Friday, July 16, 2010

Malaysians caught selling subsidised items should be charged under harsher law

Everytime there is a price hike in petrol, the petrol stations will be filled with motorist waiting to fill up their tank for that last time. That is useless since the price will still be 5 cents higher after that and you still have to bear the price.

All of the petrol and diesel will be priced higher 5 cents and LPG by 10 cents per kilogramme starting from midnight of 16th July 2010. RON95 will be priced at RM1.85 per litre while LPG will be sold at RM1.85 per kg.

Sugar price will be higher 25 cents per kilogramme. Teh tarik will then be priced at an additional RM1.25 a glass though the price is a bit high. That projection was reported the Fact Sheet: Subsidy Rationalisation that had been prepared by the Performance Management and Delivery Unit of the Prime Minister's Department.

Price comparison of fuel prices in the region shows these figures:

RON95 prices
Malaysia RM1.85
Thailand RM4.12
Indonesia RM2.48
Philippines RM6.60

Sugar prices
Malaysia RM1.90/kg
Thailand RM2.60/kg
Indonesia RM3.68/kg
Philippines RM3.46/kg

In 2009, 200 tonnes of sugar had been recovered by the law enforcement in 109 smuggling-related arrests. In 2008, subsidised diesel for fishermen believed to have been sold to foreigners worth RM628 million.

Those caught selling subsidised goods to foreigners by smuggling them should be charged in court for their traitorous act because they are wasting the government's money to get profit for themselves.

I am sure the same thing will happen in 1Malaysia netbook subsidy. Just wait and see. Readers should give their views on how the government could overcome these problems caused by greedy people that is misusing the subsidised items.

Government uses the taxpayers money to subsidise the items and if the people themselves are misusing the subsidy given to them, maybe these items should not be subsidised at all to teach these greedy people.

Only traitors of the country are willing to make profits at other people's expenses. Shame on you!

Suicide or killed by goons hired by gangsters in PR?

It's not surprising that The Star keeps harping on Teoh Beng Hock issue to demonise Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission officers.

Teoh was willing to be a witness for MACC, so the losing party would be the one Teoh was working for since he knew about all the corruption done by his bosses.

So either he had killed himself out of shame for turning a blind eyes towards the corruption done by his bosses or his bosses had sent their goons to do their dirty work for them.

MACC will benefit from the statements and Teoh who had agreed to be their willing witness.

The so called forensic expert who looked more like a prostitute rather than a professional too had made up excuses not to give her statement to the last inquest.

Therefore, make your own conclusions on this issue.