Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cuckoos recently escaped from mental ward

Namewee the kuku together with Nazri the kuku asking for funding for Nasi Lemak 2.0

Nasi Lemak 2.0 is inappropriate. Why not make it Bak Kut Teh 2.0? It is more suitable for the Chinese racist who loves to eat dead pig.

Birds of a feather flock together. Looking at the picture above, we can see the similarities of both cuckoo (which means insane or kuku in Malay).

This unpatriotic Negarakuku creator tried to make a name for himself by making fun of our beloved national anthem.

And to date, we haven't seen any stern action being taken against this traitorous asshole who dared to belittle our national anthem for the whole world to witness.

Shame on the Home Ministry and the Home Minister. Are you that dumb or do you sleep on the job like the previous Prime Minister?

Don't ever forget he also provoked TNB and disgraced the Malay by creating a song titled "Melayu balik hutan jadi sakai".

Only assholes like Nazri will support assholes like Namewee. Just like the 50 Aussie MPs who support Anwar Al Juburi.

Well, the Chinese might as well go back to China and eat unborn fetus to make their skin cystal clear.

Also don't wash your ass after you defecate because you are so hygienic. Just use a tissue to wipe it off.

And do eat more pork because people who eat pigs smell like heaven. I do hope you get extinct due to the Nipah virus outspread.

These trojan horses in UMNO like Nazri the stupido, KJ the dummy and others who are the proxy of both and the proxies of Anwar Al Juburi should be kicked out from UMNO.

I would love to kick their asses to kingdom come if given the chance.

Read more about the matter here, here and here.

Hey guys! I am misunderstood too. The government should give me funding so that I can make a movie as well.

I can ensure you I can make a better movie than Nasi Lemak 2.0., for I will make a movie on How to Kill Communists at Your Own Backyard. That would be fun! Yahoo!

SKMM don't call me to your office because this is just a parody to let out my anger.

Unless you want to pay for my anger management. muahahahaha

Away with Nazri Aziz, KJ and the likes

This Nazri Aziz character can be likened to Khairy Jamaluddin who are so arrogant and stupid that they would blast the Malay supremacy. These imbeciles should be thrown out of the government for being so silly.

Latest, this drunken person said that the Malays supremacy does not exist which shows how much he has in the grey matter.

“Politicians should stop using ra­­cial sentiments to gain support from their own race.

“They are elected by Malaysians, therefore Malay­­sians should come first,” he said.

“Why do they need privileges if they are more supreme? Privileges are for handicapped people,” Nazri said after launching the Nayagan-kini and Pertubuhan Perkhidmatan Rakyat Malaysia (PPRM) blog.

Can he just shut the fuck up before I make him shut up? He is making havoc by giving out statements which are contradictory to what the Malay rulers are giving.

What the hell is he trying to do? To portray himself as being so liberal to the extend of making himself look ridiculous? Well, it work. You do look like a stupid asshole!

Meanwhile, Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar urged Malays who intend to reject ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy) to return to the right path.

So Nazri, are you listening to what the Malay Sultans are saying or are you too drunken to understand?

“I find many do not understand the concept and have misinterpreted its real meaning.

“Based on recent developments, some Malays have even wanted to reject the concept.”

“They must return to the right path,” he said in his speech before launching the Multaqa Ulama Darul Ta’zim here yesterday.

“Instead, it refers to the kedau-latan (sovereignty) of Malay states with the ruler as the pinnacle of government.

“The system of Malay rulers and government has existed for centuries and has lasted until today,” he said.

“Even before the formation of the Federation, Malay rulers and people have always accepted others.

“When the states were federalised, the rights of other races continued to be safeguarded in the constitution,’ he said.

“Their (ulama) role is not limited to only upholding the religion, but they are also meant to safeguard ketuanan Melayu,” he said.

“The team of experts can discuss and analyse any problems pertaining to the Muslim community and discover ways to overcome them.

“I also want the state to have a research centre that will enable Islamic teachings to be developed and its results to be spread widely,” he said.

So are we going to listen to a drunken minister who don't know head or tails of what he is blabbering about, who would even disregard the fate of his own race or to the wise statements given out by the Malay Sultans?

Continue with the crooked bridge project

I am all for the crooked bridge in Johor.

Readers should read Mathematical Analysis on Complex Issues here to understand more about the matter.

Nazri had adamantly responded by saying the bridge will not be built. Who is he to say that?

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt. - Abraham Lincoln

Most people are not cut out to be ministers because they talk without thinking first.

Unlike Datuk Mustapa Mohamad who had a first class honours degree in Economics. Most professionals prefer to be in their profession rather than becoming a minister.

The bridge should be built for our national security. Is he that stupid to be that blind?

If he opposes to the building of the bridge then he must have been an imbecile.

If that bridge is built, our ships or even our navy will be more secure so that they will not have to dock at Singapore's port much longer.

We are all aware that Singapore is a country which is the agent of the Jew.

And there are even some Singaporean agents here in Malaysia. I can think of some names! Can you?

Read more here.

We want Malaysia to continue to be sovereign. And the building of this bridge is one of the ways to ensure that.

Even Sultan Ibrahim of Johor recently called for the revival of the crooked bridge. You can read more here.

The crooked bridge project had been discontinued during the era of Tun Abdulllah in which I can only think of an unseen hand who had been responsible for this foolish decision after he had sweet talked his loving father-in-law who is quite a dimwit.