Sunday, May 16, 2010

Whose next?

PKR, PAS and DAP are now embroiled in controversy after controversy. The latest that was reported was Wee Choo Keong has quit Parti Keadilan Rakyat to become an independent.

"Looking at the sequence of events, the company is now threatening to sue Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam who yesterday lodged a police report against several of its directors. They (Kumpulan Semesta's directors) stayed silent and were running away until yesterday.Why?" asked Wee who stressed that this was all a big cover-up.

Wee was also among the 12 PKR MPs to come out in support of Manikavasagam’s stand on the issue. He was dissillusioned by the sand mining scandal which he wrote in his blog before resigning from PKR to be an independant. Read more here

He was not the only one who is unsatisfied with the sand mining controversy. Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam’s claims of alleged corruption in sand-mining company Kumpulan Semesta Sdn Bhd had received a death threat attached to one of the three bags containing red paint at his house. His and his wife's car was also splashed with red paint in his home in Meru.

The warning in the A4-sized paper had been written with "Jangan campur issue pasir. You mati." (Don't get involved in the sand mining issue. You will die.) He had also received death threats over the telephone before this.

In addition to this, DAP Batu Lintang Assemblyman YB Voon Lee Shan is expected to make an announcement to leave DAP, the Chinese racist chauvinist party and become an independent today.

However he denied calling for a press conference to announce his resignation as DAP assemblyman at the service centre, and even queried the media where it received such an invitation for his so-called media conference.

In March, this year, it was reported that the DAP disciplinary committee had suspended Voon's party membership for six months, effective March 17.

Looking at the rate of the MPs running away from Pakatan Rakyat and becoming independents, Putrajaya seems further and further away from the grasp of the de facto PKR leader.

MCA is acting like they are DAP

Datuk Koh Nai Kwong, MCA central committee, and also MCA Chinese Guilds and Association Bereau deputy chairman should keep his mouth shut rather than criticising Datuk Ibrahim Ali and asking him to apologise to Datuk Seri Dr Chau Soi Lek. Action speaks louder than words and your action clearly shows that you are a racist too for criticising the "Melayu Bangkit" programme.

It is clear to us, why the Chinese racists in DAP are afraid of the "Melayu Bangkit" event that was supposed to be held on 13th May 2010 in Terengganu but it is a bit perplexing why the Chinese in Barisan Nasional is also acting up as racists as the racists in the communist DAP? Are you actually an accomplice of the communist party acting up as a moderate Chinese but in truth you are just the same.

513 is a peaceful gathering aimed at promoting unity amongst the Malay and to serve as a reminder of the 13th May tragedy that had been started by the irresponsible and arrogant behavior of the Chinese in DAP and Gerakan that mocked and utter profanity at the Malays just because they had won more seats than Barisan Nasional.

“In a multiracial country, each citizen must observe and practise sensitivity towards other races and any activity or gathering that will polarise the races must be quelled,” he said.

Look whose talking? You Chinese, are the most racist people that had ever lived here in Malaysia. For example, if a Malay is working for the Chinese employer, his pay is lesser than his colleague who is a Chinese in the same rank as he is and probably does not have the qualifications that this Malay chap has. The Chinese colleague will be promoted faster and the Malay chap will remain in his position until he resigned from the company because he will remain stagnant in his position.

I have heard of other gory stories from people working in a Chinese company where they are being bullied endlessly that their colleagues would even ask them to do the clerk's job even though that is not their position in the company.

This is surely to make the Malay employee felt so uncomfortable that they will feel undermined, bullied and resigned on their own. The employer will also disregard his earlier promise to increase the pay of the Malay chap just because he does not say it in black and white but just did it verbally.

Datuk Ti Lian Ker in his blog had written a very impartial and nonsensicle article titled "Mahathir Going One Fool Circle". Well, Ti Lian Ker is really showing his racism, "kiasu" and backstabbing nature just like a normal Chinese racist who are also actually in his heart does not respect democracy but more towards supporting communism.

Credit must be given to Tun Mahathir for he had called for a formation of National Consultative Economic Council to formulate a fairer policy in place of the NEP that was very much race orientated and at its tail end.

Unfortunately, DAP and Dong Zhiao Zhong had walked out of this consultative council in cowardice when faced with the political fire from representatives from PAS and Umno then. MCA was left to hold the forth and had pushed through a more liberal policy despite the continue remnants of the influence and culture of NEP.

The ULTRA Chinese racists are so inconsiderate, backstabbing, bossy, oppressive, and hypocritical. I am referring to the Chinese who are communist racists and if you are not one, you will not feel as mad as a wrongly shot hog at the truth that I had just laid out here.