malay to live in forest like SAKAI can get away with murder.

But when a principal in Kulaijaya, Johor, in a speech that told non-Malay students to go study in a Chinese school or go back to China was asked to be given a desk job and receive counselling.

Those making fun of the Malay, the Islamic religion and the Malay Sultanate should be hanged to death. Malaysia should follow the laws of Thailand which will kill anyone making fun of their KING.

MCA president is so fair and does not promote communism and racism as reported in The Star dated 17th August 2010 titled "Send racist principal for counselling, says Chua".

Hello! You are the one who should be getting counselling for getting caught red-handed having an affair with a younger women. Don't you think your wife will be distraught and traumatised by your liaison?

What more after your affair was exposed to the public? Look at yourself and your own non-existence morals before preaching to someone else.

“We (MCA) are sad and shocked by the remark and view it very seriously, more so when it happened in a school,” said Dr Chua, who is also Johor MCA chief.

Oh you are sad and shocked by the remark??? But you are not at all sad and shocked when you suggested the Government abolish the 30% of the Malay equity in businesses?

Don't be patronising and double-faced when you are just the same as the communists and racists in DAP.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Desperate people makes desperate stories

Before we believe anything, we should investigate both sides of the story and we should not be biased if some accusations are made without any solid proof.

Therefore, before we believe the fairy tale of the so-called romantic liaison between Saiful Bukhari and deputy public prosecutor Farah Azlina Latif, we should give it a benefit of a doubt.

Is there any CCTV recording, DNA swab or photos of the liaison as in Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy case 2?

To the avid supporter of Anwar Ibrahim, how could you believe 100% what Anwar Ibrahim said without giving it the benefit of a doubt? You would rather believe some wild accusation that does not provide any proof rather than the proof in Anwar Ibrahim sodomy case 2?

Maybe even after you yourself are sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim, you will deny it and still thinks he is an angel sent to help the people when all the while whatever he had done was to save his own ass.

We know that human nature can never change. Therefore, if he had been charged once for sodomising someone else, he could do it again later since it is in his nature to do it.

For example, a drug addict that had been sent to a rehabilitation centre, after getting out of there, if he still mingle around his drug addict counterpart, he will become a drug addict again.

Even if Saiful Bukhari have a relationship with Farah Azlina Latif, what has that got to do with Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy case of sodomising Saiful Bukhari?

Those are two different things and are not related at all. This had just been made up to show the desperation of Anwar Ibrahim to get this case dismissed.

Shows how much he is scared since the real truth is that he did sodomise Saiful Bukhari.

If someone is so desperate to save Anwar Ibrahim, maybe Khairy Jamaluddin could make a statement that he was with Anwar Ibrahim at the time of the alleged sodomy.

African college boys should be banned from entering Malaysia!

The government should stop giving visas to Africans that entered the country on student visas.

The Star had divulged that at least 200 people in the city had been conned of nearly RM10 million since early last year by those Africans.

Not only their skin is black, their heart is as black as their skin too. The media had been over and over again exposed on their scams but it is so surprising that many still are so ignorant.

Among some of the modus-operandi of the scams include:

- using other people's photo (usually handsome guys without their knowledge) - to get to know the potential victim in the scam
- using sweet words to lure the victim into believing them so that they can be used as drug mules
- giving expensive gifts, money, airline ticket so that they can be used as drug mules
- paying for non-existent gifts
- black money
- buying coloured water as "vaccines" to keep cattle healthy and disease-free

These African conmen should be put in jailed and whipped so that they will not dare to do this again in this country.

One more thing. Stop giving visas to these black crows because they are jeopardising the safety of this country by their con.

A reminder to any would-be victims. Don't be stupid into paying for gifts that someone else send to us. If those were gifts, why should we pay for the gifts? The person sending it is the one supposed to be paying for it, not the one receiving it.

WAKE UP people! You got conned because you are GREEDY!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Selamat Berpuasa

Selamat berpuasa kepada semua pembaca Wake UP! Maaf zahir dan batin.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

9/11 messages by Wikileaks

Website Wikileaks publishes '9/11 messages'

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November 26, 2009

By BBC News[1]

A website has published what it says are 573,000 intercepted pager messages sent during the 9/11 attacks in the United States.

Wikileaks says it will not reveal who gave it the messages - some of which are from federal agencies as well as ordinary citizens.

Internet analysts say they believe the messages are genuine but federal authorities have refused to comment.

The attacks on 11 September 2001 left nearly 3,000 people dead.

The messages are being published over a 24-hour period, ending at 0800GMT on Thursday. They are being released simultaneously on Wikileaks and social networking site Twitter.

'Live' broadcast The website is broadcasting each message at the time it was sent originally in 2001.

The first message was from 0300 local time (0800 GMT), five hours before the first attack in New York and the last 24 hours later.

The messages are not all about the attacks. Some are mundane questions about what people are having for lunch.

However, many are about the deadly plane attacks and range from people trying to find out if their loved ones are safe, to government messages, to computer server errors.

They include messages such as

  • This is Myrna, I will not rest until you get home, the second tower is down, I don't want to have to keep calling you after every event. Pls just go home
  • President has been rerouted won't be returning to Washington but not sure where he will go
  • Bomb detonated in World Trade Ctr. Pls get back to Mike Brady w/a quick assessment of your areas and contact us if anything is needed

New York's fire and police departments said they could not comment on whether messages purportedly sent from them were genuine while the US Secret Service refused to comment.

Pager company USA Mobility said it was troubled by the alleged interceptions, the Associated Press news agency reported.

Wikileaks allows people to anonymously post documents on the web, saying its aim is to promote transparency.

It was created in 2006 by dissidents, journalists, mathematicians and technologists from the US, Taiwan, Europe, Australia and South Africa.

Wikileaks spokesman Daniel Schmitt said the messages were submitted anonymously to the site several weeks ago.

He told Associated Press: "From the context information that the source provided we have strong reasons to believe that this is valid data."

He said the messages would help provide a fuller picture of what happened that day.

As published in BBC News. Thanks to BBC News for covering this material. Copyright remains with the aforementioned.

Imam Anwar al-Awlaki of Virgnia initially condemned the attacks. But just six days after the attack, he wrote on the website a suggestion that Israeli intelligence agents might have been responsible for the attacks, and that the FBI "went into the roster of the airplanes and whoever had a Muslim or Arab name became the hijacker by default.[133] ABC news cited this report on June 21, 2002, adding that the FBI had concluded that the five Israelis had no foreknowledge of the attacks.[134]

Any intelligence agency will disavow any knowledge of the spies actions if they are ever caught.

Lim Guan Eng got slapped by an old man

Jolly good news. Lim Guan Eng got slapped by an old man in Penang.

Serves him right for bullying the Malays there. This is good publicity for Lim Guan Eng.

Wonders why no Malay newspaper reports this good news? This is a joyful news because at least an old man have the guts to go and slapped that communist 4 times.

Read more HERE.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The self-proclaim policeman of the world and terrorist had no right to accuse others

Former US ambassador to Malaysia, who had written an article titled "What Anwar's Trial Means for Malaysia" in The Wall Street Journal which was dated 19th July alleged that Perkasa is a militant group.

If Perkasa is a militant group, then the United States of America is the biggest terrorist of all in cohort with Israel to kill Muslims in Gaza. Just because they think that they are the policeman of the world, they can bully and accuse anyone for anything.

They are not only terrorist, they are also pirates for siding with Israel and denying any responsibility in the massacre of the Turks on the humanitarian mission to Gaza on Mavi Marmara.

Datuk Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa President who is also Pasir Mas member of parliament submitted a memorandum of protest to the United States embassy.

He was accompanied by vice-president Datuk Abdul Rahman Abu Bakar, legal adviser Datuk Salahuddin Saidin, brigadier-general Datuk Sujak Bon and Tan Sri Shamsuri Arshad, who met with the US embassy officials for about an hour.

Rather than believing the fairy tale of the government conspiring to cripple Anwar Ibrahim's political career, we should let our mind be more open and think the other way round, as in Anwar Ibrahim is the tool of the CIA to control Malaysia if Anwar Ibrahim ever did become the Prime Minister of Malaysia as propogated by The Jerusalem Post.

So who is in conspiracy to do what actually? Thank God that our security personnel are not that stupid that they cannot detect a traitor when they see one.

Who is it that had been so excited to take up IMF loan when Malaysia was having it's economic crises?

And who is behind the IMF actually?

The majority wants I.S.A.

For those wanting to abolish ISA, do you see any developed nation such as America abolishing that Act?

Anwar Ibrahim should ask USA to abolish their ATA first before Malaysia can abolish the ISA.