Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pariahs will be pariahs no matter where they are!

This is an article taken from Malaysia Today.

I cannot get a job in the government, a scholarship, a job with Ah Pek Sales and Marketing Bhd, a place in MARA, a cheap home that I can afford, a meager 10 acres in some FELDA scheme somewhere, a loan from the bank, or teachers that won't call me Pariah to my face during sastera lessons, and I know that only HRP/HINDRAF finds that this is simply not acceptable.


I am a Malaysian. But that statement needs to be qualified 99% of the time in this country.

I am an Indian Malaysian; and the only two times the fact that I am of the Indian persuasion did not matter was when I cast my vote. As an Indian Malaysian, my vote is counted as one, just like the vote of a Chinese Malaysian or any other; and when I slap down my passport in some foreign land.

I would love to vote on the basis of who will lead this country better and reduce the wastage and corruption that has become endemic in this land I love, but I cannot do that for a few simple reasons.

1. I am more likely to be killed by the authorities, either when and if I find myself in custody, or when some dude in blue decides to get some target practice done on the roads. Now, I have followed enough extra judicial killings to know that PAS/PKR/DAP will not raise much of a fuss if I am the victim but I do know for a fact that HINDRAF/HRP will.

2. I get thrown in the slammer for some reason or other, maybe I had witnessed a fellow Malaysian (Indian Malaysian to be exact) get beaten to death and decided to open my big mouth. Once again I know that PAS/PKR/DAP won't even pick up the phone, but HRP/HINDRAF will.

3. I had knocked some girl up before I was thrown into jail, and the poor girl now cannot get a birth certificate for the baby, as the daddy (yours truly) is busy learning how to survive on 800 calories a day behind bars. I know PAS/PKR/DAP won't even find out the name picked out for the baby, but HRP/HINDRAF will. Now if the girl decides to give up the baby, or she dies giving birth to it, PAS/PKR/DAP will have no issue with the baby now having a Bin/Binti in its name, but HRP/HINDRAF definitely will.

I believe you get my drift now.

I cannot get a job in the government, a scholarship, a job with Ah Pek Sales and Marketing Bhd, a place in MARA, a cheap home that I can afford, a meager 10 acres in some FELDA scheme somewhere, a loan from the bank, or teachers that won't call me Pariah to my face during sastera lessons, and I know that only HRP/HINDRAF finds that this is simply not acceptable.

So you say I should vote for PAS/PKR/DAP because of the greater good. Okay I will, with a couple of conditions.

Give it to me in writing that the next time I am at risk of getting shot or beaten to death by the police, one of you will come and take my place. Tell me that the next time I apply for a job in the private or public sector, you will give up yours so that I can have means of livelihood. Tell me the next time someone decides that I am not entitled to what another Malaysian is, because I am an Indian Malaysian, you will march on the streets and hound those responsible until things change for the better.

Tell me that, and I will give your beloved PAS/PKR/DAP my vote. If you cannot do that, there is an easier way for you to get my vote. Tell your PAS/PKR/DAP to sit down and talk to HRP, MCLM, KITA, UBF, SNAP and whoever else is out there who is anti BN. If you cannot even do that, I suggest you take your opinion on who I should vote for and stick it where the sun don't shine.

This is what I have to say to you PARIAH. You should be grateful to be living in Malaysia where you don't have to live on the streets like other PARIAHS in India.

You have your own vernacular school here, even though you are a minority. Even USA or Britain does not grant that kind of privilege to you PARIAH minorities who lived in their country.

Maybe we should follow USA and Britain and demolish all the vernacular schools and follow USA, Britain, Australia or even Indonesia.

The Chinese in Indonesia have to converse in Indonesian language. We do have to implement that in Malaysia soon so that PARIAHs like you will stop demanding stupid things because you are the minority.


Can you tell me which country in this world who is so kind that they are looking after the minorities in their country? Come on! Tell me!

Does India or China looks after the minorities Muslims in their country? Do they gave citizenship to other races who are minorities in their country?

If you are not satisfied PARIAH, you can always go back to INDIA and be the PARIAH that you are.

Do you know that Indians from India that comes here to Malaysia, which are of other higher caste will not even shake hands with you PARIAHS here, no matter how rich you PARIAHS are?

PARIAHS are scums of the earth and Hitler should have wiped you out from the face of the earth too instead of just targeting the Jews which are now proving themselves to be war criminals with the atrocities that they are making in Palestine.

In this world, the majority prevails and minorities like you will be ignored. If you are not satisfied, go out to the world and create a country where this country, there will only be PARIAHs who are dirty, gangsters, alcoholics and loves to burn their wives who cannot pay their dowry to the husband.

I am sure your new PARIAH country will be the worst country in the world.

Malaysia in the eye of dajjal II

In the first installment of my article (click here if you haven’t read it) I have briefly discussed the prophecy of Al-Mahdi and why my friends in the now disbanded Watchers Group used to think that Al-Mahdi might be coming from our region.

Without further delay, let’s proceed with the second theory.. the one came up by a secular school of thought within the Watcher’s group which completely separated their argument from religious prophecy. Most of them are non-Muslims but there’s a few Muslims who shared the same kind of idea.

According to them, the irony of Universe is that the Universe does have a sense of humor. When man is busy rummaging the universe in search of answer, the answer usually lies right there under his nose. Therefore while we’re busy coming up with layers of theories on why the Illuminati would want to be in Malaysia, the answer might already been printed for ages in our school textbooks.

Now, in my previous article "COMMENTING ON TAN SRI SANUSI JUNID'S MENTION ON FREEMASON", I have explained that the first Freemason who put his feet on Malaya in Sir Francis Light who hoisted the first Union Jack on Tanah Melayu on August 11, 1786. I also said that the British East India Company ("BEIC") is a company established to carry out Freemason’s purpose of "Ordo Ab Chao".

Looking back at what we have learned about the presence of BEIC in Malaya, we have been told when we’re in secondary school that the reason why the BEIC was interested with Malaya was because of its geographical location. Not only Malaya located in the middle of a trading route between India and China, but the geographical location of Malaysia also protected it from natural disaster. Malaya is uniquely located at the center, surrounded by Indonesia, Thailand, Philippine and the Island of Borneo that protects it from natural hazards. Unlike Indonesia and Phillipine, we we are lucky to be geographically located away from tectonic plates. In short Malaysia is fortunate to be freed from natural disaster such as drought, earthquake, volcano and typhoon. So far, the most severe natural disaster experiencing in Malaysia is just flood but not up to the point where it could cause massive casualties yet.

Read more HERE.

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