Sunday, July 25, 2010

Put the needs of Malaysians above of the Singaporeans 'kiasu'

Singaporeans are not Malaysians. So why are they fussing about the new petrol ruling by the Malaysian government?

Their complaints reported by The Star proved that they took advantage of the Malaysian government subsidy by going to Johor to fill up their petrol.

The Star is a racist newspaper that will belittle and degrade any good move by the government if it meant reducing the help to a more richer race who had been taking advantage of the subsidy meant for Malaysians.

Some of them even adjusted their petrol tank to show that it is full when in fact it is empty so that they can get cheap petrol in Malaysia.

They are Singaporeans, earning higher income in terms of Singapore dollars which value is much higher than the Malaysian Ringgit are cheap skates and 'kiasu' for taking advantage of the cheaper petrol price in Malaysia.

Hence, the government's directive so that foreigners cannot buy RON 95 petrol is fair because they had been taking advantage of the petrol subsidy meant for Malaysians.

Singaporean civil servant Tok Eng Seng, 38, said the frequent changes in the petrol ruling were confusing.

“We spend a lot of money here and we should be allowed to fill up with whichever type of petrol we want,” he added.

Another Singaporean, property agent Eric Tan, 43, said the lower price of fuel was the only attraction that led to many Singaporeans coming to the state.

“I believe sales of products in Johor Baru will go down once the ruling is enforced,” he said, adding that the move was bad for Malaysia’s tourism.

Art, photography and design executive Alex Soh, 37, also felt that many Singaporeans would not come to Johor if the price of petrol was increased.

“Cheaper petrol is one of the major attractions,” he added.

Derrick Cheng, 53, said many Singaporeans were unclear about the issue.

“I heard people saying that the price of petrol would go up while others say that we (Singaporeans) can still buy the lower grade of petrol but are only allowed to purchase 20 litres,” he said.

“It is unfair to charge separate rates for foreigners because it doesn’t comply with the free trade system that is supposed to be practised by the Malaysian Government,” he added.

Singaporeans are well-known for their 'kiasuness'. Therefore, why should we put their needs above the needs of the Malaysians? This is Malaysia not Singapore so why should we cater for the demands of people who are not residence of Malaysia?

Don't come to Malaysia if you are not satisfied because Malaysia is much bigger than Singapore and have lots more to offer to foreign tourists rather than the cheaper price of petrol.

I urge that Malaysians especially the Malays boycott Singapore by visiting other Asean countries such as Brunei, Indonesia or Thailand rather than giving our hard-earned money to the racists kiasus.

Even Malaysia itself have lots of interesting and beautiful places which I am sure all of us had not visited all of them yet. I certainly hasn't. Rather than giving our money to Singapore, let's keep it in the country.

We hate Singaporeans 'kiasu' and that does not include the Singaporeans Malay that had been oppressed by the Chinese Singaporean Government.

Yes, I am racist. So what? Don't be kiasu because we all know that Chinese Malaysians are the most racists of all in Malaysia. If you can be racist, so can we.