Monday, July 11, 2011

Politicians cannot be trusted

Action speaks louder than words. Be careful to promise people anything, because if you can't fulfill it, people will think that you are a dick or a boastful motherfucker and a person who cannot be trusted for being dishonest!

On the fateful day of the 9th of July 2011, I had been crazy enough to went to the Perkasa event in Kuala Lumpur to see how far Perakasa is willing to do to defend the rights of the Malays from Bersih or BERSHIT!

It was quite a dissappointing event when it was held at Stadium Titiwangsa and the people who attended the 'santai' event was not as amny as the imbeciles who went to BerSHIT event.

I was quite ready for some blood shed if Perkasa too went to the street rally and met head on with the BerSHIT bastards and bitches. However, the number of the Perkasa members or even leaders was a real let down. My dream of bashing of some BerSHIT bastards and bitches head on the street had been dashed.

If you are afraid to die in a riot, then don't be boastful that you are going to attend it. Even the Malay saying said that "Manusia dipegang pada janji".

Not only that, the president himself, Datuk Ibrahim Ali is nowhere to be seen. It is so shameful that a Perkasa President does not even show his face to attend an event held by Perkasa.

If you don't want to show your face in a Perkasa event where you are the President, if you are scared to die in a riot which had not occured, then don't talk big about warning Anwar Al Juburi or putting a finger on the 'keling paria' Ambiga's head and pushing it if ever the Perkasa rally met them at the Istana Negara!!!

Oh my God! I really despise people especially the motherfucking politicians who will say that they will do this and that but in fact will eat back their words due to their inaction. If you are not going to do something, then don't talk and get the people's hope high.

When you want to do something or help someone and you tell people that you are going to do it, then DO IT! Don't be a coward and not even show yourself at the event which uses the NGO which your name is the President.

Now I think that the majority of the politicians are full of bullshit and will talk cock! Fuck them all especially those opposition leaders hiding behind BerSHIT's rally on the 9th of July 2011.

The government should have arrested the motherfuckers Anwar Al Juburi, Nurul Izzah, Tian Chua, Mahfuz Omar, Hadi Awang, Lim Guan Eng and the 'keling paria' Ambiga before the 9th July 2011 where the BerSHIT rally had been scheduled by them!

And the FRU should have bashed up the heads of the participants of the illegal rally with their baton besides showering them with water. At least hit them with rubber bullets so that some will end up in the hospital.

I am also perplexed that the 6 busses with ferries Perkasa members from Johor had been stopped in Putrajaya. Now, how is it possible that thousands of the BerSHIT participants pass the police obstruction and managed to make it to Kuala Lumpur? It's because of their strategy which had been overlooked and underestimated by others.

Since they knew that only komuter, LRT and monorail are the only public transportation that will be allowed to move, then it was used to the fullest advantage by the supporters of PAS and PKR. Now that is what I call the burning desire to do something regardless of what people do to stop you. And I don't see that characteristics in UMNO or Perkasa members.

So, in tactical terms, UMNO and Perkasa members failed miserably because the fighting spirit of the PAS and PKR supporters are more genuine and it's proven that they are able to withstand anything to make their voices to be heard to the world.

Even though this is the work of unseen hands to make a bad name for Malaysia, it had worked because foreign journalist were waiting to report only the bad things which had not happened such as there is already another 13th May in Malaysia on that day. Those unprofessional reporting which clearly showed that they had bad intention to slur Malaysia's name should be sued and a formal apology should be made by the international media.

I had yet to see that kind of genuine fighting spirit in UMNO and Perkasa members. In fact, I thought that Patriot (Pemuda UMNO) had more balls than Perkasa since their leaders had been apprehended by the police. If Perkasa leaders had also been arrested by the police, then surely Perkasa's name will be more infamous.

It was my first attendance in a Perkasa event that I went to voluntarily and nobody had to put a gun to my head to go to it. I thought that there will be some action and blood spilled but it was so fucked up where we were even entertained by some 'poco-poco' dance. lol

If I had known, maybe I should have attended the BerSHIT rally and aimed to get caught by the police too instead of just lazing on my butt, eating and drinking, lazing on my butt, drinking and eating, lazing on my butt, eating and drinking and getting bored there at the Titiwangsa Park, thinking when will there be some action? lol

Parties or NGOs both sucked big time and most of the people on the top who had the position and power are only looking for more position and power. They will even suck the dicks of their bosses and be 'Yes' man who will not do their job but only boost the pride of their bosses by sucking up to them.

Now I am so sick of parties and NGOs. So now, I resolve to bash up everyone who I see is not doing things right because everyone sucks especially politicians who talks cock but are only NATO (no action talk only).

TRUST NO ONE! My advice to you is that before anyone had proven themselves that they can be trusted, treat them like they can't be trusted. TRUST NO ONE but yourself only.

I will only say serve you right if Barisan Nasional losses in the 13th General Election and I sincerely hope that will happen to teach you motherfuckers who had been so complacent and have no real fighting spirit your well deserved lesson.

The world is full of bastards and bitches and to survive in this dog eat dog world, you have to be a worst heartless kind of bastard and bitch.

You will be successful in life if you are heartless. So, be a bastard and a bitch. If you can't, surround yourself with bastards and bitches and you will find yourself being one.