Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Then and now

Why look so gloom and haggard? Mb he has imagined himself residing in Bamboo River?

After getting a punch for verbally abusing the police.

Good looking as always.

Anwar Ibrahim may have won it this round when the judge rejected the DNA evidence.

However, the question that lingers in the minds of people who can think, people who uses their brains unlike those Fuckatan Riot supporters who are only cows to be ridden on by the communists DAPig, why is it that Anwar Ibrahim had been so reluctant in giving his DNA for DNA testing?

Does he have something to hide?

Why was it that Karpal Singh before in 1998 claimed he had the proof of Anwar's sodomy?

But now, he can stoop that low to defend this person he had claimed he had proof of sodomy!

For me, it's just as simple as this. If he has nothing to hide, he would not go to any lengths to deny the police his DNA sample.

We know very well that Anwar Ibrahim is the proxy of the Jews.

And when he went overseas, he will freely go to any gay bars there. That is why the gay associations overseas are so excited to defend this hard core homosexual.

I bet that the CIA or Mossad even have the video of him visiting the many gay bars he went to. Maybe they even have the video of him committing the sodomy.

You know how secret agents are. They can do anything that ordinary folks like us think is impossible, just like in the spy movies.

That's because they had been receiving proper and hard training. They can survive anywhere because they had been trained to do so.

If Anwar is indeed an agent of CIA or Mossad, CIA or Mossad must now be feeling the heat because of the stupidity of their recruited agent.

I don't think that anyone can be as stupid as Anwar Ibrahim. So, I crown you Anwar Al Juburi, the highest crown, which is the KING OF SODOMY and STUPIDITY.

Run Anwar Run! Run to Washington and be with your true masters before you are thrown into Bamboo River and be a resident there for another 20 years.