Thursday, December 2, 2010

When will serious action be taken against Anwar Al Juburi?

Bravo Zaira Jaafar for calling Anwar Al Jub as satan sent and not god sent. Read more here.

More blogs critiqing Al Jub here.

We need more leaders especially from Perkasa to be more vocal since there seems to be leaders with no balls in UMNO who are not straight forward in criticizing the sodomizer.

Anwar Ibrahim (let us all stop referring to this traitor as Datuk Seri since he had again and again slurred the Malay Sultanate) is so crazy about becoming the Prime Minister of Malaysia, that he is willing to sell his soul to the devil.

On 28th of November, that person who had been coward enough to be behind his wife for he is unwilling to contest for the post of the President of PKR himself had announced that if Pakatan Rakyat were to succeed in the 13th General Election, he would put Lim Kit Siang as the Deputy Prime Minister who will be responsible to help the duties of the Prime Minister who will definitely be held by the advisor of PKR, Anwar Ibrahim.

Meanwhile, I am so appalled by the oscar nominee actors; Anwar Ibrahim and Khairy Jamaluddin's acting of Anwar's defamation suit against Khairy.

Don't think that everyone is as blind or stupid that they cannot see right through you? Your blind as a bat supporters may be blinded by your act of innocence but most of us are aware of what and who you truly are.

The defamatory statements by KJ who potrayed Anwar as a politician who cannot be trusted by the Malays, who did not give importance to the struggle of the Malays and their rights, and that he was capable of betraying the Malay struggle and rights just to get the support of the non-Malays in the country is pure acting to make the public see that KJ and Anwar are enemies when the truth is far from what had been potrayed.

Yes! Who can forget who had been the hatchet man for that sodomiser that he would be a willing volunteer by sending Anwar's passport personally to Anwar before Anwar went to Germany after he had been released from prison?

Anwar the traitor who had repeatedly went overseas to bad mouth Malaysia and potray Malaysia as a country who would unjustly prosecuted him of sodomy is a solid proof of his traitorous acts.

I am so surprised that the Home Minister is doing nothing to curb this from becoming more serious. What I mean is that is the Internal Security Act (I.S.A.) non-existence now?

No wonder that slimy characters such as Namewee had done what he had done looking at what the Home Ministry had become!