Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DAP's Godfather Showing His True Power

An Article By Beruang Biru

Karpal Singh really went all out today after DAP's Disciplinary Board took the decision to free P. Ramasamy from the charge of breaking party's discipline.

The reaction seemed odd because last December, he himself wanted to bring his case with P. Ramasamy to the board to be settled.

"After having tongue wars with DAP's General Secretary, P. Ramasamy, its National Chairman, Karpal Singh said, he prefers that the crisis to be channeled internally.

- Malaysiakini, 29 December 2011 -

But, when the decision did not really go his way, he seemed really unsatisfied.

Maybe it is the culture that justice would only be justified through Karpal's way. If it does not go his way, he would go around saying that he is the Godfather and that he is the one who fights for justice.

The war between Karpal and Ramasamy is actually a sequel that came from the small protest that was made by the Indians on Karpal Singh & DAP that has been going on for quite some time and it is seen as something that they use for their political interest.

When he obtain the power, the sacrifice mad by Indians were then made fun of.

Since his argument with Ramasamy broke, quite a number of Indian DAP leaders and members were fired due to their business with Karpal Singh.

This include the recent case of the drop of four DAP members who joined the Hindu Finance Board and the State Board of Appeal.

In the matter, Bernama reported that Karpal Singh confirmed that four of DAP leaders had took the decision to drop four party members, who were appointed by Ramasamy who is also the Second Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, from the Hindu Finance Board and the State Board of Appeal within the coming period.

- Malaysiakini, 18 March 2012 -

Just with some little critic, he dug on just about anyone who supported P. Ramasamy and brought them out of the picture.

Even back then, when there was an open protest about Lim Kit Siang's dictatorship that was organized by Wee Cho Keong, many DAP leaders became victims of Lim Kit Siang's wrath.

Everything was done to protect their position in DAP.

Lim Kit Siang was with his own agenda which is to retain his 'dynasty' in DAP and so is Karpal in putting his 'kids' as the party's centre leaders.

DAP who was going about fighting about the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression somehow turn to a party of his family members which can only be followed by loyal followers.