Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When will we see justice served?

Ravi Nekoo, D.P. Vijandran and Pushpa Ratnam, lawyers defending Pathmanabhan A/L Nalliannen and his brother

3 lawyers had been appointed by the family of the accused of the brutal murder of Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya, 47, her driver Kamaruddin Shamsuddin, 44, lawyer Ahmad Kamil Abdul Karim, 32 and CIMB bank officer Noorhisham Mohammad, 38.

Some other 13 or more victims could suffer the same fate as the four victims.

The Bar Council which membership consist of those who will take opportunity to blast the police and the government any chance that they have when it comes to defending criminals. Read more here.

We can see the biased statement of them concerning issues of Kugan and also in this case where they will never blast a murderous criminal from the Indian race. The lawyer that had been the main suspect of this case is a member of the Bar Council too and the lawyers defending him are from Bar Council also.

We hope that these murderous unfeeling monsters (the 8 suspects who are Indians) will be charged swiftly and will be put to death by hanging quickly too because they had without remorse repeated their crimes since they had never been caught before.

S. Usharani, 24, the wife of a missing businessman A. Muthuraja from India will be holding a press conference tomorrow to reveal all on the two lawyer brothers.

Why can't you speak proper National Language?

To those who champions themselves to be Malaysian first and their race later, why should they be so racist that they would still cling to their vernacular schools?

Action speaks louder than words and your actions proves otherwise. Vernacular schools are the root of all racism and evil.

This is Malaysia, not China and India. If you still want your own schools which follows the syllabus of your originating country, go back there.

This is Malaysia and Malaysia should have one school for all.