Friday, July 29, 2011

Those pariah killers should be burnt alive with cow dung too

Reading and listening to the news on TV of the court procedings of the murder case of Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya makes me so damn mad.

I bet most of the sane people out there are mad too. Except for those motherfuckers who are more into upholding the rights of the criminals like the opposition leaders and the NGOs like the illegal Bersih 2.0 who are actually their cohorts.

Criminals do have their rights. But what about the human rights of the victims who had been mercilessly murdered by those killers? Imagine being burnt with cow dung!

In Islam, there is an eye for an eye. So, being murdered and burnt with cow dung deserved another burning with cow dung for the murderers.

They are dead but they do have rights too so that the living can trial and give the punishment deserved by their murderers. The victims are dead so they can't speak for themselves.

I mean. Can the opposition leaders give a guarantee that the motherfuckers who had killed Sosilawati, 47, her driver, Kamaruddin Shamsuddin, 47, Ahmad Kamil Abd. Karim, 32, and CIMB Bank officer for the Kampung Baru branch, Noorhisham Mohamad, 38 will not repeat what they had done by conning wealthy people from their money and then killing them when they got their money?

This is because the police surely have to do whatever they have to, to get the confessions from the murderers or those pariahs who burn the murdered bodies.

But since now that the accused have a lawyer to represent him in court, he gave a different statement from the first he had given to the police while he was in custody.

That is why defence lawyers are actually devils who are helping crooks mostly consisting of murderers, those assisting the murderers, drug dealers and the scums of the Earth who will do the most nauseating crimes that is unthinkable to the ordinary folks like us.

What if there is a situation where someone is being attacked by someone else who wants to kill them! Then that someone defended themselves to the extend of killing the attacker.

That is definitely self-defence but why do some cases where one snatch theft victim ran over the criminals, it was her that was being charged in court? That is certainly unfair because many victims have died because they have head concussions when their head hit the tar when their bags were snatched.

Let the criminals die because this will lessen the number of those who commit crimes towards the innocent. And the reduction of criminals in society is good for the society.

If the criminals are heartless, then the police force have to be more heartless to defend the majority of the people who are at stake when they become victims of the criminals.

Only criminals will support other criminals. Therefore, the opposition leaders must have been criminals too because they are so excited about defending the criminals rights!

Just like the overseas gay associations who are so passionate about defending the sodomy case of Anwar Ibrahim. They will definitely support one of their own.