Thursday, January 6, 2011

Racist statement by Ng Wei Aik

The Star is a racist newspaper which will defend the Chinese kiasu from DAP although they are owned by MCA.

This had been proven when they remain quiet and racist when they do not report on the racist statements uttered by Ng Wei Aik, the Komtar Member of State Legislative Assemblyman.

I can't even find that communist actions in The Sun. Therefore, the Malays must both boycott The Star and The Sun because both newspapers will not report any unfair treatment towards the Muslims.

Before this, the chauvinist and kiasu behaviour of the DAP government in Penang had been exposed when they demolished Restaurant Do Re Mi.

The latest that had been revealed was the racist remarks of Komtar Member of State Legislative Assemblyman (ADUN in Malay), Ng Wei Aik towards Syed Kassali Mohamed Aliyar, the owner of Restoran Nasi Kandar Mohamad Aliyar 3 days ago.

"Tutup kedai, balik India," had been allegedly uttered by Ng Wei Aik. This is so degrading and hurtful towards the India Muslims in Malaysia.

The owner, Syed Kassali said that Ng could deny it because his actions and racist statement had been recorded in the CCTV in his restaurant.

Just upload the video on Youtube for all to see.

The Municipal Council of Penang Island (MPPP) had been called by Ng Wei Aik to seize the restaurant's assets.

Read more about it in here, here and here.

Don't despair! The 13th General Election is just around the corner. This time we'll show the kiasus whose the real boss by rejecting Pakatan Rakyat and especially DAP.

Let us vote for UMNO dan Barisan Nasional!

Malays continually insulted in Namewee's fan page

I thought that there are a special unit by the Bukit Aman which monitors these racial condemnation of other races?

So, until now, I want to enquire, why is there no action taken against the non-Malays who belittled or disparage the Malays?

Why is it only harsh action taken against the Malays who retaliated these racists slurs against the Malays, our Islamic religion, the Malay Sultanate and many more that is protected under the Constitution?

These ungrateful non-Malays or 'pendatang' are now like the Malay saying of 'Kaduk naik junjung".

The Malays had been so accommodative and accepted the non-Malays as the citizens of Malaya just to gain INDEPENDANCE for Malaya.

If the ungrateful brats from the offspring of the 'communists' cannot respect and be grateful because they are now Malaysian citizens and are now bold enough to question the Constitution, their citizenship SHOULD definitely be revoked and you are welcome to go back to wherever hell hole that you came from.

Just remember that this is MALAYsia not your precious communist China or Singapore.

MALAYsia belongs to the Malays even though the economy is controlled by the racist Chinese. If you think that MALAYsia will crumble because you migrated to another country where you can eat pork openly and marry your same sex partner, just DO IT and we will see if that will happen. Come on! I dare you!

Now, the problem of shortage of the cooking oil is occuring because the product is being hidden away by the suppliers who are mostly of the Chinese kiasu or communist descent.

The government have to think of a way to encourage more Bumiputeras or a GLC that can be suppliers of these daily provisions used by the people so that the Chinese kiasu or communist descent won't be able to do this to us again just because they want the prices of these things to go up moreover with the Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

What say you on the behaviour of the kiasus who are showing their communist regime acts?

Do you have any suggestions on how the government could reduce the problem of shortages of groceries that are being used daily by the people and the food operators?

Give me your comments here so that together we can think of the best solution to solve the problem.

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