Sunday, July 4, 2010

Who is the real conpirator?

Anwar Ibrahim loves to accuse the government as being the responsible party towards conspiring to put him in jail by accusing him of sodomy.

If he does not really sodomises his victim, he will never be in prison. The truth is that he is the real conspirator.

He conspires with the Jews to establish New World Order in Malaysia. The Jews would even go as far as promoting him to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia in The Jerusalem Post some time ago.

Just think. The Jews are so adamant on killing and mercilessly bombing the Muslims in various parts of the world.

Why would they be so interested in this Muslim to go as far as propogating him as the future Prime Minister of Malaysia?

Just look at the evidence of our daily lives. Would we go that far to promote someone that is not supporting us or in our group?

Surely there is some kind of affair between the Jews and Anwar Ibrahim. They must be partners in crime in conspiring towards making Malaysia a state that is indirectly under their control if ever, their proxy, Anwar Ibrahim ever succeeded in becoming the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Anwar Ibrahim could not possibly be the only agent of the Jews in Malaysia. There must be other Jew proxies in Malaysia who are both in the government and the opposition party.

One obvious one that I can think of is his prodigy, Khairy Jamaluddin who had been so excited in freeing Anwar Ibrahim that he would be his courier boy and deliver his passport personally during the time his father in law was the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Others that look fishy is Zahid Hamidi, Musa Hitam, etc in which their behaviour looks funny or weird.

The obvious tell-tale signs is that they would prefer to support other races rather than their own race.