Tuesday, June 7, 2011

RPK looking for a new boss

Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) had shown his interest in working together with the 'Erdogan' who had recently gained control of PAS.

There are rumours that on the 1st of June, RPK had a private meeting with a group of people including Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, the President of Kita in Holiday Villa in London.

So, the questions lingering in my mind is :

1. Who else was in that meeting?

2. What is that meeting all about?

3. Why was that meeting held in London?

4. Is there a conspiracy to bring down Anwar Ibrahim by RPK and those who was in the meeting?

This revelation will surely worry Anwar because he looked stress enough, old and haggard yesterday after his sodomy trial in which he tried to recuse again the judge for that case.

I bet in his mind, what else will happen after he was exposed to be the man in the sex video distributed widely.

Corrupted people will destroy the nation

Bribery seems to be a norm in our society. If you have the money, you can buy anyone at a right price to do your bidding.

Now, this issue seemed to be surrounding the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).

Previously in 1994 and 1995, more than 100 players, coach and team manager had been accused of receiving bribes.

We can see too the influx of the illegal workers from Indonesia and other countries. Now, surely this problem can be curbed if everyone working in the enforcement agencies did their part honestly.

For example; the customs, Rela and the police force who are honest workers will not be swayed or turn a blind eye if those illegal workers paid them a sum of money to let them go.

But in reality, that is what happens. Most of them will be asking money from the illegals so that they can be let go. And if this trend continues without those illegals being caught surely their number will increase.

If there are too many illegals in our country, this will be a serious threat to the national security of our nation as well.

Not that I want this to happen but let's say the inevitable happened. Indonesia is suddenly at war with Malaysia. The majority of the Malaysians have an Indon maid in their houses.

Surely if a war happened, they will be loyal to their country, Indonesia. And they can do anything to kill our people easily since they are already in our homes. They can just easily put poison in our food that they cooked.

Therefore, the employers should never allow the Indon maid to cook for them. They could be putting black magic to make the employers stupid and follow whatever they say.

They travelled far to another country to work, surely they had come prepared to defend themselves if the employers are motherfuckers.

If those illegals cannot find any job to support their daily life, they will resort to the easy way of becoming robbers and killing our citizens just to do that.

Those in the enforcement agencies who receives bribes should think of the consequences of their action since for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

It is good to hear that those dirty enforcement officers in Customs who had been caught red-handed in possession of huge sums of cash or even gold bars when their houses had been raided by the authorities.

Similar action should be taken on other enforcement officers in other departments because their betrayal will put this country in a jeopardy.

Let PAS be the Federal Government

It's quite surprising that most of the PAS supporters are controlling the top posts in most government agencies.

And when that happens, they can influence the positions to be filled by others who supports PAS as well.

When this happens, those who supports UMNO are being ignored and not been given the chance to work there,.

This should not have happened because the government is being run by UMNO and it is supposed to be that those in the top position supports UMNO and help other UMNO members to get jobs.

The same thing happened in the teaching profession where most teachers are PAS supporters and those who are UMNO supporters are only the minority and will feel afraid to show that they support UMNO because they will be blasted by the majority which supports PAS.

So, why the fuck is this thing happening? You might as well give Nik Aziz to be the Prime Minister say, tomorrow if things continue to be like this.

I am wondering who is the dumb ass who lets this go on?