Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reject Zionism and Communism

There was an announcement for a peaceful demonstration last night, on the 27th of March 2012 at 8 p.m. in Ampang to shun DSAI's presence in Ampang.

The peaceful demonstration started at UMNO Ampang and ended at Tupai-Tupai Restaurant.

This proves that the younger generation still accepts UMNO and rejects the Zionism and communism propogated by PKR, DAP and PAS.

Only fools will join Ambiga in Bersih and Seksualiti Merdeka because this is a blatant act to promote hedonisme and liberalism under the guise of human rights.

I think this had something to do with DSAI's bullshitting in Ampang last night.

An article by Beruang Biru

RADIO Kedah yesterday aired an interview with PKR's MP from Sungai Petani Johari Abdul who claimed that Pakatan Rakyat could still maintain its power in Kedah, even without votes from the Indians.

The statement showed how arrogant and proud Johari Abdul is with the current power of PKR in Kedah that he looked down on the capabilities of Indian voters and their contributions towards the development of the state.

We all know that Kedah is one of the states that would come back to Barisan Nasional, not because of BN's power, but it is due to the failure of both PAS and Pakatan Rakyat in keeping a good record, to be compared to BN during the previous years.

They sure did talk a lot, but nothing was ever done as everyone were fighting to be the Chief Minister.

Back when they were the opposition, sure, they could say just about anything. But when they do became the government, then they knew how hard it is to run a state.

Even if there is any 'contribution' that is worth remembering made by PAS in Kedah, rakyat could have thanked them with the constant flash floods due to rampant forest clearing (especially timbers) in Kedah since PAS took over.

Even though we knew that the statement made by Johari Abdul was triggered by his rage over Padang Srai's MP, N. Gobalakrishnan who announced that he quits from PKR in the previous year, but it is not wise for him to inflict his rage over the Indian community in Kedah.

Even a single votes would make a lot of difference during an election at that area.

Johari Abdul did realize that his case along with the trio, Datuk T during the case of the sex clip that involves Anwar Ibrahim, his image was slightly scratched, for supporting Anwar that is. He may seemed 'loyal', but he is quite sneaky behind Anwar.

This is why the value of Johari Abdul from being nominated as a candidate for MP for the coming General Election has decreased. He is aware of that, so that is why he is making statements that could put damage over PKR from both the inside and the outside.

But, it is sad that the Indian community became part of the subject for him to sabotage PKR.

Indians from the state of Kedah should consider the statement made by Johari Abdul to evaluate on who should they choose during the coming GE. It is sad if they are looked down by the ruling party when the fact is, the Indians play such big role in this nation, and this of course, include Kedah as well - even if their population at the state is small.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Tun Dr Mahathir Answers Nik Aziz Part 2

Tun Dr Mahathir Answers Nik Aziz Part 1


An article by Beruang Biru

Writer is a little puzzled on why would DAP highly object on the establishment of the committee that evaluates the development of Lynas Advance Material Plant (LAMP) in Balik, Pahang.

The Parliament is a place where representatives of people make their arguments, would there be any other place that is suitable for rakyat to voice out where they agree or disagree on the plant if its not the Parliament.

What they did was that they fill up people in a bus to Kuantan, then they went around saying that rakyat does not agree with Lynas. Could the number truly justify the opinion of Malaysians as a whole? Unless if it was done in the Parliament, then we might have agreed to that.

Writer are aware that DAP is afraid that the truth on Lynas had been spread among rakyat. This may have occurred due to the tons of lies that thy had made on Lynas. It is now time for people to really know the truth, and it is the time to reveal the man behind these lies to the public.

To simplify things, DAP's disagreement represents the pact of rare earth developers in their forefathers' country that felt threatened with Lynas. This is the group that has been controlling the market all these while and they are scared that they might lose their business. With Lynas coming up, the decided to use DAP as their agent in Malaysia to put a stop in the matter.

Do not get confused, this is not about market competition. Th rare earth product that Lynas would bring is a lot more expensive to be compared to the price that the country who monopolize the business has been offering all these while. Also, the quality and its effect on natural surroundings are a lot heavier on Lynas's side, making it easy to penetrate the European market.

What they have been feeding us is that as if Lynas would devastate the environment etc. That is just a way to put people away from their real motive.

If it is radioactive, has radiation and nuclear, Fuziah Salleh might have just as well made an objection towards the nuclear plant owned by Nuklear Malaysia in Bangi. Coincidently, Fuziah is just temporarily resides in Pahang, Now that is the real nuclear plant, Lynas is not even a nuclear plant, it is just a chemical plant.

Why Fuziah did not make any demonstration or Perhimpunan Hijau at that place?

It is because she does not know anything, she was only used by the chauvinist party, DAP. Without a doubt, the issue is not really about the environment, it is more to protect their 'country''s business in the Mainland. We are still yet to talk about the support that is given by PAS's MP from Hulu Langat, YB Dr. Che Rosli who is also a nuclear expert on Lynas in Malaysia.

Not BN, but even PAS had joined to say no to their lies by providing facts, not rhetorical things.

People, DAP is not even the government yet, or even a part of the Malaysian government. But they had start to become a tool for foreign nations to sabotage our own economy. Just imagin what would happen if they were to rule the country. The issue is a lot bigger than their racist attitude. Fuziah Salleh and Khalid Samad only sees money and power that they are open to be used by DAP.

That is why writer was told yesterday, the ones who make most objections in the Parliament are DAP MPs. Why? Refer above.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DAP's Godfather Showing His True Power

An Article By Beruang Biru

Karpal Singh really went all out today after DAP's Disciplinary Board took the decision to free P. Ramasamy from the charge of breaking party's discipline.

The reaction seemed odd because last December, he himself wanted to bring his case with P. Ramasamy to the board to be settled.

"After having tongue wars with DAP's General Secretary, P. Ramasamy, its National Chairman, Karpal Singh said, he prefers that the crisis to be channeled internally.

- Malaysiakini, 29 December 2011 -

But, when the decision did not really go his way, he seemed really unsatisfied.

Maybe it is the culture that justice would only be justified through Karpal's way. If it does not go his way, he would go around saying that he is the Godfather and that he is the one who fights for justice.

The war between Karpal and Ramasamy is actually a sequel that came from the small protest that was made by the Indians on Karpal Singh & DAP that has been going on for quite some time and it is seen as something that they use for their political interest.

When he obtain the power, the sacrifice mad by Indians were then made fun of.

Since his argument with Ramasamy broke, quite a number of Indian DAP leaders and members were fired due to their business with Karpal Singh.

This include the recent case of the drop of four DAP members who joined the Hindu Finance Board and the State Board of Appeal.

In the matter, Bernama reported that Karpal Singh confirmed that four of DAP leaders had took the decision to drop four party members, who were appointed by Ramasamy who is also the Second Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, from the Hindu Finance Board and the State Board of Appeal within the coming period.

- Malaysiakini, 18 March 2012 -

Just with some little critic, he dug on just about anyone who supported P. Ramasamy and brought them out of the picture.

Even back then, when there was an open protest about Lim Kit Siang's dictatorship that was organized by Wee Cho Keong, many DAP leaders became victims of Lim Kit Siang's wrath.

Everything was done to protect their position in DAP.

Lim Kit Siang was with his own agenda which is to retain his 'dynasty' in DAP and so is Karpal in putting his 'kids' as the party's centre leaders.

DAP who was going about fighting about the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression somehow turn to a party of his family members which can only be followed by loyal followers.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stories about bread and vultures

Coop 1M set to be a success

CHEAPER: 'No brand' products rake in RM1.8 million in nationwide sales

KOTA KINABALU: THE distribution of Coop 1M products -- cheaper household items without a brand launched in late October last year -- has raked in RM1.8 million in nationwide sales.

Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob yesterday said the 30 initial products introduced under the concept had grown to 38 products, with a target of 100 products by June.

Coop 1M is a range of daily household items produced by local cooperatives and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which are then packed and distributed by Felda Trading Sdn Bhd.

It is an effort by the Malaysian Cooperative Commission to reduce the people's burden by providing products that are 30 to 50 per cent cheaper than existing brands without compromising on quality.

Ismail said the ministry planned to expand the range to at least 150 products by year-end.

"We plan to have all grocers and marts selling these products so it reaches the people in all areas.

"That is why we are also in discussions with certain parties to transport these subsidised goods to rural areas and to also bring such Coop 1M products to the more remote areas in Sabah."

Ismail said priority would also be given to suppliers in Sabah, which would be a boost to local SMEs.

It will also be logistically cheaper," he said.

"In fact, we plan to source for more more Sabah SMEs to supply new products," he said at the launch of a Coop 1M distribution centre in Kota Kinabalu. Ismail also launched a Khidmat Mart retail shop transformation programme in Taman Khidmat here.

New Straits Times, 18th March 2012

I only hope that Coop 1M products will not suffer a could be sabotage just like what Mydin Hypermarket in Subang Jaya could be suffering when their hypermarket suddenly caught fire.

Read more about it here.

I cannot stop wondering if that is just a coincidence or another sabotage by unknown quarters who could be feeling threatened by the existence of KR1M which is currently run by Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd?

Besides, there are some kind e mail which had been circulating THIS.

Well for starters, that e mail had been passed on to the Chinese who could be feeling threatened when a booming Malay business is threatening theirs.

Just like what NFCorp is doing to help uphold the economic status of the Malay farmers when their satellite farming programme becomes successful.

However, surely other non-Bumiputera farmers could be feeling threatened by the existence of this new programme launched by the government and undertaken by NFCorp that they will do whatever it takes to bring it down thus helping themselves to gain more in the market.

The global market for value for trade in halal food and non-food products is estimated at US$2.1 trillion annually. So, just imagine if NFCorp could only capture just 10% of the total market for both the local and international market which could mean they will be the competitor for the others foreign and local beef producers which may not be that 'halal and toyyiban' because the non-Muslims are in that market.

If NFCorp falls, then hooray for those vultures who are eying the facilities which had been prepared by NFCorp. They won't have to spend a dime to prepare the facilities because it is already there to be taken over!

Luckily there are some businessmen who are close friends of the owner of NFCorp from the Middle East who seems quite interested to put in some capital to help NFCorp continue with its business since other Malay Muslims seems so keen in seeing NFCorp fall flat to its face and rejoicing in it.

Alhamdulillah! And BOO to those people who are also Malay Muslim but wants to sabotage a Malay Muslim business.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A post by one contributor called Beruang Biru

Lynas: Selangor Sepatutnya Sudah Jadi Chernobyl Sekarang Kalau Teori Fuziah Diguna Pakai

ISU pokok yang menjadi punca bantahan Pakatan Rakyat dalam isu Lynas Corporation ini ialah kesan radiasi dan radioaktif yang kononnya dihasil dan dibebaskan oleh kilang tersebut ke persekitaran setempat. Walaupun telah berbuih dibuktikan bahawa Lynas hanyalah sebuah kilang biasa, bukan kilang nuklear tapi pembohongan itu tetap dimain-mainkan berulang kali sehingga ada juga segelintir rakyat yang termakan dengan hasutan tidak berasas itu.

Kalau pun benar Lynas menghasilkan sisa radioaktif yang setaraf dengan sisa nuklear yang biasa dihasilkan loji-loji penjanaan kuasa Nuklear di dunia, kerajaan Malaysia pimpinan BN sebenarnya telah mempunyai deretan rekod yang panjang dalam menguruskan soal sisa nuklear ini.

Kewujudan reaktor nuklear milik Nuklear Malaysia di Bangi sejak tahun 70-an adalah bukti kepada kejayaan kerajaan BN ini. Setakat ini tidak ada seorang kakitangan atau penduduk setempat yang terjejas dengan kesan sampingan yang disebabkan oleh radiasi nuklear seperti yang menjadi tajuk bantahan Pakatan Rakyat terhadap kerajaan dalam isu Lynas.

JIka Pakatan Rakyat benar-benar prihatin dengan masalah kesihatan dan pencemaran ekosistem penduduk setempat, mereka seharusnya telah mengambil tindakan menutup loji Nuklear di Bangi itu sebelum menjuarai isu Lynas di Pahang. Barulah boleh dikatakan mereka ikhlas dalam menjuarai isu ini demi alam sekitar bukan faktor ekonomi.

Tapi mereka tidak melakukannya kerana mereka tahu loji tersebut tidak membahayakan sesiapa sejak mula dibina hingga sekarang.

Fuziah Salleh sebagai ahli Parlimen Kuantan dari PKR juga seharusnya menujukan salakannya terhadap Lynas ini kepada kerajaan Selangor terlebih dahulu, itupun jika benar-benar dia seorang yang ada intergriti dan tidak membantah isu Lynas ini semata-mata kerana kepentingan politik Pakatan Rakyat semata-mata.

Selain loji Nuklear di Bangi, sebuah kilang magnet nadir bumi, Shin Etsu Sdn Bhd juga di Selangor turut terlibat dalam soal pemprosesan bahan dari nadir bumi untuk produk keluarannya sejak 90-an lagi. Kenapa kerajaan Selangor sekarang dan Fuziah sendiri tidak membantah kewujudun kilang tersebut? Adakah kerana ia akan menjejaskan ekonomi Selangor dan pendapatan rakyat Selangor yang akhirnya akan membawa kepada tumbangnya Pakatan Rakyat di Selangor?

Soal ia didirikan oleh atau pada zaman kerajaan Barisan Nasional, itu bukan isu utama. Soal alam sekitar ini (jika benar mengancam masyarakat setempat) bukan ditentukan oleh pihak mana yang membina. Yang penting kalau kerajaan semasa berpendirian produk nadir bumi ini adalah produk radioaktif dan beradiasi, maka mereka harus mengambil keputusan menutupnya.

Apatah lagi yang jelas hasil radioaktif Nuklear di Bangi itu.

Fakta yang penulis dedahkan di atas membuktikan bahawa bantahan Pakatan Rakyat ke atas pembinaan kilang Lynas ini bukan atas sebab alasan kesihatan atau alam sekitar. Sebaliknya ia berkenaan dengan ekonomi negara asal kaum yang paling kuat menentang projek pembinaan Lynas ini. Penulis tidak mahu menyatakan disini kaum yang mana satu tapi jenguk-jenguklah sekitar Himpunan Hijau 2.0 yang berlangsung pada hujung Februari yang lepas, kaum mana yang paling ramai menyertainya.

Friday, March 9, 2012

NFCorp denies buying commercial properties in Bangsar

PETALING JAYA: The National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) has denied purchasing eight commercial properties in Bang-sar using a government soft loan as leverage.

In a two-paragraph statement, the company denied the allegations which were raised by the Opposition.

PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli had claimed that NFCorp executive chairman Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Salleh Ismail had used the funds to obtain loans for eight shoplot units in the new KL Eco City development in Jalan Bangsar.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Rafizi claimed that the shoplot units were worth a forced-sale value of RM9.69mil.

Women, Family and Com-munity Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, who is Dr Mohamad Salleh’s wife, had stated that she was not involved in the KL Eco City project.

NFCorp has been embroiled in controversy after it was revealed that a RM250mil soft loan given by the Government for a national cattle-rearing project was used for unrelated activities.

The Star, 9 March 2012

I am sure that there is a mala fide in the premature accusations on the part of Rafizi, the PKR director of strategy who surely will find nothing good about what is being done by either the government or anyone who succeeded in getting the government project in an effort to produce local 'halal' beef for the 'halal hub' for both the local and international market.

Surely what is being done by National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) is threatening to both the non-Bumiputera and the overseas beef supplier who might see a drastic decrease of number of beef marketed by them if NFCorp could be able to produce 'halal' beef by the Bumiputera farmers since what NFCorp is doing is suppossedly to help the Bumiputera farmers by providing them the facilities to do that in the future.

Some quarters namely the non-Bumiputera and the foreign supplier from overseas are becoming agitated by the presence of NFCorp which had gotten their contract from our Ministry of Agriculture.

Hence, if NFCorp were to fail in their bid to uphold the true mission and vision of the establishment of NFCorp which is to To Lead, Structure, and Transform The Malaysian Cattle Industry Into A World Class Halal Beef Producer, the facilities of the farm and the abattoir will be handed over with much ease to those who have self-interest to see this project fail which could mean they could get the facilities freely without having to spend any cent.

I am sure that some quarters that have some secret liasson with Anwar Ibrahim would be so happy to see this project fail because if it fails, this could mean they could be getting a jackpot from the remaining facilities which could be given to someone else and this could mean another big chuck of commission which could be given to them by whoever is lucky enough to get the facilities if NFCorp were suddenly to be pronounced bancrupt from this fiasco which had been created not in a good intention.

The question I would like to pose is that from whom did Rafizi received his information because the police who is currently investigating this case and the MACC should called the person who had given him that information to ensure that the information is not being made up like some science fiction story just to put NFCorp in the spotlight.

An eye for an eye

Teacher gets 18 years' jail for pupil's death

ALOR STAR: A religious teacher was sentenced to 18 years' jail after he pleaded guilty to culpable homicide not amounting to murder of a 7-year-old pupil last year.

High Court Judicial Commissioner Mohd Zaki Abdul Wahab ordered the sentence against Hanif Mohd Ali, 28, to begin from the day he was detained.

Hanif, who was also a hostel warden, was initially charged under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murdering Saiful Syazani Saiful Sopfidee at the hostel of Sekolah Rendah Islam Al Furqan in Jejawi, Perlis, between 6pm and midnight on March 31, 2011.

Mohd Zaki reduced the charge to Section 304 (a) of the Penal Code for the same offence on Tuesday after he found that the prosecution had failed to establish a prima facie case against the accused under Section 302.

While entering his defence, Hanif pleaded guilty to the lesser charge which provided for a maximum 30 years' jail term upon conviction.

A post-mortem conducted on the victim showed that Saiful Syazani had succumbed to oxygen deficiency to the brain from intense compression to the neck.

A total of 25 witnesses were called to testify.

Deputy public prosecutors Noorin Badaruddin and Nadia Hanim Mohd Tajuddin prosecuted.

Counsels Ariff Azami Hussein, Azizul Shariman Mat Yusoff, Zulmi Sabri and Mohd Fikri Abdul Rahman appeared for Hanif.

New Straits Times, 7 March 2012

A teacher should controlled their emotions when dealing with school children who might not be as matured as they are.

And even though Saiful Syazani Saiful Sopfidee had been accused of stealing money from his classmates, the teacher should have INVESTIGATED the claims thoroughly by calling both sides, namely the accused and the accuser to get the real story since there is always two sides of the coins.

Moreover, the teacher should have been more responsible and called both families of the accused and the accuser to prevent this from occuring.

Therefore, the lame defence by Dari Sungai Derhaka is questionable because there are other civilised ways to settle this matter rather than tying up and beating up this 7-year-old pupil.

I am sure that maybe this teacher Hanif Mohd Ali does not acquire the proper teaching training or qualifications because surely a teacher should also be well-informed on how to investigate this thing without following his emotion but rather by using a disciplined method rather than resorting to tying up or beating the child senseless.

In Islam, if PAS really does want to implement HUDUD, surely you know there is this thing called an eye for an eye.

A life for another lost life! Anyone who kills should be punished by killing as well.

I am a bit perplexed at why criminals will want to cover up their faces after their sentences have been read out or when they are being brought out from the court.

If you are that bold enough to commit the crime without thinking first, why should you be ashamed of what you have done?


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

If you hate your son or daughter put them in PASTI

Warden ordered to enter defence over pupil's death

ALOR STAR: The High Court here yesterday ordered a hostel warden to enter his defence to a charge of causing the death of one of his pupils in Jejawi, Perlis, last year.

In making the order, judicial commissioner Mohd Zaki Abdul Wahab ruled that the prosecution had established a prima facie case against Hanif Mohd Ali, 28.

Hanif appeared calm when Zaki issued the order.

Hanif was initially charged with murdering Saiful Syazani Saiful Sopfidee, who was aged 7 then, at the hostel of SR Islam Al Furqan between 6pm and midnight on March 31 last year.

Zaki said the court found that the prosecution had failed to establish a prima facie case against the accused for murder at the end of the prosecution's case.

"However, based on statements from witnesses, the court is satisfied that the accused had caused an injury to the victim, leading to his death.

"This means the prosecution had instead established a prima facie case against the accused for culpable homicide not amounting to murder."

He said a post-mortem examination conducted on the victim showed that Saiful Syazani had succumbed to oxygen deficiency to the brain from intense compression to the neck.

A total of 25 witnesses were called to testify.

Deputy public prosecutors Noorin Badaruddin and Nadia Hanim Mohd Tajuddin prosecuted.

Counsels Ariff Azami Hussein, Azizul Shariman Mat Yusoff, Zulmi Sabri and Mohd Fikri Abdul Rahman appeared for Hanif.

Hanif will enter his defence today.

New Straits Times, 6th March 2012

For those people who only know how to give birth but don't know how to take care of their children, put your children in PASTI.

For those people who do not care about their children's safety that they will allow their underage children to go anywhere alone, put your children in PASTI.

For those people who only know how to satisfy their lust by raping their own flesh and blood, put your children in PASTI.

They will die much faster and go to heaven faster if you feel that they are a burden to you.

But it would be much better for the world if you do not get married or have any children.

Better still, don't get married and don't have children out of wedlock that you have to throw their fragile baby bodies in the dumpster or down from a 20 storey building.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Local grads fall short of employers' expectations

KUALA LUMPUR ( March 4, 2012): Graduates emerging from the Malaysian education system are failing to meet the expectations of prospective employers due to a lack of critical thinking skills and poor communication.

This has resulted in employers having to provide additional training to fit them into their respective job scopes while many graduates have to accept employment that does not correspond with their qualifications.

Malaysian-based education, human resource and recruitment consultants feel there is a need for a sound foundation in critical thinking to be incorporated into the education system to prepare future generations for the employment market.

Manpower Staffing Services (M) Sdn Bhd country manager Sam Haggag said there is a distinct gap between what the Malaysian education system is producing and what employers are looking for.

"This has resulted in six out of 10 graduates from Malaysian universities taking as much as six months to find a job. The other 40 percent take even longer," said Haggag, whose company provides workforce solutions that include recruitment and training.

"Recruitment is a distinct challenge as the universities are churning out graduates who don't have the requisite skills to enter the workforce.

"From the manpower context, we find that seven out of 10 graduates who come to recruitment interviews fail the English [language] competency test set by our clients.

"The lack of proficiency in English limits their ability to communicate beyond the borders of Malaysia and this lowers their confidence and curtails their ability to add value in the workplace," he said in a statement.

Hong Leong Bank chief human resources officer Ramon Chelvarajasingam said many of the new graduates emerging from the Malaysian education system lack the critical thinking skills required to keep up in a world that is constantly changing and becoming increasingly competitive.

"New technologies and methodologies are forcing people to operate beyond their comfort zone. In our competitor nations, the young professionals are more advanced in critical thinking, innovation, thinking out of the box and have continuous development initiatives compared within Malaysia," he pointed out.

He added that today, most employers are looking for graduates with a high level of confidence who are exposed to niche areas outside of their academic studies.

"These new graduates won't give you textbook answers, but will, through their answers, display a global mindset and show understanding of moving trends in the world. Employers are usually prepared to pay a higher salary to get these 'global associates' onboard," Ramon said.

Prospect Consulting Sdn Bhd director Nina Adlan, who provides advisory services to educational institutions aiming to set up branch campuses in Malaysia, said she has observed 'a disconnect' between what graduates put down on their curriculum vitae and what they are like in reality.

"When we hire, we consider the way graduates converse and portray themselves to be more important than what's in the CV. What's the point in having good academic results when they can't communicate, can't conduct a proper conversation and have no confidence?" she said.

Haggag said one reason for the lack of confidence evident in young graduates is that educational institutions are not placing enough focus on equipping undergraduates with skills that will enable them to think out of the box and adapt to the demands of the working world.

"Among the reasons why those emerging from local education system do not meet employers' standards is the system itself. It is not dissimilar from that of the UK, which is teacher-centric and focuses on rote learning and swotting and places less emphasis on practical application. The system also focuses on individual achievement and less on team performance, so there aren't many opportunities for students to acquire interactive skills.

"It's the same in Malaysia, where the system is biased towards those who do well in exams, which is not necessarily the best way to gauge their employability," he added.

Ramon said education institutions need to create a 'learning environment' that combines an experiential approach and exposure to knowledge that extends beyond the scope of academic theory.

"Textbook stuff doesn't help them face the challenges of businesses that are constantly evolving. They need to be exposed to changing trends and behaviours, and to be taught skills like creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and adaptability.

"They also need to be taught how to be globally aware, which is how to link what they learn to what is happening around the world," he said.

Nina said if Malaysia is to produce more employable graduates with creative and problem-solving skills, all parties involved in education should work together to create a culture that places a high value on critical thinking and creativity to replace the current one which focuses on information transfer and academic results.

She pointed out that graduates who attend interviews more often than not are asked questions which require them to "think out of the box" which requires critical thinking ability.

An Internet check on the most frequently asked interview questions provides an insight into the "real world" out there.

With questions such as: What do you look for in a job? Why should we hire you? Define success at work? How do you feel that your education has prepared you for this job? to Why is a manhole cover round? Nina said the grounding, for the future generation to handle these and other questions and to be in a position to handle work situations without having to literally flip through a manual (if there is one), is to lay a strong foundation at the school level for them to be able to come up with strategies and solutions that can be unique and appropriate for each situation.

This, she insisted, would help pave the way to achieve Malaysia's quest to become a developed nation with the necessary manpower that would meet the industries' and the country's requirements. – Bernama

It's good that the PPSMI policy is being scrapped off to give way to 'Memartabatkan Bahasa Malaysia Dan Memperkukuhkan Penguasaan Bahasa Inggeris'(MBMMBI) so that the lay people out there will be worst in their proficiency in English.

Moreover, all the sons and daughters of all of the Pak Menteri's can be sent to overseas to study whatever they want in English.

Just leave the rest of us losers who don't have so much money to rot here and die.

Whatever it is, I support whatever policy that will make the Malays lose out more to the other races which can speak in their own mother tongue, as well as in Malay and English language.

Only the Malays will lose out if they can only converse in Malay and understand Malay.

This is because you will not understand a crap about what the non-Malays are saying about us in the English newspapers or their English blogs.