Sunday, October 3, 2010

A loser has no right to criticise others!

Azmin Ali, the gigolo who had sold himself and his wife to Anwar Ibrahim had chided Tun Dr Mahathir as fallen flat on his face in Melbourne in a TV3 report of PKR's meeting in Ampang tonight.

Look at your own party's members attendance before you criticise others okay you moron. Moreover, with the fracas at PKR's divisional meeting in Sabak Bernam.

The funniest thing is that some clever person tried to pin the blame on UMNO. If your leader is a sodomiser, do you blame it on UMNO as well?

Why are you so angry at this pensioner? Is it because he is the one who exposed your beloved boss as being a traitor of the nation, a sodomiser and a corrupt person?

I am sure that as the most important person in PKR, a number two person holding the highest post in PKR after your beloved Anwar Ibrahim, you will defend him to death.

I know that most of Tun Dr Mahathir's avid admirers will feel their blood boil at the insolence made by Azmin Ali because I feel the same when I heard his insulting remarks.

Who is he to chide Tun Dr Mahathir who is the father of modernisation of Malaysia? You are nothing but a loser who tried to be a winner by supporting a sodomiser. Figures!

I would applaud the person who will beat this moron to a pulp for being so insulting towards Tun Dr Mahathir.

Who are the real racists?

Let us read another letter from the reader to Utusan Malaysia dated 2nd October 2010.


DALAM isu Namewee yang menghasilkan klip video perkauman dan tiga remaja Cina yang melakukan khianat terhadap sebuah surau, Lim Kit Siang gagal memberikan reaksi proaktifnya. Beliau bukan hanya gagal mendesak kerajaan bertindak tegas terhadap mereka, sebaliknya membela pula mereka terlibat sebagai mangsa provokasi perkauman.

Sebenarnya, kita semua faham bahawa Namewee dan tiga remaja Cina tersebut adalah sekaum dengan Kit Siang. Itulah puncanya pemimpin DAP itu terang-terangan membela mereka walaupun secara dasarnya bukti jelas menunjukkan mereka bersalah!

Sebaliknya, kes yang melibatkan pengetua-pengetua Melayu hanyalah sekadar dengar cakap dan masih belum dibuktikan, tetapi disebabkan mereka adalah tertuduh Melayu yang beragama Islam, langsung Kit Siang menjatuhkan hukuman bersalah sehingga mendesak Timbalan Perdana Menteri merangkap Menteri Pelajaran mengenakan tindakan ke atas pengetua dan guru terbabit.

Pemimpin seperti inilah yang merosakkan keharmonian masyarakat berbilang kaum di negara ini. Namun, yang peliknya masih ramai orang Melayu terutama penyokong Pas amat menyanjunginya.


Kuala Kedah

More and more citizens especially the Malays should be more vocal and write to the editors of the local newspapers to voice out their dissatisfaction towards the biased treatment of the Malays and of the Chinese who seems to get away with anything maybe even murder.

Why is it until now Namewee is still not being charged for making fun of the National Anthem by renaming it Negarakuku? Even though it is done when he was still in Taiwan, the youtube had been viewed by everyone around the world.

This is not good for the goodwill of Malaysia because of this ungrateful pig face educated in a racist vernacular school and furthering his studies in Taiwan.

This proves that vernacular schools are a breeding place for the racists Chinese and Indians who are still forgetting that they are now not in China or India. These country is called Malaysia, okay?

Therefore, every citizen should go to one school to promote unity because vernacular schools do not promote unity amongst the different races as proven by the pigface Namewee and the 3 other Chinese teenager who threw red paint inside a 'surau'.

If you are not satisfied, you can go back to communist China or India because this country belongs to the Malays.