Friday, February 25, 2011

Shouting at witness proves the defence lawyer are a desperado

"Please do not shout," Chemistry Department Paternity DNA Unit head Nor Aidora Saedon told lawyer Ram Karpal Singh during cross-examination in the High Court.

The excerpt above was taken from The Malay Mail dated 25th February 2011 titled "Anwar's Sodomy Trial: Please don't shout, witness tells lawyer can be read at Anwar's Sodomy Trial.

This proves that the defence council is out of ideas on how to defend Anwar Al Juburi since he must resort to being so unprofessional as it is obvious he is trying to intimidate the witness.

Even though you are clearly dumbfounded on how to defend your client and you still had to defend him since you already receive tonnes of money from him, don't make it that obvious that you are a DESPERADO!

We all know that criminals have to tell everything to their defence attorney so that their attorney can think of ways to get their clients of the hook maybe by the reason of technical glitch.

Therefore, I assume that the band of lawyers hired by Anwar Al Juburi knew the truth, nothing but the truth about him sodomising Saiful Bukhari.

So, being a criminal lawyer that defended the criminals also makes the lawyers the biggest loser or low life and have no honour because he is in cohort to free the criminal from the punishment.

Leaders in Hindraf should be put in the I.S.A.

DPM wants firm action against Hindraf

CHANGLUN Feb 24 — Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin wants firm police action against a group calling itself Hindraf which is reported to be trying to hold a mass rally this Sunday.

He said that Hindraf, the Hindu Rights Action Force, had been banned and using or championing its name was in itself an offence.

"They (planners) know that they would need permission from the police (for such a rally),” he told reporters here.

Muhyiddin said it was up to police to “shape” the action to be taken, but they have to be firm against such activity as a rally by a banned organisation.

"If they act outside the law and disregard regulations, holding rallies and the like ... stern action should be taken,” Muhyiddin said.

He added that any attempt to revive a banned organisation must be viewed seriously.

In KUALA LUMPUR, Police said the planned gathering did not have a permit.

Kuala Lumpur police in statement said an application for the permit filed at the Dang Wangi police station was turned down on security grounds.

The gathering could affect public order and cause traffic congestion, the statement said, adding that the organisers had been notified the the planned assembly was not approved.


This Hindraf is not really looking after the welfare of the Indians but are more towards racism and trying to provoke something akin to the 13th May 1969 which had previously occured when DAP leaders and supporters provoked the Malays to get out from Kuala Lumpur.

This could be an indication that they want to provoke the Malays to the extend of setting off another racial clash, which this time could be between the Indians and the Malays with the communists in DAP, just smiling from behind because they are the real agent provocateurs who do not have to lift a finger to do their dirty job.

Hello! Just remember that this is MALAYsia not India okay, you fuckers!

Since India does not seem to care if their government killed the Muslims in their country, we should follow suit and care more about the majority in this country, which are the Malay Muslims.

The minorities in this country should be thankful towards the Malays who had willingly given the citizenship to their ancestors so that they could be Malaysian citizens.

If they are so keen on demolishing the constitution to set up a communist constitution which will then be oppressive towards the Malays, the government should seriously consider revoking their citizenship.

Everyone on the face of this Earth are looking out for their own kind, therefore we the Malays, should not turn back on our own race to care for other races because have we ever seen the Chinese or the Indians taking care of the Malays???

Please! Just give me an example of when the racists kiasus in DAP had ever cared about the Malays more than they cared about one of their own?

Hence, the Malays who are leaders in DAP are traitors of the Malay race because they are only minorities in a communist party controlled by the majority Chinese communist.

And being a minority who have no real power or position, they are just puppets on strings which can be controlled by the communists.

In conclusion, leaders of the opposition or NGOs that are more inclined towards the opposition which their sole purpose is to put Malaysia in the state of chaos, should be put under the I.S.A.

We should do whatever it takes to ensure the harmony of our country because surely we don't want Malaysia to be in a state of disarray like Egypt or other Middle East countries which are now in chaos. This are truly the doing of the agent provocateurs who are doing this by provocating the people to revolt.