Tuesday, November 30, 2010

PKR, PAS and DAP are traitors of Malaysia

Malay supremacy begone, let people's supremacy reign. Yeah right!.

Anwar Ibrahim is not a patriotic Malaysian. Instead, he is the biggest traitor of this country and should be punished by the gallows.

Latest is the remarks by his beloved wife, Wan Azizah who had been behind the actions of sodomy of her husband to the extend that he can indulge in it over and over again because there are still many out there who still believed in his innocence of not doing the sodomy acts.

Azizah is in serious delusion when she said that Anwar's is God's gift to lead Malaysia and nobody can compete with his ability.

She also said that the Malay race and Muslims should not be conned by certain concepts. You got that right! The Malay race and Muslims should not be conned by a party that is created to defend a sodomiser in which when he was in government PAS had bashed him up over and over again.

PAS had even been bold when Mat Sabu gave him a famous nick name which sticks to this day "AL JUBURI".

But we can witness the hypocrisy of PAS when Anwar Al Juburi had been forced out of the government and his Deputy Prime Minister post when he was caught indulging in sodomy.

Now PAS can work side by side with a sodomiser which at one time they condemned whole-heartedly.

Those who support Pakatan Rakyat consisting of PKR, PAS and DAP are plain stupid. Those trinity are traitors to these nation and its people.

When you support Pakatan Rakyat, you are actually supporting communism which we can see being rampant in Penang when Penang is controlled by DAP.

That is only a small portion of what will happen to our country when DAP controlled Penang. Can you imagine what will happen when DAP leader becomes a Deputy Prime Minister?

He will plan to oust the stupid PM who is the sodomiser and then take control of the PM post. What will happen to the Malays here then?

I can bet the Malays will face genocide like those war torn country such as Palestine and experience what had once happened to the Bosnians.

Even the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, expressed his disappointment as he did on Monday over the questioning of the Malay Rulers and the position and privileges of the Malays.

Mohd Zaini Mohd Taha, the Selangor 4B Youth Movement secretay had made a police report in Shah Alam district police headquaters in Section 11 at 3.30 pm today on the PKR's President's remarks on "Ketuanan Melayu" (Malay Supremacy).

If DAP ever ruled the nation, we will see a new breed of communist supremacy. You mark my words!