Friday, July 22, 2011

Haul them to court

The news in The New Straits Times titled "Bersih activities in 4 places tomorrow" really irked me. If it were up to me, I would haul all those motherfuckers in under the Emergency Ordinance or the Internal Security Act.

It's time to be tough on troublemakers because being lenient to them will not make them stop from their stupid acts but will act more idiotic.

They had created chaos and caused the country to lose out in the monetary terms because they had made foreigners/tourists scared to come to Malaysia because of the 9th July 2011 rally and now they are trying to do it again.

Even though the police had been civil enough with the hooligans who are the donkeys of Anwar Ibrahim to create chaos in the country so that they foreign media can potray Malaysia as a country where the police force are brutal and uncivilised had failed.

The police had been lenient enough to the extend of using the tax payers money, which I am sure many will not 'halal' the tax they had paid to be used to serve buffet to those who are traitors of the country for becoming demonstrators for the BerSHIT illegal rally.

What is the use of being nice to the people who are not grateful at all for the police's hard work to keep the country peaceful?

Those who had attended the BerSHIT illegal rally should have been apprehended and charged in court for sabotaging the economic stability of the country and disturbing the majority of the people who clearly have proven that they are not as stupid as the mules used by Anwar Ibrahim to cause riot in Kuala Lumpur so that his sodomy charge will not be heard in court.

Anwar Ibrahim is actually doing all these things to provoke the authorities and the government so that he will be caught under I.S.A. and then he can start again the drama of alleging the government of beating him up until he had to wear a neck brace, accusing the government of injecting him with arsenic and HIV.

If he had trully been injected with all those that he had claimed, why isn't he dead? He should tell his secret for being alive and well to the extend he can fuck the Chinese prostitute with such gusto that he does not seem to have any back pain while doing it. In fact, he seems to be so enjoying the act.

Do not fall for his tactic in which he actually does want to be caught under I.S.A. so that he can start again his sob stories to gain sympathy from the imbeciles who are dumb enough to believe him.

Anwar Ibrahim is a stupid person who is used by the foreign powers to create chaos in the country because they want this country whose previous leader, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had been so vocal in attacking the atrocities of the Jews who kept attacking unarmed civillians in Gaza.

PAS are traitors to the Islamic struggle they seem to be voicing out so loud when their acts now proves louder than words where they would succumb to whatever demands that DAP desires when they take back on what they said on banning 13 types of entertainment outlets in Kedah for Ramadan.

Those who supports PAS and PKR are traitors of Islam and traitors of this country.