Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The self-proclaim policeman of the world and terrorist had no right to accuse others

Former US ambassador to Malaysia, who had written an article titled "What Anwar's Trial Means for Malaysia" in The Wall Street Journal which was dated 19th July alleged that Perkasa is a militant group.

If Perkasa is a militant group, then the United States of America is the biggest terrorist of all in cohort with Israel to kill Muslims in Gaza. Just because they think that they are the policeman of the world, they can bully and accuse anyone for anything.

They are not only terrorist, they are also pirates for siding with Israel and denying any responsibility in the massacre of the Turks on the humanitarian mission to Gaza on Mavi Marmara.

Datuk Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa President who is also Pasir Mas member of parliament submitted a memorandum of protest to the United States embassy.

He was accompanied by vice-president Datuk Abdul Rahman Abu Bakar, legal adviser Datuk Salahuddin Saidin, brigadier-general Datuk Sujak Bon and Tan Sri Shamsuri Arshad, who met with the US embassy officials for about an hour.

Rather than believing the fairy tale of the government conspiring to cripple Anwar Ibrahim's political career, we should let our mind be more open and think the other way round, as in Anwar Ibrahim is the tool of the CIA to control Malaysia if Anwar Ibrahim ever did become the Prime Minister of Malaysia as propogated by The Jerusalem Post.

So who is in conspiracy to do what actually? Thank God that our security personnel are not that stupid that they cannot detect a traitor when they see one.

Who is it that had been so excited to take up IMF loan when Malaysia was having it's economic crises?

And who is behind the IMF actually?

The majority wants I.S.A.

For those wanting to abolish ISA, do you see any developed nation such as America abolishing that Act?

Anwar Ibrahim should ask USA to abolish their ATA first before Malaysia can abolish the ISA.